Royal Duties by Twisted Spectrum

Ch 1: Prologue.
Ch 2: My first day as a mare.
Ch 3: Not much of a choice.
Ch 4: Going with the flow.
Ch 5: How is this my life?
Ch 6: Choices

Ch 1: Prologue.

I awake to see a blue glow visible under the crack of my doorframe. I sit up in bed and squint at it, making sure I’m not just seeing things. The light pulses slightly, there is clearly something outside my bedroom giving off blue light. Did I leave the TV on?

I sit up in bed, careful not to disturb Brittney sleeping beside me. I glance down at her and smile, she is nothing short of gorgeous. Blond hair, huge rack, thin waist, nice hips. God damn, she is the best piece of ass I have ever had the pleasure to fuck. Admittedly, she isn’t the brightest woman, but that really doesn’t matter when her pussy is worth its weight in gold. I get up off the bed and put a robe over my naked body, then make my way to the bedroom door and cautiously open it.

The blue light is very bright out here, and it seems to be coming from my living room, it’s gotta be the TV. I walk to the living room, and ‘lo and behold, the TV was on for some reason. I don’t know what channel this is though, it’s just a pulsating blue glow with some strange distortion on the rim.

I walk closer to the TV, mesmerized by it’s glow. Huh, strange. Well, whatever, I’m too tired to deal with this. I reach over and tap the power switch under the TV, but nothing happens. I tap it a few more times, but the blue glow remains. I get down on my hands and knees and make sure I’m hitting the right button. Hmm, well that’s the right button alright, but the TV isn’t shutting off. I figure I might as well just unplug it, but then I hear a bizarre voice come out of the speakers: “ѬฟอظѦذง يЩมัЪظ นั Ѯ”

“What the fuck?” The voice sounds like a mixture of a horse’s neigh with some version of French or something, I could tell there were words in there, but they were unlike anything I had ever heard. I wiggle my way out from under the TV and look back up at the screen. It isn’t just pulsing blue anymore, Cadance is there in the middle of the blue glow, her eyes following me.

I shake my head a few times to try and clear away the nonsense. But no, Cadance really was on my TV, she's just standing there and studying me with curious eyes. I know exactly who she is, I had been into that show for a few years. I never really got that into it, but I saw every episode of the first four seasons. I think the show got cancelled last year or something, I had stopped following the pony news though.

So I know this is Cadance, but why the fuck is she on my TV?

“ѬฟอظѦذง يЩมัЪظนั”  She repeats herself and gestures at the ground next to me while smiling.

I glance down at what the pony in the TV is pointing at. I’m not sure what I expect to find, but turns out I did find something. There is some sort of crystal object on the floor of my living room. No larger than a soccer ball, it is faintly glowing with it’s own pinkish light. Perhaps most disconcerting is the fact that I know this thing wasn’t here when I went to bed a few hours ago.

Okay, this was officially crossing into creepyville. Cadance is on my pulsating TV, and she wants me to do something with this crystal thing that just appeared in my room. This makes no sense, this...

“Ahhh, wow I’m dumb.” I realize something: This has to be a dream. Why didn't I realize this sooner? Nothing here makes sense. I mean the last thing I remember is going to bed, and now a pony is trying to talk to me from my glowing TV. There's no question, this must all be in my head. I glance back at Cadance and wave as I talk to her, “Haha, very funny. Jokes on you, I know this is a dream!”

She appears to shrug, then puts her hooves on some crystal object on the ground next to her before looking up at me and speaking again, “Ѯงอัككนหو”. It sounds like a command.

I squint at the TV. It’s hard to make out anything with all the blue pulses, but now that I study it, it looks like Cadance is actually standing in a small room with a wooden floor and some furniture around her. Right on the ground right next to her is an exact replica of the strange crystal thing that appeared on the floor of my living room. She once again places her hooves on it and then gestures at me and at my crystal.

I looked over at it, then back at her. “You want me to match what you’re doing?”

“ѮงอัككนหوѨغظ يЩมัЪظนั” She just makes her strange neigh dialog at me.

I scratch my head. “I’ll take that as a yes?” I sit down next to the crystal thing. Part of me asks if this is really a good idea, but meh, not like it matters, it’s just a dream.

I glance up at the pony, she’s smiling ear to ear. Kind of creepy, but well, here goes nothing. I take a deep breath and grab the crystal thing.

That was a bad idea.

GKZZZCH! A jolt of indescribable sensation travels from the crystal up through my hands. I try to pull my hands off the crystal, but it’s acting like a magnet for my hands, I can’t pull away!

GKZZZCH! Damnit, I’m not feeling that well. Parts of me all over are starting to feel funny. I really need to get away from this thing.

GKZZZCH! Another pulse travels through my body, it is in synch with the pulsing of the TV, every second or so the air just pulses and with it comes anothe--

GKZZZCH! Ow fuck, this is really starting to hurt. I jerk my shoulders back and forth to try and pull free, but all that happens is my robe falls off me and I find myself naked.

GKZZZCH! Ahh! I whip my head back in pain and as I do so I notice a strange sensation: hair bouncing off my shoulders. I glance at my shoulders, I can see my own hair? That's impossible I have short brown hair, there is no way--

GKZZZCH! Another wave travels through my body, and I see my hair grow another few inches right before my eyes. The hair isn't even brown anymore... is that pink? It's hard to see in this blue light, but it looks pink and purple.

GKZZZCH! I wince as I feel my leg start to cramp up. What the hell is this thing doing to me? I look up at the TV and feel my heart freeze. Cadance had changed. Her mane is gone and in it’s place is short brown hair. Her coat is shedding in some places too.

GKZZZCH! I glance down and look at my chest, I had patches of pink fur forming. What? No... I glance back at Cadance.

GKZZZCH! In the TV I see her orb pulse the same time as mine, and as it does so I see a wave of more minor changes spread across her body.

GKZZZCH! I see her wings recede into her body and ---AAAHH FUCK! My back explodes in pain as I feel my skin get split open and something bursts out. I glance behind me to see Cadance's pink wings coming off my back. This can't be happening.

GKZZZCH! I glance up to see Cadance smiling as she turns her lower half to face me. She spreads her legs, showing me her teats and rather large horse pussy. I start to connect the dots “No, STO--”

GKZZZCH! My abdomen twists in a mixture of pain and pleasure, and my eyes register that on screen Cadence's nether lips have just fused together. I feel my cock go limp and I glance down, desperately trying to move my hands down to save myself somehow. If I could just get my hands off this orb, then I could hold onto my manhood, I could maybe stop it from--

GKZZZCH! Too late. I bite my shoulder as I feel my cock slowly melt into my skin. A second later I glance up to see Cadance start to grow a human cock out of nowhere. As it grows I see her teats shrink away to nothing; then a few seconds later I feel twin mounds of flesh start to bulge out down below.

GKZZZCH! Suddenly I feel an intimate space between my legs get split open. Aahhheeeiiiii I involuntarily scream out in a mix of pain and carnal pleasure. As I scream I hear my voice goes up a few octaves when my balls get pulled into my abdomen. Oh god, I really don’t wanna look down at myself, I don't think I could take it.

GKZZZCH! Fate had other plans, this jolt sends a wave of pain down my spine and I am forced to double over on myself. I feel something push out my spine and soon a purple and pink tail come into view... right behind the equine pussy that is now located right between my thighs. I... I think I’m going to throw up.

GKZZZCH! I suffocate for a few seconds as my jaw twists in on itself and I feel my head enlarge.

GKZZZCH! Not wanting to think about what is happening, I close my eyes as my head continues to change shape, and I feel bones popping and snapping all over my body.

“Almost done, are you excited?” The words came from the TV.

GKZZZCH! My knees jolt upwards and I feel my fingers and toes go numb. I look into the TV, Cadance isn’t there anymore, in her place is a more or less human body. It isn’t totally human though, it still had a horn and--

GKZZZCH! My forehead bursts open as a horn shoots out of my skull. I struggle to turn back to face the TV. I want to ask why it was doing this, I want to ask it to stop! I open my mouth, noticing that my jaw feels different, “ѪعทองฟФฝน”. Oh god, my voice. I can’t form normal words, only the strange neigh sounds that--

GKZZZCH! I don’t know how much more I can take, I’m so drained, I’m so tired. I look up and see the person in the TV is now a 100% match to my original human self.

Gkzzch... The noise powers down and finally releases my arms. I fall forward and catch myself to land on all fours. Wait, fours? I twist my neck backwards and see a pink and purple pony body behind me. God damn it Cadance, what have you done to me?

I noticed the pulsing stopped, the light from the TV is just one solid blue now. I look back at the TV and nearly shit myself as I see my human body standing in the living room just in front of the TV. I stare at him and open my mouth “What the hell did you do? The fuck is going on?” I surprise myself as I realize I can understand my own words. Phew, that’s a relief, for a moment there I thought I was going to be stuck speaking in those strange neighs.

My body laughs slightly, “Lalypi enomarI reter”.

I blink, he’s speaking English, I know it’s English. I just... can’t... figure it out. What the hell is he saying? I speak up, “Can I not understand English anymore?”.

As I hear my words I understand my own question. I realize I’m actually speaking in the bizarre language pony Cadance was using just a few minutes ago. Is this Equestrian? Is this all I can speak and understand now? What the hell is going on? I am too tired to figure all this out, too drained to even think about it. I feel my giant pony head start to nod off into sleep. The human picks me up and carries me with both of his arms. I open my eyes, where is he taking me?

He moves towards the TV and that steady color of glowing blue, I can see the glass shimmer strangely. He starts rocking me back and forth and building momentum, not unlike how someone prepares to throw a heavy log into a pond.

I realize what he is doing and decide I should probably try and stop him. However, at that moment he lets me go and launches me at the TV. Fuck, this is an expensive TV, I am going to break it in half if I got thrown into--SPLOOSH

I fall through the screen as if it's made of water, then crash land onto a wooden floor on the other side.

“Ow... fuck me.” I glance back at the direction I came from and see a shrinking bluish portal. Through it I can just make out my living room and I see my human body waving goodbye. I try to stand up, but I just don’t have the energy to even move at this point. I groan as I see the portal get smaller and smaller until it disappears completely with an audible “pop”. All that remains is a normal looking vanity mirror that is right behind where the portal was. Around the mirror are some dresses and some pretty risque looking stockings and garters, as well as other intimate lady garments for ponies. In the mirror I can see my reflection, a very confused and tired looking female pony, none other than the Princess of Love herself. Why the hell am I in this body? Why did Cadance steal mine? Was she trying to escape from something or someone?

“Honey? Are you up there? It’s getting late, come to bed.” The neigh came from downstairs, and my pony brain instantly deciphers it into a language I can understand.

A few footsteps later and the door to the room opens. I look up to see none other than Shining Armor walk into the room and look down at me. I am still lying on the floor at this point, so as I look up I unintentionally get a full view of Shining’s underside. Oh god, they never animated that in the show. I close my eyes and turn my head away in horror. Between Shining’s legs was a cock larger than a human arm. What the fuck.

“Honey, it’s time for bed, I got the bed all nice and warm...” nickers Shining Armor as he reaches down and bites at my tail.

My mind catches his innuendo. Gah, this dream of mine is getting really fucked up, and even though this is a dream I’m still quite certain I don't want to get rutted as a mare. I swallow the lump in my throat, “I’m uh, really tired. And I have a headache, yeah that's it, headaches.”

Shining Armor grins, “Cadance, you’re my wife and you’re just coming into season. You have a lot of long nights ahead of you, headaches or not.” Shining kisses my flank right on the Cutie Mark, and in horror I feel my new genitalia quiver ever so slightly as Shining’s lips leave my skin. Oh god, I quickly push those thoughts (and his words) out of my mind. I need to focus on what’s happening here. Cadance is coming into heat, I’m in her body, Shining thinks I’m his wife, and he really wants to fuck her? What the hell kind of dream are you coming up with brain? Well, thank god I’ll be awake before this goes much further.

I look up at Shining who is waiting for a reply. “Yeah, sure thing honey. Don’t worry, later on you will get your share of me. You can have me for whatever, just please let me rest first. Tomorrow we can do something, I promise! I’m just so tired right now... so tired.” Saying he could have some of me was disturbing as all hell; my brain wanted to puke at the thought of being with a dude. At the same time though, I can feel my new genitals practically twitch at the thought of getting some action. Urgh, this is too creepy, I can’t wait to get out of this body. I just need to buy some time, it doesn't matter what Shining does with Cadance later, once I wake up in the morning I’ll be safe. I just need to 'go to bed' in this dream so I can wake up in real life.

Shining frowns, “Aww, alright Cadance, you can have tonight off. But tomorrow you’re not getting out so easy! Here, I’ll take you to bed, you need to be well rested... for tomorrow”. He ends his sentence with a wink and I gulp nervously.

Shining’s horn glows and I feel my body being lifted off the ground and placed on his back. He opens the door and carries me down to the bedroom, and I can’t help but admire the gesture. I never carried a girl to bed before, and I am actually really tired. I lower my head and rest it on his back, inadvertently feeling his powerful muscles underneath. He smells nice too, it’s a very masculine, natural smell, it's sort of comforting really. Wait a second, is my body screwing with my head or something? I should not be feeling like this towards him. Well, whatever, it’s all part of the dream I guess. Might as well roll with it, there’s nothing wrong with admiring some muscles.

I'm actually slightly sad when I feel myself magically lifted off his back and placed on his bed, I have to admit I actually miss the feel of his body so close to mine. I don’t have to wait long though, right after placing me on the bed Shining joins me under the covers, rubbing up against me and cuddling at my side. Well, this is sort of nice, isn’t it?

Shining turns his head to face mine. I open my mouth to ask what he wants, but before I can say a word I feel his flat tongue slide into my open mouth. My eyes widen in shock as his large tongue start to rub over mine. Too surprised to think, I reciprocate the gesture purely on reflex and we kiss romantically for a few seconds. I am about to ask myself why the hell I am kissing a stallion, but then Shining breaks the kiss just as casually as he started it.

“Goodnight Cadance.”

Ch 2: My first day as a mare.

Sunlight in the window starts to bring me out of my sleep. I reflect on last night, that was easily the most fucked up dream I have ever had or even heard of. Crazy pink ponies stealing my body, Shining thinking I was his wife, and then I think I kissed him goodnight at the end? Man, that was messed up. I do wonder what would have happened if I didn’t turn down his offer for sex. I’m not gay by any means, but it was a dream, so in hindsight I think it might have been interesting to see what would have happened. Oh well, the dream is over now. Probably for the best really, it was getting weird how I found myself slightly attracted to Shining. Thank god he’s gone before I--

“Good Morning Sweetie”. A voice says beside me.

I ever so slowly open my eyes and look to see the source of the noise. Huh, that’s strange, Shining is sharing a bed with me. Wait, I’m still here with Shining?  My eyes fully open as panic floods my veins, “Why... are you still here Shining?”

His eyes remain closed but he smiles.. “It’s Saturday you silly filly. We don’t work today, we can do whatever we want.”

What the hell is going on, am I still dreaming? That’s impossible, I just woke up! I look left and right, I didn’t recognize this room. I guess it might have been the room from last night when the lights were off, but no, come on brain, I can’t still be in that dream! I glance upwards and see a gigantic mirror on the ceiling above the bed. First off, I really don’t want to think about why they have a mirror above their bed, but perhaps more importantly is what I see in the mirror. I see Shining Armor snuggled up against his wife, and that wife is staring up at the mirror with fear in her eyes... Fuck.

I lean back into my pillow. Okay, I really needed to figure out what was going on here. Let’s think, I was at home, blue light, portal thing, Cadance was in my TV, then--

I’m interrupted by Shining nuzzling my neck, “Cadance... ”

I turn to see Shining staring into my eyes and smiling. He really thinks I am his wife, doesn’t he? He smiles wider, “Cadance...”

I turn one eye back up the giant mirror, confirming that I really did possess the body of his wife. Gah, I guess I have to accept the fact that this is my name for the time being, “Yes?”

He kisses my ears, “I love you Cadance.”

I feel the fur on the back of my neck stand up. This was beyond creepy. I can’t really fault this guy though, he does seem to care about his wife. Shining does seem to really care about... me.

He stops kissing my ears and looks at me for a few seconds, waiting for something. Oh, right, he is waiting for my reply. Hmm, I’m not really sure what he would do if he realizes I’m actually an imposter. Probably best not to find out, I guess I’ll play along until I can figure this out. “I... I love you too Shining.”

He smiles and moves his head towards mine. Ah damnit, he’s coming in for the kiss. Well, I sort of had that coming, I mean, I did just say I loved him. I slowly open my mouth and his tongue dives straight into it. I instinctively raise a hand (or hoof rather) to get ready to push away this unwanted kisser, but after a few seconds I pause and lower my hoof. Damnit, I have to admit it, he is a good kisser. This is probably helped by the fact that pony tongues are fucking huge and give you so much more to play with than human tongues, but all I know is that this is far more sensual than any human kiss I have ever had. But still, good kisser or not, I’m not exactly okay with the idea of being a girl in this role. I need to get out of this bed before things go even further. I break off the kiss with a nervous smile. “So, good morning. I’ll go get breakfast...”

I start to back away off the bed, hoping to get away from him, but he reaches out with a hoof and grabs my foreleg. “Honey, I was sort of hoping we could start the day with... you know...” He gestures downwards, and I follow his gaze.

Holy sweet fucking shit, that is the largest cock I have ever seen. I look at with disgust, and perhaps a little awe. The phrase ‘hung like a horse’ exists for a reason, and Shining is no exception. The tip was almost as thick as one of my hooves, and the whole thing was about as long as one of my pony legs. I mean, I thought it was large when I saw it from the floor last night, but up close like this it’s a whole different story. That’s not a cock, it’s a fucking monster.

My expression must have given away my thoughts. “Is something the matter honey?” Shining asks, leaning closer to me.

I turn my head away from him and his exposed genitals. “I just, ah, I need to use the bathroom, and then get some food.” I gesture a hoof at his crotch “We’ll just deal with that later.” My mind silently adds ‘much, much later, as in never’.

Shining sighs, and I can sense a little sadness masked in his voice  “Alright honey, that’s fine. Well, I’ll meet you for breakfast in a minute, gonna have to deal with it myself I guess.” Shining flops back down onto his back and starts stroking himself with both front hooves.

I blink, is he serious right now? What kind of guy just starts jacking it with someone else in the room!? My mind answers for me, ‘well, you’re technically his wife, so really it’s nothing you haven’t seen before..’

Okay, that’s it, I need to get to a bathroom or something, I just need to get away from this madness for a minute. I slide off the bed and land on my hooves, still quite unsure of how I’m supposed to walk in this body. Thankfully, Shining is preoccupied with himself at the moment, so he doesn’t notice how his wife currently has the motor skills of a drunk.

Finally I wobble my way across the room and open the door to the bathroom. Wait, fuck, this a closet. I close that door and try the next one, success! I back into the bathroom and close the door, then turn around and come face to face with Cadance. I squeak for a second before I realize that it’s just a huge mirror and yes, I am the pretty pink pony in the reflection. I sigh, I just can’t get used to seeing this reflection.

I bite my lip and stand there for a moment while I think. Everything is way too real for this to be a dream. Not to mention its far too consistent, I mean its been like what, 8 hours now and I’m still in this body? Dreams are not this well organized, nor this long. Maybe if I pinch myself I will wake up? I look down at my hooves, only to realize I can’t pinch myself with these appendages. Well, let’s try the next best thing, I’ll just hit myself in the face!  I raise a hoof and take aim...


“Ow!!” I yell on reflex. Damn, that was actually quite painful.

“Honey, are you okay in there?” Shining’s voice drifts through the door.

I bite my tongue, “Yes, I’m fine, don’t worry about me sweetie!”. Urgh, I don’t know why I added ‘sweetie’ at the end. I thought it would make me sound more sincere, but in reality it’s just creeping me out. Doesn’t help that my voice sounds way too feminine. Even speaking in this Equestrian dialect I can still tell my voice is just dripping with a soft, girly tone.

I look up at my reflection, well aware that my girly voice actually matches this body just perfectly. Cadance was pretty nice looking in the show, but in the flesh she was something else entirely. I mean, I’m not a clopper, but even I have to admit this is one attractive looking mare. I turn sideways and observe her long flowing hair and the curves of her flanks. God damn, Shining is one lucky stallion, I almost don’t blame him for his advances on me. His wife is pretty much a perfect 10. (Well, for a pony.)

I turn a bit further so my ass is facing the mirror. I hesitate for a moment, but finally have the courage to flick up my tail and inspect my new genitals. It’s true that I briefly saw my equipment when I got it last night, but seeing it now just peacefully resting between my legs is a bit bizarre. I raise my eyebrows as I look at its shape, it’s a little too equine looking for my taste. You know, I take it back, I am not actually that jealous of Shining. I would never want to sleep with a girl who looks like a horse down where it counts.

I lower my tail and turn back around, taking one more good look at my body and assessing the situation I appear to be in. I mutter quietly to myself, “Okay, so for whatever the fuck reason, I have been turned into Cadance. It’s a perfect match and not even her husband can tell anything has changed. Complicating things, I have no idea why this happened or how to change it back.” I swallow nervously, “For all I know, I could be stuck like this for the rest of my life.”

I sigh, I’m not giving up yet, there has to be something here that explains things. The real Cadance must have left a note for me or something. And heck, even if she didn’t leave me anything deliberately, there would have to be notes of her plan around here somewhere. I mean, I am her, so I should be able to find what she planned. I look into the mirror and stare at myself, “Alright Cadance, what were your planning? if you were about to switch places with a human--”

Shining’s voice comes through the door from a distance, “What’s that? I can’t hear you, I’m in the kitchen! Speak up honey!”

I hang my head, “Oh, sorry, I was just thinking outloud... sweetie.”

I soon leave the bathroom and try to find the kitchen, and by the time I find it Shining is already cooking pancakes. I’m honestly surprised at how well he is managing without using hands, but then I realize he can just use his magic. Speaking of, I am going to have to learn how to use my horn before someone gets suspicious. I again start to wonder if maybe I should just come clean and tell Shining the truth, but no, I have a bad feeling about that. Shining already had a wife imposter during his wedding, if he learned I’m not his wife he would almost certainly throw me in the dungeon and then demand I explain where his real wife is. Since I honestly don’t know the answer to that, I’d probably end up stuck in prison for the rest of my life. I need freedom of movement if I’m to find out how to change back. Urgh, looks like for now I’m stuck playing the role of his loving wife.

I take a seat near the table and soon a levitating plate lands in front of me. I glance down, there are two large pancakes in the shape of hearts, and they are beautifully decorated with whipped cream and cherries. I stare at them, utterly amazed. In my other life, I was not the type of guy that often cooked for his girl, and the few times I did make breakfast for them, it was just a bowl of cereal. But this? These are the best pancakes I have ever seen, and Shining just—.

I feel a kiss on my cheek as Shining walks by, “Love you Cadance, I made them exactly how you like them!”

I turn to watch him walk to his side of the table, noticing his plate only contains a small piece of toast. Wait, so he got up and made pancakes... just for me? I can’t help but blush as I look back at my plate. “Umm, love you too... and thanks.”

I eat without saying much, Shining talks about what he has planned for the day. Something about how he wants to go out and do something before lunch, but he would be home all afternoon. I’m too distracted by these pancakes though, I don’t know if ponies just have more taste buds or something, but my god, these taste divine. The way the whipped cream just covers the tongue and the sweetness of the cherries, oh god. This is how breakfast should be served everyday.

I look up as I hear a door open and a filly earth pony wearing a uniform walks into our little dining area. Her mane is very well groomed and she is carrying a small metal tray in her mouth. Shining looks at her and waves, “Oh, hey Gum Drop.”

She sets the tray down on the dining table and does a cute little bow at him, “Good morning Sir Shining Armor!”

My ‘husband’ smiles and goes back to his toast. The filly turns to me and starts taking letters off her tray. I force a smile, “Oh, hello... Gum Drop?” That’s her name, right?

She nods and brings me some envelopes, “A very good morning to you my princess! Just three letters today, and remember that tomorrow the Prince will be here for dinner. We should spend some time later today picking out your attire.”

I grab the letters from her and then squint as I lean forward and read the badge on her chest. ‘Miss Gum Drop, personal assistant to the princess.’ I look up at her, I have a personal assistant? Well, if anyone here would know anything about the real Cadance’s plans, it would be her. I clear my throat, “Gum Drop, did I leave any messages with you?”

She looks up at me, “Why I don’t think so... for whom where these messages for?”

“Uh, for me?” I stare at her, this is really awkward.

Gum Drop blinks, “No, I’m afraid not, I don’t have any messages for you... from you...”

Shining looks up from across the table, “Something the matter honey?”

I grin nervously and rub the back of my neck. Come on, the real Cadance had to have left me some notes somewhere.

Gum Drop reads the confusion on my face, “Princess, if you like I could ask some of the other staff? Maybe you left one of them a message?”

I nod, not only eager for the potential information I might get, but also eager for the escape from the awkward question I had just put forth. I really have to act more like Cadance or people are going to get suspicious. “Why yes Gum Drop, that would be lovely, thank you so much!” I give a small laugh, hoping these mannerisms are even vaguely close to how the real Cadance speaks. “I’m sorry for the confusion, I know I left myself a note somewhere or with someone and I just can’t remember where it is!”

Gum Drop picks up her quill with her mouth and makes a note, “Of course princess, I’ll see if I can find anything.” She looks up with realization, “Princess, did you check your diary? Perhaps you left your message there?”

My ears perk up. I have a diary? That is perfect! I thank Gum Drop and then glance over at Shining, “Honey, have you seen my diary? I couldn’t find it this morning.”

He tilts his head, “Really? It’s not on your nightstand?”

Wow, that trick worked, Shining just gave away the location. I can’t help but smile, “Hmm, I’ll go check again, maybe I just missed it.”

Shining nods and finishes his juice. “I’m going to go out for a bit to do this one thing before lunch. I’ll see you for lunch okay sweetie?”

I nod back at him, “Have fun, I’ll be here!”

As soon as Shining left I nearly trip over myself as I run (gallop?) down the hall to get back to my bedroom and find that diary. I so desperately need some answers, and they have to be in there.

I find the diary and flip it open to start to skim the pages. There are surprisingly few entries in here, only a dozen or so spaced out over what looks to be a month or two. I frown as I start to read them. Cadance was not a happy pony, and it looks like her marriage wasn’t doing that well either. Everything in here is Cadance complaining about Shining and saying how she can no longer stand his incessant company. There are entire paragraphs about her raging to herself how Shining was “totally useless, and only married her to get into Royalty” which I personally found absurd, from what I could tell the man really did love his wife. I flip through more entries, as the weeks went on I can see she was getting more and more irritated from her husband’s “continued affection” and how he “always wants to be with her”. I raise my eyebrows, well, either this girl needed some space, or she was just a bitch. Judging how she stole my body, I'm thinking the truth is closer to the latter.

I skim through the final entries in her diary looking for any mention of a plot to go to Earth. There was nothing though, the only hint that something was planned was this bit in the very last paragraph:

My mind is made up, I need to get away from all this. I’m about to ‘come into season’ (as my husband puts it) and he wants kids. I can’t deal with that right now, I’m so sick of this stallion, I literally can't stand him for another minute. Shining can have his way with his wife, but I won’t be here for it.

I stare at her final words and a knot forms in my stomach. My terrible assumptions had came true: This isn't some fluke or some dream, what happened last night was planned. Cadance stole my body to get away from Shining. Her reasoning is somewhat vague but I suppose there are only two outcomes here. One, she wants a vacation from the marriage, so she’s off screwing around in my body for a few while I’m stuck here. Or two, she decided to just fully abandon everything and is going to leave me permanently stuck in her body.

I close the diary and just stare at it for a moment. I'm really, really hoping the latter isn't true. Though really, even the first option is pretty terrifying to comprehend. I glance up at the mirror on the ceiling, seeing my reflection and wondering just how long I’m going to be a mare. A few days? A week? A month? ….Forever?

Over the next few hours I explore the castle. That's what it is by the way, Cadance and Shining Armor live in a freakan castle. I'm assuming we are somewhere in the Crystal Empire but I figure it would be a little too awkward to ask someone 'what city are we living in?''

In any case, it's a pretty sweet property. There's a whole host of servants here for Shining and Cadance too, which makes sense seeing how they are royalty. Well, I suppose I shouldn’t say ‘they’ seeing as how I’m Cadance now. Hmm, I'm still not entirely sure if I should be referring to myself as Cadance, I guess it will depend on how permanent these changes plan on being.

Gum Drop found me after a few hours and said she was sorry to report that no one was holding any messages for me (damn it). I thanked her for her service and finished exploring the castle, ending up back in the kitchen. A pony in an apron appeared as I stood there, asking if I wanted a snack. I glance at his name badge: “Mr. Salad Chops: Personal chef to the Prince and Princess.”

I raise my eyebrow, “Salad Chops, you cook all the meals?”

He bows, “Oh course milady, anything you ask for.”

I scratch my forehead with a hoof, “But this morning I saw Shining cooking breakfast...”

Salad Chops blushes slightly, “Well, yes, ever since you moved here Sir Shining told me I could sleep in. His exact words were: ‘With a wife as beautiful as mine, I feel I should be the one to cook for her each and every morning.’”  

I blush deeply. I’m not too attached to this body, but still, hearing someone say those words about “me” was just... Anyway, back to the matter at hand, what kind of guy turns down a personal chef so he can cook for his wife? Shining really is something else, why would Cadance hate him so much? Well, whatever, let’s just focus on the present. I look back up at the chef, “Just get me the usual lunch please.”

He looks around for a moment, “Lunch? But milady, your husband has not returned yet. He shouldn't be much longer, perhaps I could offer you a small snack to hold you over until your husband returns? Then lunch could be served to both of you.”

I decline his offer, “I'll be eating alone today Salad Chops. That's not a problem is it?”

The chef stammers, “Of course not my Princess! I'll have you meal out right away.”

I nod at him as he turns around and goes into the kitchen. Damn, I actually feel kind of bad for making Shining eat alone, but the fact is I need to try and buy some more time here. Once Shining gets here and joins me, it's only a matter of time before he gets frisky.

I ate quickly (a large salad with three different types of dressing: it was delicious) and I made my way back to my chambers. Shining was probably due back any minute, and since I had nowhere to hide from him I decided on the next best option. I would fall asleep now and try to remain asleep for as long as possible. This served two purposes, first off Shining will probably leave me alone if he sees I'm sleeping. And perhaps more importantly, if I sleep now it means I won't be tired in the evening. This way I can stay up late and Shining will get tired and fall asleep before I go to bed, thus allowing me to avoid bedroom activities with my 'husband'.

Pleased with my genius planning, I lay on the bed and close my eyes. As I lay there I can't help but rub my limbs together softly, this body is just so comfortable, and the feeling of fur on fur is just amazing. I smile to myself as I drift off into an afternoon sleep.

I dream of my girlfriend, Brittney. We kiss passionately in my bedroom and I start to strip off her clothes. Before long she is topless and I move my kissing down to her delicious breasts. After a few moments of passion, she backs away and begins a strip tease with her final bits of clothing. I lean against the wall and watch as my girl finally removes her panties, then gives me a slow twirl to show off her curves. She looks at me with loving eyes, “Like what you see?”

For my answer I walk forward and grab her around the waist, then throw her down on my bed. She laughs like the ditz she is as I start to kiss her belly button and make my way lower. I run my hands over her smooth thighs as my tongue starts to taste her forbidden fruit. I start to pleasure her down there and enjoy her feminine scent before I look at her face, “Brittney, who's my girl?”

She giggles, “I am!” I reward her with a kiss right on her clit.

I feel a tingle, and my vision goes butty for a second. I suddenly realize I'm lying down on my bed and I feel something going on down south. I look down at my body, I see two human breasts attached my chest and my original body licking the slit between the legs. We switched places, I’m in the body of Brittney!

I watch ‘myself’ lick my pussy a few more times. He looks up and me and grins, “Brittney, who's my girl?”

I glance at my nubile, curvy body, “I am?”

I feel another tingle and my vision goes butty again. When the fog clears I realize I'm in the exact same place, but the guy between my legs has changed. Shining Armor is kneeling there now, and he is licking my human pussy. The feeling between my legs is actually getting quite pleasant, but after a few licks he stops and looks up at me, “Brittney, who's my girl?”

Feeling more confident this time (and actually starting to enjoy this feeling) I reply to him “I am.”

Another tingle, another roll of fog over my vision. I feel myself twist slightly, then the fog clears. Shining is still between my legs, but my body changed, I'm not Brittney anymore, I’m Cadance.

The seconds pass and I look up at the ceiling of my human bedroom. I've never felt something like this before in a dream, but wow, this is really something else. I can feel the full texture of his flat tongue down there, and it’s a feeling I wish would never end. But slowly I feel his tongue pull back and then he speaks. “Cadance, who's my mare?”

I grind my hips into his snout slightly, “I am. I’m yours Shining.”

I close my eyes as the feeling below really starts to grow.

“Mmmm, what did you say?” The muffled voice comes from between my legs.

I open my eyes and yawn, then look up to see the mirrored ceiling of Cadence's bedroom. In the reflection I can see a sleepy Cadance lying on her back and her husband down below, giving her oral sex.

I blink a few times. Another sharp twinge of pleasure comes from below as I feel a large flat tongue go inside of me. Wait a second, I’m awake right now aren’t I? Oh shit.

I gulp hard and glance down at Shining between my legs. Is this really happening right now? My question is answered as Shining’s tongue shoots out and rubs itself over my pussy, causing pleasure to flood my brain. I don’t know what to do, this is wrong on so many levels! I should not be getting pleasured by a guy, I certainly shouldn’t be feeling a tongue in my vagina, and I shouldn’t be enjoying this! I just lay there, watching with a mixture of horror, fascination, and pleasure as Shining continues to passionately give me oral sex.

I’ve gotten oral as a guy before, but this, this was different. My new female genitalia is radiating pleasure across my entire body. But I shouldn’t be feeling this, I’m not supposed to be this gender. I need to tell Shining to stop, right? I should really should tell him to stop... I’ll wait another ten seconds or so. Okay, um, how about another ten seconds... mmm...

Finally, I speak up. I mean to say his name with some authority, to try and tell him I’m not in the mood for this or something. Unfortunately all I could manage was a weak voice “Shining...”. He pauses for a moment but doesn’t look up. I open my mouth to try and speak again, but Shining happens to choose that exact moment to lean forward and suck on my clit. The pleasure shoots up my spine and a deeply feminine moan escapes my lips. My husband grins and removes his mouth from my nethers, then comes up to meet me face to face. As his mouth came to mine, I knew what he wanted, and I really didn’t have the willpower to resist. I open my lips to meet his and he kisses me with his whole mouth. He tastes different this time, and I can only assume it’s because his tongue is covered in my own feminine juices. I think I should be disgusted, but before I can do anything I realize Shining is certainly no amateur at this. As soon as his mouth left my nether regions, his hoof took its place. He rubs me in places I didn't even know I have, and I soon find myself involuntarily moaning once more, this time straight into his open lips.

Even as the girl, I could tell just how hot this must be for Shining. He redoubles his effort and I moan into him again as our tongues dance. I can't really keep track of what's going on anymore, my brain is not used to pleasure like this. I'm so focused on the feeling down below that I forget we're even kissing and I have my tongue deep inside my stallion's mouth. This is crazy, and as much as I don't want to admit it, I am enjoying this. How could I not? My entire groin is burning in pleasure and Shining has half a foot of tongue bringing pleasure to mine.

Suddenly, Shining breaks the kiss and moves his head back down to my crotch. I briefly contemplate stopping this madness right here and now, but decided to let him do it just a little bit longer. I close my eyes and enjoy his skilled tongue down below, but after only a few licks I feel Shining stop and take a few steps back from me. I’m confused for a moment, why would he abandon pleasure so abruptly? When I was a guy, the only times I ever stopped giving oral to my girlfriend was when I was about to... FUCK!

My eyes shoot open to see Shining starting to rear up on his hind legs, his oversized cock fully erect and lined up with my glistening pussy. I feel my throat tighten up as I realize what’s happening, and my pussy starts to wink wildly as it welcomes the approaching cock. Shining brings his forehooves down around me and then grunts as he starts to thrust his pelvis towards mine. I shriek, “Ahh! Stop stop stop!!” I wave my forehooves at him and wiggle out from under him.

Shining, just seconds away from taking his wife, pauses for a moment and then drops back down to the floor. “What is it Cadance? Are you okay?”

I look up at my ‘husband’, I can still see his cock between his legs, erect and waiting to penetrate me. I start to hyperventilate, oh god, what the HELL was I doing letting Shining do all those things to me and bringing us this far? Just because it felt good, I let him treat me like a girl, and now he’s seconds away from fucking me? Oh, no, can’t let that happen. I have to get out of here! I look up at Shining and try to breath normally, “No, sorry Shining, but I can’t do this.”

His ears droop, “But we’re married... and we want kids...”

I snap my legs closed, acutely aware of how wet things are down there. “Just not... now. Can’t do this right now. I’m sorry.”

His ears drop further and he stares at the ground, “Cadance...”

I get off the bed and trot over to him, actually feeling quite bad for him now. I put a hoof on his shoulder, “Look, Shining, I just have this thing going on right now that I’m trying to figure out. It’s hard for me to explain, but yeah...”

He looks in my eyes, and I could tell he was feeling insecure about himself. I hate how Cadance dragged Shining into all this, if she wanted a vacation on Earth or whatever, couldn’t she have told her husband ahead of time? I just feel so bad for the poor guy here.

I bite my tongue as I realize what I should do. Well, I already did this with him before, I suppose I can do it once more if it will help him. I lean forward and kiss him right on the lips, noticing his ears perk up as I do so. After a few seconds I pull away and bring up a hoof up to brush his mane out of his eyes, “You’re a nice guy Shining.” I force a smile, “You know I love you.”

He smiles back, apparently accepting my artificial sentiment, “I love you too honey.”  I let out a deep breath of content and turn to leave, closing the bedroom door behind me as I exit. After what nearly happened in there my mind is now made up: I have to get away from this house.

I trot down the hallway towards the front door as I think things over. “Shining just loves his wife and has the best intentions at heart, but I need to get away from him before I do something I’m going to regret. I might only be Cadance for a few days, and I don’t want to change back into a human and have the memory of getting fucked by a stallion. So no matter what happens, I need to just keep my distance from Shining and wait until the real Cadance returns.”

I slow my trot as I reach the main entrance. “Well, that’s assuming the real Cadance is ever going to return. I might be stuck like this for a very long time, so I should probably just learn to love Shining. I mean, he’s a nice guy, he loves his wife, I might as well just become that wife. Besides, what’s wrong with letting Shining go all the way with me? We already kissed and he pleasured me down below, what difference does the final step make?”

As nice as staying with Shining sounded though, I don’t know. I’m already Cadance on the outside, do I really want to try and become her on the inside too? I sigh and I come to a halt under the entrance arch. I alternate my gaze between the road in front of me, and the castle behind me. I have some choices to make, but something tells me that either way I choose, I’m fucked.

Ch 3: Not much of a choice.

I stood there for a few minutes, completely torn about what to do. It would be so easy to just give up and go back to Shining, but that’s the lazy way out. I have to do something proactive here. Go somewhere, get some help, find out how to get back! But where to go? I don’t even know the first thing about--

“Oh, good afternoon Princess! Come to look at the flowers?” A mare speaks off to the side and I glance over. She was bowing at me and I saw she also had some uniform on, a quick glance at her badge told me her name was Lily Leaf and she was the royal gardener.

I glance around, I guess I am sort of standing right next to the castle garden. Crazy to think we have our own gardener whose entire role in life was to take care of these grounds. Did Cadance ever thank her for her work before? Well if that journal is correct, and Cadance was a bit stuck up, then this gardener probably never once got acknowledged by Cadance. I sigh sadly at that thought.

The gardener glances up and reads my facial expression, “Oh, so you don’t like the flowers?” She looks down and pokes at the ground with her hoof, “I should have guessed as much, I’ll never amount to anything. I’m so sorry Princess, sorry to waste your time out here, I did my best... ”

The mare’s eyes get watery as she stares at the dirt. I feel my heart drop at the sight before me. Was the old Cadance really that mean? I’m supposed to be the Princess of Love, am I not?

I approach the poor mare with an earnest smile “No no no, you misunderstood me! I LOVE your flowers!” My mind races to find a compliment worthy of royalty (not that the original Cadance would have known anything about that apparently) “Lily Leaf, your garden’s warmth brightens my day like a second Celestia’s sun.”

Her eyes grow as wide as saucers and she holds a hoof to her mouth, “R-r-r-really??”

I pat her on the head, not entirely sure if hoof pats aren't a gesture frowned upon by ponies, “Of course! Keep up the good work! Now as much as I love your garden, I must be off as I’m going out for a few days. Thanks once again for everything Lily! I can’t wait to see your next work!”

The mare just nods eagerly and fails to form the words to say goodbye. The silence doesn’t last long though, not three seconds later a pegasus in a pressed uniform lands a few feet away from me. “My Princess, you said you were leaving? Did you need me to fly you somewhere? I can get the carriage.”

Fly me somewhere? Who’s this guy? I squint and read his name tag: “Featherfoot: personal carriage flyer of the Prince and Princess”. I take a step back in surprise. How many freakan servants do these people have? Seriously, this is getting ridiculous, these royals have more underlings than the President. What was Cadance thinking leaving this place? She had all of these luxuries, an army of servants, a loving husband, but she hated it all and chose to run away? What a crazy, crazy woman.

I nod at the pegasus, “Uh, sure. That would be easier than walking I suppose. Bring me the carriage Featherfoot.” The pegasus bows before flying off. I need to think of a destination before he gets back. Anywhere other than here really, I just need to run away from all this. All these luxuries, this army of servants, this husband that really loves me... Wait a second. Am I just as crazy as Cadance? I am, aren't I? I’m totally doing the same thing she did! I’m running away from the life that seems so perfect. Using my own logic, I should just stay here and enjoy this life, right? I suppose this is far better than what I had back on Earth. I scratch my head with my hoof thinking for a moment, then stop to stare at my hoof. My pink, feminine hoof.

I grit my teeth. No. I’m not supposed to be pink, and I’m definitely not supposed to be someone’s pony wife.  Cadance is the crazy bitch because she actually ran away from her life. I’m running away too, but I’m just trying to get my life back. Sure, this life is very welcoming, and sure some part of me does get a little tingly at the thought of embracing this new gender and settling down with Shining... But no, this isn’t supposed to be my life, I can’t stay like this!

A shadow flies across me and I look up to see the sky carriage and Featherfoot coming in for a landing. I take a few steps back to give him room to do so. After he sets down he bows to me, “Where do you wish to go my Princess? Just name a location and I will take you there.”

I give him a soft grin, damn, it’s good to be the Princess! Ah, damnit, I was just talking to myself about this very thing.

ying this,
ying this!
 Gotta keep my eyes on the goal, gotta try to get back home. Thankfully I know the one pony who can help me do that. “Featherhooves, can you take me to see Celestia?”

He nods, “Of course milady.”

Okay, I’ll be honest here, flying in the sky carriage was pretty much the best thing ever. It’s like riding in an convertable, only you’re IN THE FUCKING SKY. The wind whips at your long mane, the view is amazing, and everyone waves at you when you fly by them! Honestly, the chariot ride alone is almost enough to tempt me to abandon my quest and just stay in this life. But no, I must stick to the plan. I can’t just willingly accept the role to be a pretty pink princess.  I may have a vagina, but I still have some of my man cards left.

In any case, we soon land on one of the upper balconies of Canterlot Castle. I tell my faithful pegasus driver to wait with the carriage and I step into the building proper. The doorway takes me to a huge room with various guards standing along the walls. They salute me as I walk in, but I’m too distracted by the large white figure sitting on the throne. That’s her, that’s actually Celestia! I didn’t know what I was expecting, but it certainly was not this. The ruler of the land is positively glowing with authority, and I admit I’m actually quite frightened in her presence. She certainly never looked this imposing in the cartoon.

I swallow the lump in my throat and glance behind me at the exit. This is really starting to seem like a bad idea. Before I can retreat through, I am spotted. “Ah! Dearest Cadance! It’s so nice to have another Princess around. Come, sit up here by me.”

Fuck. I lower my head and walk up towards her. She looks me over and it takes every fiber in my being to not grovel at her feet right there. Her aura is indescribable and just demands respect. But still, Cadance would not grovel before Celestia. I’m supposed to be a Princess of certain status myself, I have to try and act like it here. I eventually settle with a small, polite bow.

Celestia gestures at the smaller throne beside her, “Have a seat Cadance.”


I settle in the golden chair and try to act casual about it.  “Celestia... good to see you.”

She nods, “And you as well. What brings you here? How’s the Crystal Empire doing? Any trouble?”

I wave a hoof, “It’s fine, it’s all doing quite well.”

Celestia just nods again and an awkward pause fills the gap before she speaks. “...and you came all this way to see me because?”

I swallow nervously, “Ah, yes, that. Well... I was just wondering...” Come on brain, let’s get this over with. Tell her you’re not actually Cadance and you’re from another world! Ask her if she can send you back! I take a deep breath, “Princess, do you know how to send someone to another world? Like how to change bodies with someone from far away and have them take your place?”

The matriarch frowns, “No, this sounds incredibly dangerous. What do you know of this?”

I bite my lip, “Well, see, a friend told me this happened to them. They told me that they are not actually supposed to be that pony, they are someone from another world who was given a pony body and sent here to Equestria. They wanted to know how to go back, I was just wondering what are your thoughts on the matter?”

Celestia’s eyes go wide as she stares ahead “That would be an extremely worrisome event Cadance. Outsiders are not be trusted under any any circumstances. The new ‘pony’ would be arrested immediately and then dealt with... aggressively.”

I poker face as I look at Celestia’s expression to see if she is joking. I don’t think she is. Well, I suppose as an immortal goddess dictator she can do pretty much whatever she wants with any outsiders she finds...

The goddess turns back to me “So, pray tell me, who told you this story about being from another world?”

I stammer, “Uh... my personal assistant--”

Celestia raises an eyebrow, “Oh? Miss Gum Drop? Pity, she always seemed like such a nice pony. Oh well. GUARDS! Prepare to arrest--”

I wave a hoof “Ah, no, no, stop, it wasn’t her.”

She raises her other eyebrow, “But you just said...”

My mind scrambles for an answer, “...well, you just didn’t let me finish! Ah ha, see, it was Gum Drop’s father's... brother's.... nephew's... cousin's... cat’s former owner’s... friend’s... next door neighbor's... lab partner’s... prom date’s... former roommate’s... little sister! That’s who told of coming from this other world.”

Celestia nods and waves a hoof, “Very well, thank you for informing me of this Cadance, this is a very serious matter. Don’t worry though, we will track the pony down.”

I rub the back of my neck, “Ha, yeah, sure thing. You know me, your loyal subject and all. Uh, praise the sun?” Oh god, I need to get out of here, why the hell did I ever think this was a good idea?!

Celestia just smiles, “Praise the sun indeed. Like I said, thanks for telling me this. Now if you don’t mind, I have some other matters to attend to. You may take your leave, thanks for visiting Cadance.”

I force a smile and get up off the mini throne I’m sitting in. I give her the deepest bow I can manage and then make my way back to the carriage. Well, at least I didn’t get found out, but that whole thing still pretty much blew up in my face. Remember kids, don’t go to authorities asking for help. Sheesh. And now what the hell am I supposed to do? If Celestia can’t help--

“Cadance!!” A young mare yells my new name and I see Twilight run towards me. I blink for a second, oh god, I know what’s coming, I hope I can remember--

Twilight comes to a half in front of me and then starts hopping on her hooves, “Sunshine sunshine!”

I attempt to hop with her, then dive to the floor at the correct time and cover my eyes in synch with her timing. Okay, now we echo the ‘ladybugs awake’ line, now clap hooves... and spin around... and shake my pussy at her! Did it work? Did Twilight buy it?

“I’m so glad to see you Cadance!” The purple mare throws her arms around me in a hug, and I breath a sigh of relief. I did it, thank god I know my pony episodes. Pretty sure if I screwed that up I had the death penalty coming for me.

“I’m glad to see you too Twilight. It’s been too long? Right?”

She nods, “It has! And you haven’t been to Ponyville in ages! You should come visit, I redid all my decoration in the library and got tons of new books!”

I think for a moment. Hmm, go to Ponyville? That’s not a bad idea, certainly better than going back to Shining at any rate. I smile at Twilight, “That sounds great, we can take my flying carriage... thing.”

She tilts her head, “That would take, like, way too long. Just send your driver back to your castle and I’ll take us to Ponyville, as always.”

I poker face, having no idea what she meant. “Sure thing.” I go dismiss Featherfoot and thank him for his service, then trot back over to Twilight.  I wonder how much longer I can play this game before someone calls my bluff and realizes I have no idea what the hell is going on around here. “Okay Twilight, I sent him home, so----”


“----whenever you’re ready we can depart for... uh... Are we in your house right now?”

Twilight nods, “Yeah, do you like it? I’m not sure of the new rug.”

I spin in place, feeling the wooden floor below me and then trotting over to the window to confirm we were in a rural town. What the flying fuck just happened, I blink and we change towns?

“You okay Cadance?”

It clicked. “Oh, yeah, just a little disoriented from your teleport I guess. You were saying something about a rug?” Twilight nods and goes on explaining her new living room color scheme, but I can’t really pay attention to anything. My brain is still screaming at the fact that Twilight just teleported us a few hundred miles instantaneously. I have no idea how this whole magic thing works, but it’s overpowered as fuck.

I really need to start learning some myself. ‘Old Cadance’ must have learned a ton if she was able to open the portal and such. Pretty funny to think that until she casts that magic again and switches bodies with me, she is completely and utterly powerless and lost all the magic she needs to... wait a second.

Panic starts to flood my veins. Does ‘old Cadance’ know that humans can’t do magic? How is Cadance supposed to open the portal and come back here when she’s stuck on Earth in a world without magic? She can’t do it. Whether or not it was intended, ‘Old Cadance’ has marooned herself on Earth. So the only way to get to her and to change back, is if I learn how to open the portal? Me? Open a transdimensional portal? How the fucking hell am I supposed to do that?!

Twilight waves a hoof at me. “Hellllloo... Anyone home? Cadance you’ve been zoned out for while. Are you even listening to what I’m saying?”

I blink, “Oh, sorry I was just... um... Twilight, do you give private magic lessons?”

After several hours of Twilight searching through old tombs, she found what I was asking for. “So yes, it is possible to open a portal like that.”

I sigh, “Well yeah, I know it’s possible Twilight, I’m asking how hard would it be to learn?”

Twilight skims her notes and looks at the types of spells I was asking about. “This is really specialized stuff Cadance. This would take an experienced unicorn, like you or me, probably at least a week or two to learn.”

I raise my eyebrows, “And what about a unicorn who has never once cast a spell before? How long until she could do magic like that?”

Twilight’s eyes go wide, “Why would she... Well, she would have to start at the beginning and learn from there. I mean, if she was naturally talented... I don’t know... two, probably three months of focused study to cast one of these?”

I feel my ears flop to the sides. “I’m going to be stuck like this for three months!?” And that’s even assuming I can find my old body once I get to Earth. So even with the best case scenario...

Twilight looks confused, “Stuck with what for three months?”

I put aside the thoughts of being stuck as female for 100 days and think of something to explain to Twi. “Oh, my assistant Gum Drop, she has a young niece who is just starting to cast some spells. There’s a... school project in three months and she really wants to wow the judges so she asked for some crazy spell she could learn by then,”

Twilight taps her chin, “I don’t know Cadance, a school filly probably shouldn’t be opening portals to other dimensions.”

I smile nervously, “Well, hypothetically, where should she start? Do you have some intro to magic books that teach just like basic levitation and stuff?”

Twilight returns some textbooks and puts them in a bag which I sling over my shoulder. I smile at her, “Thanks a bunch Twilight, the little filly is going to be so excited to sit down and read these!”

She smiles, “Remember to tell her it takes a lot of concentration of quiet study time to succeed! Anyway, are you all set to return home?”

Oh, right, home. I contemplate my options. It appears the game has changed, I had sort of planned on running away, but now I know now I’m going to be “Cadance” for at least three full months. That’s a long time to be a pink princess. I can’t really run away can I? I need food and water and quiet place to study for a full 1/4 of a year. Might as well go home, just gotta suck it up and play the role of Cadance. Lay low, don’t draw attention, than three months later I can go home and forgot all of this ever happened! Easier said than done though, how the hell am I supposed to live with Shining for three months?! I can’t avoid his urges for that long...

“Cadance, you’re zoning out again! Are you tired? You must be tired.” Twilight blushes for a moment, “I know you and my brother are spending time together, but if he’s keeping you up all night with activities then you might wanna take some naps or something.”

I blink. Maybe I should rethink my plan, maybe going home and sharing a bedroom with my husband for three full months is a really bad idea and--


“Cadance! You’re back!” I hear Shining yell from down a hallway. I look around to see that Twilight and myself are in the middle of the royal castle. Damn Twi and her overpowered group teleport spells! Shining trots down the hallways and embraces me in a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

Twilight smiles, “Hey brother, your wife paid me a visit.”

Shining nods, “The pegasus carriage driver told me. I admit I’m a little confused why you decided to visit Canterlot all of a sudden, and then went to my sister’s. You didn’t ask me? You know I would have loved to go along with you!”

I look at the ground, feeling like a kid getting scolded by her parents for staying out past curfew.

Twilight steps in, “Brother, don’t blame her like that. She just wanted to discuss some stuff and see my new house decor. You know, girl talk.”

I look up and try to force a smile, Shining reaches out to hug me again, “Well, I’m really glad you’re back here.”

I nod slowly, “Yeah... me too Shining.” I guess this is true. I’m so fatigued from all this running around, and avoiding people, and searching for clues. It’s actually kind of nice to just throw in the towel and say ‘Fine! Fuck it, I’ll be Cadance! I'll be the wife! I’ll live here for a few months and that’s that!’ I mean really, how bad could it be?

Twilight yawns, “It’s about bedtime for this pony, I’ll leave you two lovebirds alone for now.”

I turn to make a sarcastic remark at her but she is already gone. I really gotta learn that teleport trick.

A few moments later Shining yawns and we decide to head for our quarters. Shining holds open the door to the bedroom and I walk in, the stallion following just behind me. Hmm, I’m really not that tired yet, I’ll have to find something to do for a while before I go to sleep.

I hear Shining chuckle behind me. “Wow... Cadance, I can’t believe you’ve been walking around all day like that! And you hung out with my sister too, haha, you’ve got guts honey.”

I turn around slowly, “What are you talking abou--” I cut myself off as I get distracted by the fact that Shining is once again fully erect, and it’s painfully visible to me.

He licks his lips and takes a step closer to me, “Honey, you never took a shower or anything. Remember what we did earlier this afternoon? You were positively soaked down there and then you just got up and left! You never cleaned up or anything, that scent just dried on you... Cadance, every stallion within one hundred yards can smell you.”

I feel my entire face blush. I didn’t know that about mares, hell I don’t even know ponies use showers! Oh god, I met with the Princess like this! I literally just went up to a living goddess reeking of sex. Urgh, I can’t believe no one said anything. Well now that I know, I should probably take that shower. Well, it’s actually pretty late, I guess I can just say screw it and wait until morning. Hmmm... what to do?

Shining answers for me as he takes another step forward and starts to lick that area clean for me. I freeze, unsure of what to do. Only, wait, hold on, he’s not doing this to clean me, he’s finishing what he started this afternoon. My mouth starts to quiver with pleasure as Shining’s licks start to get closer and closer to my cunt. The feeling from before quickly returns to my loins. “Uh.. Shining?” I take a sharp breath as his tongue takes a sudden dive between my folds.

“Mmhmm?” he mumbles through a muzzle full of pussy.

“I...” Waves of pleasure start to course through me, “You know what, nevermind. Just keep going.” Fuck it, I’m done. I’m not fighting this anymore. I’m not going to pretend like this doesn’t feel amazing, if Shining wants to do this, I might as well let him. If I’m stuck as Cadance, I’m going to enjoy what her body has to offer me. Besides, who cares if I used to be a guy. Oral sex is oral sex, any guy would want to experience this if he could.

I shift my position so the front half of my body is leaning on the bed, but my waist is hanging off and my back hooves are still standing on the ground. My butt is raised in the air and Shining is just going to town on me with his mouth. Mmm, you know, having a pussy really isn’t too bad. This is really quite enjoyable, I think I could get used to this “wife” thing. I mean, I don’t know why I ran away from this before. What was I scared of again? Shining abruptly stops licking and he goes quiet for bit. A second later I feel pressure on the bed around me so I open my eyes.

Oh right, THIS is why I ran away. Shining is standing over me with his front hooves on the bed. I feel something warm poke my rear, and I turn my neck to see that Shining has pretty much mounted me, his cock poking my skin just inches away from my entrance. I... I don’t know what to do. I can’t run away anymore. I mean, I suppose I could, but no, I have chosen to live here with Shining. And if we’re living and sleeping in a bed together, there is really no escaping this act is there? If I’m going to play the role of the wife, this is exactly what I’m supppsed to do with Shining. Might as well accept it.

Surprisingly enough, Shining doesn’t stick it in, he’s just waiting for me. I can feel his breathing on my neck and his weight as it settles on my back. He reaches his head down and nuzzles my cheek, “Cadance, I want you so bad right now. But if you really don’t want to do this... well then neither will I.”

I sigh. You know, as apprehensive as I am about this, I also know that this poor man has been through enough already. Who am I to take away his pleasure? Besides, I can just close my eyes and let him have his fun, right?

I then turn my head slightly to face his, then kiss him on the cheek, “Go ahead Shining, take your wife.” I barely had time to finish my sentence before I felt him lift his pelvis off mine and then ram it back down on its true mark.

“!!!!!!!!!” An incoherent sound escapes my mouth and I feel myself get penetrated in a way no man has ever known. The sensation makes every hair on the back of my neck stand up and my breathing is momentarily cut off.  I open my mouth to breathe again and Shining  gives it another thrust.

A soft moan escapes my mouth and my body just sort of goes limp. Shining pulls back a little and thrusts again, which elicits yet another moan from me. I try to decide if I’m enjoying this or not. On one hoof, my brain is registering the shape and texture of what’s inside of me, and based off of that it wants to throw up. But on the other hoof, this feels, I mean...

Shining thrusts again and I see white spots. I can’t even focus on the pleasure. It’s like eating 20 strips of bacon at once. There was so much flavor in your mouth that your brain doesn’t even know what’s going on in there. This is sort of like that only--

“Aauu” I let out another moan, as I get penetrated again. Aaaand there’s another. Each time he pushes it in, I feel it and I moan. It’s so weird to feel pleasure like this. I’m just lying here, no fapping, no humping or anything, and I’m getting this internal pleasure just thrust right into me. I’m not sure if it’s better than sex as a guy, but it was certainly different.... aaah.

My noises fill the room and pretty soon I close my mouth. Those moans are actually disturbing me. Every male on the planet knows that noise, it’s the noise of a girl being fucked. The fact that I’m the one making the noise is just one more blow to my masculinity. I mean, I suppose I’m a pink princess, I have a pussy, and I’m literally FUCKING A GUY, but still, in my mind I can ignore most of that. Just ignore the details, stop moaning like a whore, and just focus on the pleasure. I’m not this mare getting fucked by her husband, I’m just someone enjoying a pleasant sensation. Right?

Shining pauses his thrusts to flip me over on my back, then immediatly starts fucking me again. I’m not so sure I like this position, instead of me just staring at the bed, now I’m looking right up at the stallion who’s fucking me. The pleasure down below is certainly intensifying but it’s just too strange to be staring at Shining’s face as this is going on. He is grunting and he’s all sweaty, this really isn’t my cup of tea. Desperate to look somewhere else, I divert my eyes downwards.

Bad idea.

“Aaaaaaauuuuuuaaaaaaaa” My mouth opens on its own accord and I start moaning continuously as I stare at the sight before my eyes. I have a direct line down to my open legs and I can see everything. My quivering teats, my oversized horse cunt, and the unreasonably sized cock of my husband ramming well over a foot of itself right into me. I can’t look away, it’s both the most disturbing thing I have ever seen as a guy... and the most erotic thing I have ever seen in my life.

I take some deep breaths, okay I am sort of enjoying this (holy fuck Shining knows what he’s doing) but I mean, jesus, guys aren’t supposed to see things from this position! After watching a dozen or so thrusts I finally tear my eyes away from the site of intercourse. Where should I look? Back at Shining’s face? No that was weird. How about just up? I glance upwards and remember there’s a mirror up there, probably exactly for this reason. I raise my eyebrows, I have to admit, it is one hell a view. Almost like watching a porno I guess. I watch the couple mating through the mirror for a little while and I notice the pleasure from inside is really starting to pick up, I don’t think I’m going to last much longer.

I decide to just close my eyes and lean back. Unfortunately, this sort of amplifies the sound I’m hearing, which makes me realizes I’m moaning again. Great, apparently when I’m female I’m a screamer in the sack. Urgh, I sound like such a whore, damn this body! I once again close my mouth and do my best to keep it shut. Though once I do, I’m not sure if that’s a good idea. Without the feminine screams, now all I can hear are the grunts of my stallion and the wet, sloppy noises of sex down below.

schlop... schlop... schlop

In and out, in and out. It sounds wet, it sounds messy. I realize Shining and I haven’t said anything and haven’t kissed at all. This isn’t exactly a romantic sex between lovers, no, this is more like two mammals going at it for the sole purpose of reproduction. Well, whatever, at least this feels good, I guess.

I feel him going faster and start to get erratic in his thrusts. Wait, is he almost done? Well he better slow down, I’m close but I’m not there myself and--

A shiver goes up my spine as I feel him cum. Oh god, this feels very strange. It’s feels like a small water balloon just popped inside of me and the growing pool of fluid is just coating me from the inside out. The hairs on the back of my neck stand up as I try to stop thinking about the fact that I just let a guy actually cum inside of me. It’s just so... odd. I think I actually feel bad for wishing this on Rainbow Dash all these years.

Well at least I’m pretty close to cumming myself, then we can get this over with. Not sure why Shining stopped his thrusting though. Suddenly the weight on my chest increases and I open my eyes back up to see Shining’s massive, muscular body laying across much of mine. Why is he laying on me, I’m not done here.

I notice his are eyes closed and then a soft snore escapes his lips. I blink. Is he asleep? Are you fucking kidding me right now? Who the hell falls asleep right after he cums during... ah, right, guys. Well what the hell am I supposed to do here? I wasn’t finished damn it! All that thrusting and all that stuff I put myself through, you can’t just stop now!

To add insult to injury, I feel a hot goo start to pool around my tail. I can’t get Shining off of me so I stretch my neck to the side to see what’s going on down there. Oh god, Shining’s deflating member is still inside of me, and what looks to be practically a liter of his seed is oozing out of me and pooling on the sheets under my waist.

I wince as I feel it slide along my fur, and slide down the majority of my tail. I wiggle back and forth, trying to free myself so I can wash myself or something. That doesn’t seem to be happening though. Shining is not only still inserted inside of me, but his frame is just too large and heavy. Ponies aren’t very strong when they are lying on their back like I am, there’s just no way I can move. Oh that’s just great, so I’m stuck here until morning? Well, I guess I asked for this, didn’t I? I wanted to play the role of the loving mare, and here I am. Urgh, it’s gonna be a long three months isn’t it?

I look back at Shining’s sleeping face, realizing Shining forgot to do something else tonight, and it's something I actually sort of want to do. I learn forward and kiss him on his sleeping lips, sliding my tongue in a few inches. For a brief moment I question myself for doing this, but I soon dismiss it. If I’m gonna play the role of the wife, fuck it, I’m going all the way. I already let him fuck me, might as well enjoy a kiss afterwards. After a few seconds I pull back from the kiss and lick my lips before plopping my head down on my pillow.

“Goodnight Shining.”

Ch 4: Going with the flow.

The next morning arrives and I awake to the feeling of something heavy rolling off my chest, followed by a disturbing pulling sensation between my legs. I open my eyes to see Shining fall off my side and down below I think he finally finishes pulling out, a full seven hours after he came. Needless to say, I think I prefer waking up to an alarm clock.

I dart my eyes upward and sigh as the mirror confirms that I’m still Cadance. Well, might as well get on with it I suppose. I yawn, “Good morning Shining.”

“Good morning sweetie.” He mumbles from next to me, then brings up a hoof and strokes my hair. “So what happened last night anyway?”

I turn to him, “Uh, pretty sure I should be asking that question ‘honey’. You just fell asleep in the middle of everything.”

Shining pulls his hoof away and breaks eye contact, “Right... sorry about that by the way, that’s not how I like to do things. It’s just, well, to be honest I wasn’t feeling any connection last night, you know? Was there something else on your mind? I mean, no offense Cadance, but you were just laying there like a sack of potatoes the whole time. I can only do so much with that. Making love is supposed to be a two way street.”

I swallow the lump in my throat, “Yeah, right. I’ll work on that I guess...”

Shining says nothing for a moment then cautiously speaks, “Is there something you want to tell me honey?”

Uh, does Shining suspect something? That would make things difficult. I need to stay on his good side so I can work with his sister and learn this portal spell to get back. But if Shining starts to realize I’m not his wife he might tell Celestia and then... yikes. I smile nervously and look back at Shining, “Whatever do you mean, sweetie?”

He runs a hoof up and down my shoulder, “I feel like in the past few months you’ve been growing distant from me, and yesterday you were acting really unlike yourself. Is it something I said? Something I did?”

I close my eyes and sigh, I really don’t want to get into this discussion. I hardly think I have the responsibility to solve Cadance’s marital issues. Well, whatever, I suppose I should be glad he thinks this is just a marriage issue and not an issue of ‘Hey, I don’t think you’re actually my wife’. Well, anyway, I’ll just kick this ball further down the road for now.

I reach forward and brush Shining’s mane away from his face, “Shining, you’re doing great, don’t blame yourself for this. I just have a lot of stuff on my mind, that’s all.” I pause for a moment, trying to figure out how to stop ‘acting strange’ as he put it. “...And you know what honey? If you think I’m doing something odd or you want me to change something, just let me know! So just tell me what to change and I’ll change.”  I withdraw my hoof and smile. There is no way this could possibly backfire on me! Err, hold on a second, maybe...

The stallion I’m sharing the bed with scoots closer to me and licks my nose. I start to wonder how to respond, but then he rubs up even closer against me and whispers in my ear, “Well maybe we could, you know, spice things up a bit?”

I bite my tongue, “Spice things up? Uh...”

He places some kisses along my ear, “How about this, you know that thing you ALWAYS wanted to do?”

I most certainly did not, I literally have no clue. “Of course I remember Shining... the thing I want more than anything? Yeah... that thing.”

He moves his head back so we can look eye to eye, “Well, how about we do it? Tonight.”

What the hell am I getting myself into? Is there any way I can back out of this, or least find out what the hell we are even referencing here? “Oh, well, I don’t know Shining. I wouldn’t want to force you to do something just because I want it... Because you know, you probably don’t enjoy this activity...?”

He laughs, “I won’t mind it, I mean, things will be pretty much the same on my end. But you should have quite the experience, and you’re the one who wants this. So what do you say, should we do it?”

I start to sweat I have a bad feeling about this. “No, really honey, how would I repay you for letting me do it?”

He just grins, “Haha, don’t you worry about it sweetie, I’ll think of something you can do for me. So it’s a yes then?”

I’ll probably regret this, but really, how bad could it be? I already got fucked by a guy, I can’t imagine anything being more strange than that. I toss a hoof in the air, “Sure, why not. Let’s do it honey.”

I barely have time to finish my sentence before Shining reaches out to hug me and smoosh our entire bodies together. “This is going to be great, I hope we can get our spark back.”

I hug him back, acutely aware that this was not a platonic hug. See, ponies are fully nude, and doing a full body hug means all of his junk rubs up against my underside. I guess it’s nothing I haven’t felt before from him, but I don’t know, I only had a few man cards left, and letting a guy dry hump my nude underside would probably cost me another one.

However, instead of pulling away, Shining hugs me tighter and then rubs his face along mine, “I love you so much Cadance” I open my mouth to reply, but Shining treats that gesture as an opportunity to passionately kiss his wife.

So we kiss... and we kiss some more. I regret to admit that I’m sort of getting used to this treatment, and I am starting to enjoy these kisses now. To be honest, I don’t even care that the tongue belongs to a stallion. Since I no longer find that disgusting, I can just appreciate the fact that these large tongues make this feel fucking amazing. I don’t want to break the kiss, and apparently neither does Shining, so we just keep kissing. In between breaks for air, Shining repeats his words, “Mmm... I... love you so much Cadance...”

We kiss a little bit longer, I feel obligated to reply, “Mmm... I love you too...” I actually feel jealous of Shining here. We have had our tongues in each other’s mouths for several minutes now, I was never able to keep a girl kissing this long before. The more I think about it, the more ashamed I feel. The fact is Shining is treating me so much better than I ever treated a girl. He’s even been giving my a belly rub while we kiss. It’s quite pleasurable and I’ve been purposefully rubbing against it for a while and... Wait.

I break the kiss (reluctantly) and look down. In the heat of the moment I sort of forgot we were doing this whole naked hugging thing. Shining isn’t giving me a belly rub with his hoof, his fully erect cock is rubbing against me, smearing pre all over my stomach.

Shining pushes his body forward and rubs me with it again, then licks my cheek, “Like what you see honey?”

My blood turns cold. I admit, the kissing was sort of nice. But that thing is another story. Well, urgh, I guess I should get used to it. Getting fucked is strange, but if that’s what it takes to get Shining to think I’m his wife, we can do it again.

I turn my rear to him and raise my tail, but then Shining taps me with his hoof, “Oh, no, not that honey. It’s too early in the day for that.”

I turn back, noticing he was slowly rubbing his length. I raise an eyebrow “So, what then?” Urgh, I hope he doesn’t ask to me give him a hoof job, that would be way too weird. How would that even work with hooves?

My husband looks down at his own member, “Well, remember how you said you needed a way to repay me for tonight? I think you can repay me right here.”

I sigh, me and my big mouth. I did agree to repay him tonight’s ‘favor’ didn’t I? “Yeah... sure thing honey...” I nod and then hesitantly reach a hoof towards his manhood.

Shining shakes his head slowly, “Heh, no hooves Cadance. Let’s do this like our wedding night, use your mouth.”

I freeze. Oooooh what the fuck, I didn’t sign up for this. I glance back at the cock, I don’t think this will even fit in my mouth.  What the hell am I supposed to do here? Can I even get out of this at this point? “Shining, uh, isn’t this... degrading? I’m not really a fan of...”

Shining leans forward and kisses me on the nose. “Honey, we are husband and wife and this is what couples do. You know I love you.“

I sigh, “You sure I have to do this?” I ask one last time.

Shining shifts his position, “Please Cadance? You owe me for later tonight! And look, we’re all alone here, all the windows are closed and all the doors are locked. There’s nothing to be afraid of, no one will know what you’re doing. It’s just us!”

I sigh once more, well I guess I’m sorta stuck here. I’ll just pretend it’s Cadance doing this and not me. Not like I have a choice anyway. I reach both hooves down and give it a test stroke. Jesus this thing is huge.

Shining moves up to lean against a cushion, and he guides me until I’m crouched over him, my face just inches from his oversized member. I have to admit, it doesn’t smell that bad, I guess. I reluctantly open my mouth and Shining puts his hoof on the back of my head and pushes down.

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(seriously, nsfw, don't click if you don't want to see clop)

Before I even realize what I’m doing, I have a muzzle full of horsecock. This is strange, this is very, very strange. Granted, I had never blown a guy before, let alone a stallion, so I really have no idea what I’m supposed to be doing other than “put dick in mouth”. I just start bobbing up and down, only fitting about half of it in my mouth. Is this how Cadance used to do it? Hopefully Shining doesn’t think anything is off.

I continue at it for about twenty seconds, trying to not think about what I was doing. The smell and taste of his pre fills my mouth though, and I close my eyes and desperately try to ignore how it tastes. I’m going to be a human again in several weeks, and I really do not want to remember that I did this and that I actually don’t mind this taste. Wait, fuck, I just acknowledged it, damnit!

“You okay honey? You seem to be taking this a lot slower than usual.” There is slight concern in his voice.

I try to go faster. Not only do I want Shining to think everything is normal, but I might as well try and get him to climax as fast as possible so I can get this damn cock out of my mouth. I even reach up a hoof and play with his balls a little. I can’t help but notice that they are larger than a human fist, my god, how much cum does this guy store in there?

Looks like I was about to find out. I hear Shining’s breath get erratic as he gets close, and then I feel the head of his cock grow in my mouth. My jaw stretches even wider and I see his balls start to clench upwards. A split second later his seed bursts forth and slams into the back of my mouth. Oh god, the taste and the smell, it is so... hmm, well I guess it isn’t unpleasant but it certainly isn’t a welcome taste either. Shining clearly has more capacity than I ever did as a human, and I soon find the back of my mouth quite full of cum. I have no intention of swallowing this spunk, so to make room for more of it I start to slowly pull the cock of of my mouth.

Shining bucks his hips as he continues to cum, and the motion pulls the cock completely out of my mouth. Now I would have thought this was a good thing, but it turns out he isn’t done cumming. The final four or five spurts all land on my face and I think I even get some in my nose, my entire face was just coated in his scent.

“Wow, sweetie that was amazing. We really need to do that more often, I mean, wow.”

I glare at him and realize I still have my entire muzzle full of his seed. I need to spit this shit out, my tongue is stuck swirling around in it and flooding my sense with the taste. I glance around, looking for a trash can or something. I don’t see anything at all though. I suppose I can run to the bathroom, but that’s way out in the hallway.

“Something wrong honey?” Shining stares at me, and once again I realize I’m sort of trapped here. Urgh, fine, fuck it. I tilt my head back and swallow the thick fluid. There is so much that it takes me more than one swallow, and even when I finish swallowing the taste still fills my mouth. God damn, it’s everywhere, my pony snout is huge and it seeped into every crevice. It certainly doesn’t help that I think I got some in my nose, the stench and taste of Shining completely smothered my senses.

I wipe my face with my fetlocks, then turn back to Shining, “Did I get it all off my face?”

Shining laughs, “You should probably go take a shower honey.” I roll my eyes and make my way to the bathroom, then close the door behind me and look at my reflection in the mirror there.

Urgh, bad idea. The stuff is everywhere on me, and I look positively humiliated. I mean, it’s not only my face, hair, and dribbling out of my mouth, but my back legs are covered in dried stains from last night’s activities. Though as I look at my reflection and still taste the seed in my mouth, I feel my heart start to race and a peculiar heat pulsing under my tail. I pause as I realize the mood I’m in. No, that doesn't make sense...

I turn to the mirror and flick my tail to the side to see my pussy soaking wet and winking wildly. I stare at it for a moment as I confirm what mood I’m in. I really, really don’t want to admit it, but god damn, I don't think I have never been this horny before in my entire life. I don’t know if it was the kissing, or the hugging, or maybe just the taste of all this stuff, but the desire to have something rammed into me is just screaming across my entire mind. I think back to how things went last night when I was laying on my back and watching Shining penetrate me. My breath quickens again and I instinctively lick my lips, bringing more of his taste onto my tongue. For whatever reason, as degrading and vile as servicing Shining was, it did excite some part of me.

I take one more look at my crazed appearance and my winking pussy, then close my eyes and take a few deep breathes. This is ridiculous, I shouldn’t be feeling this.  I really need to just focus on learning those portal spells and getting out of here as soon as possible. This body’s hormones are really starting to mess with me. I’ve only been a mare for what, a day and a half, and I’m already starting to crave my stallion husband and the thing that dangles between his legs? I can’t shake the feeling that after three months of living like this I might not want to change back.

I take a mouthful of pancakes off my plate, but I’m not really tasting them because I can’t get that other taste out of my mouth. It’s not like I didn’t wash either. I was in that shower for almost half an hour, and I followed that by using about four rinses worth of mouthwash. Side note, I really need to learn how to use magic, I’m pretty sure I spilled 2/3 of that mouthwash bottle just trying to bring it to my lips with these cursed hooves. Anyways, I know the taste from earlier today is physically off my tongue, but it sort of burned itself into my mind, which is exactly the thing I was afraid would happen. Now I can’t even enjoy these amazing pancakes that my husband made for me! Urgh, I smack my lips trying to focus on the flavor of them, but Shining notices my behavior, “Everything okay honey? Something wrong with the pancakes?”

I lean back into my floor cushion and just smile at him, “No, these are fantastic Shining, as always. You sure you don’t want any for yourself? They are really quite delicious.”

The stallion blushes and rubs the back of his neck, “Nah, thanks honey, you’re too kind. They’re the same pancakes as always though, no need to compliment my cooking now.”

Frick, I’m crossing that line again. Gotta stop acting out of character for Cadance. Though, acting in character apparently means acting like a total bitch to my husband. Shining is way too nice for me to act like that, I’ll just have to walk this fine line.

I hear the door open and I look up to see Gum Drop walk into the room carrying her tray with my messages. Behind her is a grey stallion carrying a similar tray and he heads towards Shining Armor. I smile as my assistant places the tray at my side. “Hey Gum Drop, how are things looking today?”

She bows curtly, “The crops are growing well this season, the pegasi report clear skies for the rest of the week, and the trade union reports local growth is progressing above expectations. As for things around here, the staff are busy cleaning for the Prince’s visit this afternoon, and the gardener, Lily Leaf, sends these with hopes that you will enjoy them.” Gum Drop turns her neck and pulls a small vase out of her bag, then places it on the table. It’s overflowing with fresh tropical flowers and it’s decorated just beautifully.

I raise my eyebrows, momentarily unsure if it’s for decoration or if I’m supposed to eat them, I am a pony after all. Thankfully Gum Drop inadvertently answers this for me by smiling as she looks at them, “They match your hair color perfectly Princess. These will look great as a centerpiece for the dinner this evening.”

I smile and nod, “They’re great, tell Lily I absolutely adore them.”

Gum Drop nods and and takes her leave. I look up to see Shining raising an eyebrow and staring at me from across the table. “I thought you hated the gardener. You called her ‘a waste of four hooves’ if I recall.”

I feel my ears flop to the sides, “No, well. that’s...umm....” Urgh, damn it Old Cadance, I’m trying to replace you here but you’re making this way too hard. I can’t go around and insult ponies like you did! I clear my throat, “Shining, I’m, well, I guess you can say I’m trying to change my ways. I’ve been thinking a lot lately and I’m just too negative around ponies. I decided to be nice for a change and see how that works out.”

Shining’s eyes grow brighter, “Honey, that’s wonderful!”

I give a genuine smile back. This is perfect, not only does it explain to everypony why I’m acting different, but it makes Shining happy too. And when he’s happy, I’m happy. This will make living here for the new few months so much better for the both of us.

As I’m lost in my thoughts I hear Shining get up and make his way towards me. I look up to see him standing just a few feet away, and he whispers, “So, what are you going to wear for the Prince’s visit this afternoon?”

I scrunchy face for a moment. Gum Drop told me that Blueblood was coming over for whatever reason. I should probably wear something formal, I guess we have a state dinner or something? Only problem is I have no idea what’s considered formal wear for ponies. I mean, in this world being totally nude is acceptable, but wearing socks is considered kinky? Pony fashion makes no sense! I look back at Shining, “Ummm, I’ll ask Gum Drop for advice I guess? Unless you want to couples match our clothes, what color are you wearing?”

Shining just laughs, “Don’t worry about me, I have my Captain uniform to wear. You should wear... hmm... how about you ask Gum Drop to get you dressed in that outfit I got you for your birthday last year. That would be awesome.”

I smile back, glad he picked one for me so I didn’t have to figure one out for myself. “Sounds great, where are we meeting for this thing by the way? I think I was told he’s coming over in the afternoon?”

Shining waves a hoof, “Blueblood is coming over after lunch and wants me to show him the guards and some of the new spears we started training with. It’s guy stuff, you wouldn’t understand.” I start to scoff at his comment, but bite my tongue as I realize my new place. Shining continues, “Anyway, that will all be done in time for dinner so get dressed for that and meet us in the dining room.” Shining yawns, “Well, I need to go get things set up for later. I’ll see you for lunch honey.”

Shining reaches forward with a foreleg and hugs me goodbye, and I lean forward and give him a goodbye kiss. Shining breaks it off after a second and looks at me, “You kiss goodbye now? This is new, though I admit it’s a nice touch!”

I blush with worry, partly because I just broke character again, but also because I just voluntarily kissed this stallion and I can’t even use my normal excuse of ‘oh, I’m just doing it to stay in character’. Apparently I’m now kissing more often than his actual wife does. This isn’t a good sign.

The afternoon flew by. I read through the basics of magic use in the morning and afternoon (I don’t quite have the hang of telekinesis yet, but I’m getting there) and then I had to spend about two hours with Gum Drop getting dressed and then having my hair done for this formal dinner. I wouldn’t think ponies needed to do all this make up type crap, but the sheer amount of hair in my mane and tail meant it took ages to get it all set right. I’m not too sure of this clothing choice though. Gum Drop did confirm that this is the outfit my husband bought me for my birthday last year, but I’m not so sure it makes sense to wear this right now. Admittedly, I already stated I know nothing of pony fashion, but I still feel that long socks with lace and black satin is hardly appropriate for a state dinner. Well, whatever, it’s what Shining wanted, it’s not really my call.

I make my way to the dining room and I stand by the table waiting for the men to arrive. In boredom I start practicing my levitation magic on a fork, but sooner rather than later I hear approaching footsteps so I turn to face the door with a smile.

The door opens wide and my husband (wearing a minimalist guard outfit) appears alongside Prince Blueblood (wearing a tuxedo lapel complete with a boutonniere). They both stop in their tracks as they see me. Shining is grinning ear to ear and Blueblood can’t take his eyes off me. I start to get hot under the collar as I realize this is awkward. “Hey... guys. Welcome to dinner...”

Shining clears his throat and walks forward, “Honey, you look utterly fantastic. And thanks for waiting for us, it’s quite rude of us to keep you waiting so long.”

I move to take a seat at the table, “It’s not a problem at all, I didn’t wait long.”

The two stallions join me at the table, Blueblood nods at me, “Great to see you again Princess Cadance.” He turns to my companion, “Shining, if I may speak freely, your wife looks simply ravishing. You are truly the luckiest stallion in all of Equestria.”

I blush and exchange looks with Shining who gives me a nice grin. This is really quite strange, being thought of as the treasure of some stallion. I suppose that’s just the social norm for this gender though. I don’t really mind since I know in private Shining treats me as his equal. I’m also okay with it since I technically outrank him in the royal hierarchy. Or at least, I think I do. I really should get around to looking at what royal powers I hold. Well, whatever, there is time for politics later, now it’s just time for me to enjoy dinner and look my best in front of our guest.

Dinner was delicious and the banter was enjoyable. In the cartoon Blueblood was quite one dimensional, but in the flesh he actually has quite a few stories to tell. He isn’t nearly as polite as Shining, nor is he as handsome. Not that I would ever care about that, which I don’t, I’m just making note of it for some reason.

I shake my head to clear my mind of these treacherous thoughts, then decide to end this evening. “Thank you for a wonderful meeting Blueblood, but I think we all can agree that it is getting late.”

He nods and stands up, “Why yes, I think I will be taking my leave now. Shining, thanks for hosting me, this has been an amazing evening.”

Shining smiles softly, “Sit back down my dear Prince, this night has only just begun.”

Blueblood and I both turn to stare at Shining, and Blueblood takes his seat once more. “What did you have in mind my dear friend?”

I raise an eyebrow, what the hell is Shining getting at? It was dark out and we would be going to bed soon, why keep our guest around? Especially today, I thought Shining told me that tonight we would “spice up the bedroom” with something? How can we possibly do anything like that if Blueblood is spending the night here with us?

I feel myself blush as a dawning of realization floods over me. I look down at my body and the sort of clothes I got dressed in... then I glance back up at the two stallions.

Oh... shit.

Ch 5: How is this my life?

I dart my eyes back and forth, this can’t seriously be happening can it?

Shining puts his hoof on Blueblood’s shoulder, “You see, the Princess and I have been trying to spice up our romantic life...”

Blueblood's ears perk up and he looks at my husband, “Oh really? How fascinating, what sort of things were you thinking of doing? Did you want some advice from me or something?”

“No, not advice my dear Prince, something else.” Shining grins slyly, “Not to put pressure on you, but Cadence's biggest fantasy is actually a three way with her in the middle.”

My blood doesn't know if it should drain from my face in horror, or if it should flood my cheeks in sheer embarrassment. I just freeze and watch a slow smile spread across Blueblood's mouth. I see his eyes look me up and down, no doubt checking me out. “Is that so? Why I must say, that is quite the request Cadance... but seeing as how I have no other plans tonight...”

My mouth tries to find words, “I, uhh...”

Shining trots over and looks at me, “Are you okay Cadance? You look a little pink.”

A little pink? My fur is fucking pink! What is he... grr, nevermind, there are more important matters at hand. “Shining, can I talk to you for a moment, in private?” Before he can even answer I reach out with a hoof and pull him forward with me towards the door.

As soon as we get to the hall I close the door and glare at the stallion, “Shining, what the hell? You think a three way with another guy can help our relationship? That doesn't even make sense!”

Wait, fuck, that isn’t the question I should be asking. I don’t give a damn about their marriage problems, all I care about is NOT going through with this. Shining creases his eyebrows, “Honey, this is just to bring some passion into our relationship. It’s to bring that spark of excitement back to our marriage.”

I shake my head, “It’s a terrible idea!”

Shining gives me a confused look, “This is all your idea. Even before we were married you talked about how you always wanted to do a three way, and how you thought the Prince would be perfect for it. This is EXACTLY what you wanted!”

I wave my hoof in the air, “No I don’t, not anymore!”

Shining sits on his rear legs and crosses his front hooves across his chest, “We literally just talked about this like six hours ago, I asked if you wanted to do the one thing you always talked about, and you said yes. At least I’m pretty that’s what you said Cadance. You tell me, is there some changeling running around pretending to be you and having conversations with me that you never heard?”

I bite my tongue and lower my gaze. “No, I was there. I did say that I wanted this.”

I feel his hoof on my shoulder, “You’re just skittish, I understand, you’ve been looking forward to this for so long and now that it’s here you’re nervous. But don’t worry about it honey, I already asked him and he said yes! Now let’s go in there and have a good time, just like you wanted!”

I close my eyes and take a deep breath, “So are we really going to do this?”

Shining excitedly replies, “Of course! Now come on, this will be a night you won’t ever forget!”

I can’t help but laugh, “That’s what I’m afraid of.”

Shining starts to walk back to the room we came from, “Nonsense, this will be great fun for you, there will be more cocks than you know what to do with.”

I slowly walk after him, shaking my head as I quietly mutter to myself, “Fuck me.”

Shining’s ears perk up as he catches my whisper, ”That’s the spirit of things honey!”

I soon find myself back in our bedroom, giving the pony equivalent of a strip tease to both of the stallions. They were on each side of the bed, sitting with their legs spread and watching me while slowly stroking their manhoods. I try to ignore them as I remove more clothing, only to wince as I see both of their cocks grow with excitement. Oh god, how the hell did I get into this mess?

Blueblood turns to Shining, “Why is she taking everything off with her hooves? Something wrong with using magic?”

Shining shakes his head, “I have no idea, but it’s kind of hot.”

The Prince nods, “Yeah it sort of is, reminds me of this earth pony girl I slept with this one time. She didn’t have any magic, but damn, her pussy could sing.”

I continue slowly stripping and I listen to their back and forth conversation about the great lays they had in the past. Shining mostly just listened along as Blueblood talked about girls that gave the best head or the girls who have the sexiest flanks. I used to talk like this with my guy friends back on Earth all the time. but it seems profoundly strange to hear about it now. Did being on the other side of the gender wall mean ponies like Blueblood thought of my body as little more than a tally mark to add to their history of sexual exploits? Urgh.

I strip off the last of my socks with my teeth and I realize I’m pretty much out of clothes. Damn, as much as I hated stripping into front of two dudes, I was sort of glad at how it let me delay the “next step” of tonight’s activities. Well, might as well get this over with. I reach back and pull off the last article of clothing, my panties.

“Don’t mind if I do.” Blueblood exclaims as his horn lights up and my panties float over to him. They land on his muzzle and he inhales the smell. Shining laughs but I just stare at him, I’ve never had someone willingly smell my underwear before, I have no words.

Shining pokes him in the shoulder with a hoof, “What’s the verdict Blueblood? Is she satisfactory?”

He lowers the panties and licks his lips, “The appetizer is delicious, let me try the main course.” Blueblood stands up and trots towards me, his erect cock slapping against his chest as he arrives behind me. The prince wastes no time when he gets there, I hear him take one deep whiff and then he starts licking.

“Aahhh” Escapes my lips involuntarily. Even though I am familiar with this act from when Shining did it on me, having some other stallion do it feels so strange. Still though, it is sort of pleasant. I close my eyes and let Blueblood continue to work me with his mouth. A minute or so passes and I can tell my body is getting more and more into it.

However, my mindless bliss is soon broken when I smell something strangely familiar and I feel a bump up against my nose. “Open up honey.” Shining calls out, I open my eyes and realize I’m face to face with his horse cock, the tip of it already covered in precum. I sigh as I realize what I have to do. Well, at least it was my husband’s, it’s nothing I haven’t done before. I open my mouth and take him as he thrusts forward slightly.

Shining puts his front hooves on my back and starts to slowly fuck my mouth. I try to get conformable, but I’m pretty much trapped with Blueblood smashing his muzzle into my pussy, and Shining ramming himself into my face. I close my eyes and start to think about which end of my body is disgusting me more at the moment. The random stallion licking my pussy is certainly giving me pleasure, but I realize so is my front half. For whatever crazy reason, I am actually enjoying what Shining is doing to me. Maybe I’m just being blinded by the sensation coming from my pussy, but it’s hard to deny that my tongue is positively dancing from the taste and feel of my husband’s manhood.

Mercifully, before my mind had time to get scarred by that thought, I feel the cock in my mouth start to pulse and Shining starts to cum. Remembering what happened last time, I start swallowing his seed as fast as I can so he doesn’t get the chance to spray any across my face. After a half dozen spurts it stops flowing and Shining pulls himself out of mouth. He cleans his cock by smearing it across my lips, then takes a few steps back and sits down by the wall. “Jeez, wow Cadance, you’re really getting good at this.”

Urgh, that’s not what I want to hear. I finish swallowing everything in my mouth and feel Blueblood pull back from his place between my legs. I glance back at him and see his entire muzzle covered in my juices. He looks towards the other stallion, “Don’t tell me you finished already Shining.”

My husband laughs, “Oh please Blueblood, I’m just getting started. I wouldn’t be a stallion if I got totally spent after just one orgasm.”

My eyes open wide, wait, stallions came more than once? How long is this orgy going to last? In any case, I soon feel Blueblood give my cunt a few more licks and then he rears up on his hind legs. “So, Shining, mind if I fuck your wife?”

Shining smirks, “As long as you don’t cum inside her, Cadance and I are still trying to have kids. But yeah, sure you can have a few thrusts at her. Err, well, as long as that’s okay with you Cadance?”

I sigh, “Sure... let’s get this over with.” I raise my tail and no less than a second later I give a soft scream as I feel the Prince’s hot, throbbing cock ram itself into me. He adjusts his position and rams it in harder, then lowers his body onto mine and proceeds to start fucking me doggy style. He is much more vigorous than Shining was, and I hold my lips closed to stop myself from moaning.

I look up to see Shining vigorously stroking himself as he watches us, “Wow, I gotta admit, Cadance watching you get rutted is hot as hell. How’s it feel Blueblood?”

Blueblood pauses his thrusts, “You’re wife is very tight, but she needs to move a bit more! Cadance, do try and move your hips around and thrust against me.”

I sigh but do as he says, noticing my pleasure actually increasing quite a bit. I open my mouth to ask if I’m doing it right, but all that escapes my mouth is a load moan. I quickly close my mouth, but it is too late. Blueblood pauses his thrusts again, “Wow, nice. Keep your mouth open my dear Cadance, let us all hear your sounds of lust.”

Shining nods, fully hard and still stroking himself, “Yeah, it’s really hot Cadance, keep doing it.”

I hang my head in defeat and do as he says, my mouth opens and my soft feminine sounds fill the room.

Blueblood increases his thrusts, “Louder”

I open up my throat and allow the sounds to come out naturally. As I hear myself I can hardly believe this is my voice. I sound so erotic, so into this, I am turning myself on with my own voice.

Blueblood hilts himself into me, “LOUDER!”

I actively scream out the noises I didn’t even know I could make. With each thrust into me I fill the castle with the sound of my pleasure. Shining’s jaws just drops as he watches us, then he gets up and moves towards me, his cock twitching in between his hooves as it approaches my face. I open my mouth wide to accept it, not even caring anymore that I shouldn’t be enjoying this. Shining doesn’t give my mouth his cock though, he just points it at me and strokes himself rapidly as I continued to scream out in pleasure. Finally, the tip of his cock bursts forth with cum and spashles towards me. Much of it lands right in my mouth, but plenty lands on and across my face. I moan through the cum and swallow as much as I can. Hearing myself make these sounds while licking my lips, I can’t even comprehend how much I am enjoying this right now. A few thrusts later and I feel Blueblood pull out.

I clench my legs together, “What? No, you gotta put it back in! I’m so empty...”

“Oh, I’ll show you what it’s like to be full. Open up Princess.” I glance to the side and see Blueblood’s wet cock just inches from my face. I don’t even hesitate, I lunge forward and close my lips on it, feeling it cum just seconds later. Blueblood must have been in a dry spell, because his cum comes out like a firehouse. After a few pulses I fall behind in my swallowing and I to pull back let him finish on my face.

Once he finishes I look up to see two sets of glistening horsecocks in front of me, both of them recovering from their last orgams and still dripping with cum. My heart beats faster at the sight of them and I take turns licking them both. Soon both are clean and with a little more of my mouth’s attention they both become rock hard once more. I continue to lick and suck both of them to the best of my ability, then reach one of my hooves down to my pussy, trying in vain to bring back the sensation of being filled. I see one of the cocks leave my field of vision, “Don’t worry honey, I won’t leave you hanging.”

Shining presses his manhood up against my cunt, “You ready for this honey?” Instead of answering, I just shove myself backwards into him, thrusting my wet pussy around his member and returning the sensation of being filled. My eyes roll back in my head and I start moaning again, there are no words for this.

As Shining starts to fuck me in earnest I look up to see Blueblood move back to where Shining was been sitting before. He leans back and strokes himself as he watches us fuck. I find myself staring at his cock and licking my lips as I start to drool. “Prince Blueblood... get over here.”

He looks up at me and trots back over, and I reach up with a hoof and grab his member, stroking it a few times. He moves closer and I volunteer to stick his gorgeous cock right in my mouth, my tongue immediately rubbing itself all over it and giving me his flavor.

And with that thought I close my eyes. I feel Shining pounding away at my pussy, and I squeal with delight at the feel of Blueblood’s cock on my tongue. A sliver of sanity returns to me and informs me that I agreed to do all of this, and I’m enjoying the pleasure all of this is bringing me. There is no use denying it anymore, I have more than accepted my new body. I have no man cards to speak of, I am a full blooded mare.

To add insult to injury, I feel my pussy start to twitch. It seems my lady parts want to reward me for finally accepting them. I moan around the cock in my mouth as I feel my first female orgasm. My legs go weak and my walls tighten around Shining’s cock.

My husband grunts as he pushes harder to continue fucking me right through my orgasm. With nothing to balance on, my entire body lurches forward and I start to deepthroat the Prince. He cries out, “Princess! I never... Here, allow me to assist!” My eyes go wide as he also thrusts forward, sending almost a full foot of cock down my throat. I can’t breathe, but I don’t think I even care, my entire body is burning with lust and pleasure. A second later he pulls back and pushes me back into my husband’s cock, who hilts inside of my pussy. Shining then pushes me forward, forcing me to deepthroat the Prince again. So this is what I have been reduced to? A ponified sex slinky? Well whatever it is, it makes me feel so degraded, so dirty... and it feels amazing.

~~~~STAFF EDIT: NSFW link removed~~~~~~

A few dozen bounces back and forth later and Shining speaks up, “You ready my Prince?” Shining pushes me towards him and I deepthroat Blueblood. I’m not even gagging anymore, I’m just in heaven.

The prince grunts, “About time, I can’t hold this any longer... ah...” He pushes me back into Shining and my pussy gets stretched once more. I’m not really paying attention to them, all I know is that I’m about to climax, again.

Shining’s breathing gets erratic, “Okay, on three.” I get pushed forward into Blueblood and I feel his cock start to twitch in my mouth. “One, two...”

I raise an eyebrow at the countdown, and mumble through my mouth full of cock, “Hmm?”

There is no time for a reply. Shining yells out “Three!” and both stallions buck forward. I scream as I get hilted from both sides at the same time, a combined three feet of cock filling my body. As they both fill my depths, I feel both cocks utterly explode and start pumping me full of cum from both sides. My pussy is taken over the edge and I ride an orgasm as I feel my stomach and womb fill with their hot fluid. All four of my legs collapse and my mind and vision go blank from the sensation overload.

I close my eyes and feel both of them start to pull out, splattering some final bits of cum across me as they do so. I hear Shining and Blueblood saying something to each other, but I don’t have the mental function to comprehend it. I’m utterly spent and without their cocks holding me up, I fall over on my side. I slowly open an eye to see Blueblood making his way to the exit while Shining stands over me smiling. I open my mouth to say something, but instead of words, warm horse cum pours out of my mouth and pools on the ground around my muzzle. I moan softly as I feel the same oozing sensation streaming out of my pussy, and I look up to see Shining's cock still dripping a few last drops down on me. The last thing I feel is my tongue lazily flopping out of my mouth and landing in the pool of cum, and moments later I pass out.

I wake up sometime next morning. I smack my lips together and notice they taste a little salty, then I open an eye and glance up at my ceiling mirror. Yep, it’s me and Shining sharing the bed, I’m still stuck in Equestria. Oh, hang on, I’m on the bed? Ah, Shining must have carried me here after I passed out last night.

With that though I bolt upright. Oh god, what happened last night? I started... and then I... and I was feeling... then I voluntarily started to... and I was craving more... oh god.

My stomach starts to dry heave so I get up and run to the bathroom, but when I get to the sink all I can do is lean against it and cry. I’ve only been a mare for three days, and I just did all of those things, willingly. Not only that, I was enjoying every moment of it and demanding more. I can’t even blame alcohol, I did it all on my own volition. I’m not supposed to be enjoying this life, I’m supposed to a human male, and I’m supposed to just be trying to get back home.

I glance up at the mirror, teary eyed, and I see my face. I don’t even know who I am anymore. I realize I no longer think of this body as Cadance’s, when I see this body and this face, I just think “me”. Hell, I’m probably more comfortable with hooves than I would be with hands and feet right now. Through my tears I glance down at my body and see dry white blotches everywhere, reminding me of my actions last night. I think I need a shower, a long, long shower.

I don’t know how long I’ve been under this shower, but my tears are flowing as fast as the water. I’m not even sure what single aspect I am crying about, but I know it deserves tears. As I sit there I hear someone knock a few times, but I just ignore it, I am in no mood to talk to any of these ponies, Shining especially. After a few more minutes though, I hear the door open. “Cadance, are you alright?”

I bite my tongue as I recognize the voice. “Go away Shining.”

He replies through the shower curtain, “I heard you crying, you’ve been in here for over an hour Cadance. You can talk to me you know. Just tell me what’s wrong.”

I roll my eyes, his heart is in the right place but I don’t want anything to do with him right now. “Just leave me alone, I don’t want to talk to you. I just... I just want to sit here.”

Shining remains silent and I stare at the shower floor. After a minute or so I hear the curtain get pulled back. I close my eyes and swear under my breath, the damn guy just won’t leave me alone will he? “Shining, get away from me.”

“I’m not near you.”

I open my eyes and look up, this is a fairly large shower, and Shining is sitting on the far end of it, about three pony lengths away from me. He’s just sitting there staring at the wall.

I grit my teeth, “Shining, damn it, I’m not going to talk to you. Get out of here!”

He shrugs, “Just leave me alone Cadance, I don’t want to talk. I just... I just want to sit here.”

I can’t help but smile for a moment at his childish mimicry. I shake my head, well, whatever, if the dude wants to sit and get wet, then let him. The minutes tick by and I continue to stare at the ground, but I keep glancing over at the stubborn stallion on the other side of the shower stall. There isn’t a faucet head over there, so he’s not getting any hot water on him. He’s out in the cold and is getting wet from the random splashes of water. I can see him start to shiver, he must be freezing, what the hell is he trying to prove?

I sigh, and scoot over a little bit. “Shining, you’re cold, come under the water.”

He glances up, his teeth chattering. “But you d-don’t want to talk.”

I roll my eyes, “I don’t plan to, but you’re shivering over there and it’s distracting. Come over here.”

He trots over to my side and joins me under the water, I lean against him and can feel how cold he his. I shake my head softly and go back to staring at the ground. Shining leans back into me and just stares straight ahead.

We remain like that for quite a while, until finally, the silence is broken by my husband. “I love you Cadance.”

I sigh, and lean into him, “I know.”

We soon dry off and make our way to the dining room for a late brunch. With a realization I look up at Shining, “Um, don’t you work today?”

He blushes slightly, “I told them I was sick so I could stay home today. I don’t know why you’re upset, but I figured I should probably stay here until you feel better.”

I slowly munch on my food, “Oh, thanks for that, I suppose.”

He looks up at me with a compassionate face, “Can you tell me what’s wrong? Is it me?”

I shake my head, “Oh no, it’s not you Shining, don’t you ever think that. You really are the best stallion any mare could ask for.”

He chews on his lip, “Oh... well what’s the problem then?”

I close my eyes, “It’s... really hard to describe, I can’t explain it. But I guess you could say I just don’t know who I am anymore.”

Shining gets up and trots over to me, nuzzling me with his head, “I’ll tell you who you are, you’re the love of my life and best Princess this kingdom has ever seen.” I look down and blush slightly, he continues, “These past few months have been hard on our relationship. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure we would make it much longer. But then we had these past few days! Cadance, the last couple of days reminded me why I love you! You have been everything I could ever ask for, don’t ever change who you are, you’re perfect.”

I laugh to myself, “Oh Shining, you really know how to make a girl question herself, you know that?”

Shining leans back and smiles “Did you want to do anything in particular today?”

I look up at him, but hold back my response. “Not really?”

He nods, “We could go on a picnic. Find some nice quiet spot by a pond and just sit there all afternoon.”

I smile, “That, actually sounds really good, I would love that.”

He beams, “So would I. Perfect, I’ll go tell the chef of our plans and get some sandwiches ready.”

I watch him head towards the kitchen and I let out a small sigh. I lied to him back there, when he asked what I wanted to do, the truth is I wanted to do anything... as long as he came with me and kept my company. There is just something about him. Even when I am disgusted with myself and hating what this body has made of me, even at times like that I still find it comforting to have Shining at my side. I want to hate him for making me feel at home here, but in reality I really do think I’m starting to like him. Wait, do I actually love him? I don’t know, maybe I do.

I sigh. I’m really going to miss him when I go back home in a few months.

Ch 6: Choices

The afternoon picnic was wonderful. Shining took me down to a pond in a private meadow a few miles from the castle. The weather was perfect and we laid under a tree and just enjoyed the scenery. I think Shining knew I had a lot on my mind, because for most of the picnic he remained pretty quiet and simply let me be alone with my thoughts. As the sun traveled across the sky and afternoon came, we ate some snacks and then Shining opened up and shared a few funny stories about his coworkers. All in all, it was really just a very pleasant day, perhaps the best one in my memory.

We made it back to the castle in time for dinner and then afterwards I sat down with Twilight’s spellbooks for a few hours until I finally mastered magic telekinesis. I could pick things up with my horn! That was about half an hour ago, and ever since then I have been running around finding new things to pick up, this is way too much fun.

I’m in the middle of levitating twelve bananas at once when Shining walks into the kitchen and sees me. I freeze and all the bananas drop to the floor. I grin like a five year old caught stealing cookies, “Hey love, what brings you to the kitchen so late at night?”

Shining raises an eyebrow and surveys the floor, “I could ask you the same thing, but nah, I’ll let you have your fun putting on a banana parade or whatever you’re doing. Anyways, I’m just swinging by to tell you I’m headed off to the bedroom. I need to read this guard report and then catch some Z’s. Are you coming to bed? It’s getting pretty late”

I trot over and brush the mane out of his eyes, “I’ll be up in a little bit, don’t worry about me. I gotta finish this banana parade, right?”

Shining laughs, “Alright, good luck with that. Heh, I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Goodnight honey.” I step forward and kiss him goodnight, then wave as he trots to the bedroom. I smile to myself, I really did like him, but I’m still going to try and avoid the bedroom activities, just to help keep my sanity. I mean, sure if he really wants to, I’ll do it with him, but I’m not going to chase after him and be the one to demand it. I like this status quo, I can totally do this for several weeks.

I glance down at the bananas and levitate all of them again, then start making them spin and rotate around me. I smile, this is way too awesome, why would former-Cadance give up magic to go to Earth? I’ll have to ask her when I find her. Hmm, actually I recall humans and ponies being unable to communicate with each other. English and Equestrian just didn’t mix. Maybe I can find some sort of translation spell in Twilight’s books? I’ll have to look that up before I get the portal ready.

About ten minutes later I make my way towards the main bathroom by our bedroom. I’m eating one of the bananas while a second one hovers beside me. It’s partly a way for me to practice magic, and partly the simple fact that these bananas are delicious and I wanted to eat more than one.

I pass by the bedroom and notice the light is still on. Shining must still be reading, I’m going to have to kill some more time to ensure he’s asleep before I go in there. I ponder my choices as I finish my first banana. I guess I can just take a shower and so on. I step into the bathroom, setting my second banana down on the counter, and turning on the water (using magic!). I already took a shower this morning, but oh well, cleanliness is next to godliness, right? Wait, am I considered a goddess since I’m an alicorn, or is that just Celestia and Luna? Hmm, I should probably look that up.

I step under the shower and let my mind wander. I had a really nice day today, it’s almost a pity I can’t end it with... I blink as my mind wanders to thoughts of sex. I try to think of something else, but I’m actually getting really horny and it’s hard not to think about it. I guess the last two nights in a row I got laid, so I think my body is sort of expecting the same to happen tonight. I shut off the shower and magically toss a towel over me, hoping the act of drying off will suppress my urges somehow.

It doesn’t work, all I can think about is the sort of things I was doing last night. I bite my lip and shift my ass towards the mirror, then flick my tail to side. Yep, there’s my pussy, and I’m already winking just from thinking about the possibility of sex. I lower my tail and take a few paces around the bathroom. I shouldn't give in to this, maybe I’ll just masturbate? Yeah, there’s nothing wrong with that much, right? I sit down in front of the mirror and spread my legs, admiring my gaping, wet pony cunt. I almost wish I was born male so then I could know what it’s like to go down on a girl and give one of these a lick.

I shake my head, urgh, what the hell brain, I was born male. Sheesh. I look back down at my pussy and lower a hoof onto it, then close my eyes as it makes contact. I moan softly through closed lips, mmm, this is the stuff. I don’t know why I didn’t do this sooner, this is nothing but pleasant.

After half a minute of rubbing myself, my mind decides to think of some sexual fantasy to accompany this pleasure. I automatically start thinking of stallions, but I stop myself. No, what did I usually fantasize about? Well when I was a guy I would think of my girlfriend, yeah, that might work. I picture my nubile girlfriend, she is stripping down to her underwear, then throws her bra at me. She seductively walks towards and tells me she wants to give me blow job. I see her take my human penis in her hand and...

I start to laugh, shattering the fantasy. That human penis was just comically small, like seriously, how do girls even feel that? I shake my head in amusement and try to focus on human girls again. My girlfriend, Angelina Jolie, Emma Watson, Jessica Biel, Miss November from Playboy... Sigh, it’s no use, I think I’ve actually gotten less horny since I started this whole thing. I open my eyes and look back down at my equine pussy, then immediately get turned on again by remembering the sorts of things the stallions were doing to this thing last night. My breathing gets shallow and I involuntarily lick my lips as memories fill my mind. I shake my head in defeat and start rubbing myself with my hoof again. I guess I really am a mare now, inside and out. From now on if I want to masturbate, I'll do it thinking of stallions and their delicious pony cocks...

And think about them I did. After a minute or so of clopping to mental images of my husband’s manhood, I’m really starting to get into it. The rubbing isn’t enough though, I need more, I need something inside. I stand up on all fours and dart my eyes around the bathroom for something, anything I can use to fill myself. I spot the banana on the counter and without even fully thinking about it I pick it up with my magic. I raise my ass in the air and plunge it into my wet pussy, moaning quietly as I feel it slide in. Ah, that’s it, that’s the feeling I’m looking for.

Using my magic I start to slowly thrust it in and out as I close my eyes and pretend it’s Shining’s cock. He is bigger, of course, but the banana still gets the feeling across. Well it sort of does, part of the experience with Shining is feeling his breath on my back and smelling his masculine odor. Not to mention Shining would be kissing me and I would feel his muscles up against me. And of course his cock itself is just amazing, and being with him is just...

I pause my thrusts and look up. What the hell am I doing this in the bathroom? Why am I trying to pretend to fuck myself in private, and with a frickin banana? I pull the banana out and toss it in the trash, then open the door and head towards the bedroom. Seriously, why use a lame substitute when the real thing is right here!

I fling the door open to see Shining reading in bed. He looks over at me, “Oh, hey love, coming to bed?”

I’m surprised I can walk straight with my crotch positively dripping with lust. I walk over to the bed and flick off the blanket with my magic, giving me a view of my husband’s lower half. I look down at his horse cock, which has seriously been looking better and better to me as the days have gone by. The thought that just a few day ago I was disgusted by it is just bewildering to me, I mean, how could I have felt that? This thing is just so... wow. I turn to face him, “Honey, your wife needs you to fuck her. Now please.” I turn around and raise my tail, showing him my glistening pussy.

Shining’s jaw drops and I can see his cock harden with every heartbeat. He licks his lips and starts to get in position, “Well, you know, I suppose if she insists, then I guess I can do it. Not like this is going to give me any pleasure...” He laughs.

I laugh with him and feel his front hooves on my back, “Shining my dear?”

“Hmm?” He places his manhood against my cunt and pauses. I pause as well, thanking the gods for giving me a pussy that so perfectly goes along with his horse cock.

I twist around and kiss him on the lips, “Shining, what do you say that, umm, ‘for the sake of our marriage’, we start fucking daily from now on? Please?”

Shining answers by slowly plunges his cock into me. I scream out in pleasure and then he whispers in my ear, “Really sweetie, only once a day?”

He smiles and I grin back, then grind my pussy into him. This is going to be the best three months of my life.

The next morning I open my eyes. This is the fourth morning where I have looked up to see Cadance's reflection in the mirror. But for the first time, I actually welcome the reflection. Shining and I fell asleep cuddling and our limbs are all tangled together. I look down at my hooves and smile at it. Pink fur, I like having pink fur.

I turn to the stallion beside me, he's still asleep, well we're just gonna have to fix that aren't we? I nudge him with my muzzle a few times, then nibble on his ear until I see him open his eyes. I plant a kiss on his cheek, “Good morning honey.”

He smiles, “Oh, hey Cadance.”

I return his smile and cuddle up closer against him, then passionately kiss him.  After a few seconds I break away and look him in the eye, “I love you Shining”. It’s the first time I actually meant it, and it felt good to say.

Shining kisses me back, “Love you too honey. I don’t know what’s gotten into you, but I absolutely love this new you.”

I hold him tight, feeling his manhood pressing up against my fur. I start rubbing against it and smirk, “You work today, right Shining?”

He nods, “Yep, gonna have to get going pretty soon actually.”

I look in his eyes, “Well, before you leave, can you feed me breakfast?”

Shining smiles, “Of course! Two pancakes coming right up my love.” He starts to lift off his blanket but I reach forward with a hoof to stop him.

I grin, “I don’t want pancakes.”

He raises an eyebrow, “You want an omelet?”

“I was thinking something... better.” I start to scoot down the bed.

“Better? Well I coul--AHH! Cadance!!” Shining grips the side of the bed and looks down to see me deepthroating him. “Wow, this is just... wow. What’s gotten into you?”

I pull it out of my mouth and lick it a few times before looking up, “I decided to stop worrying about who I am, and to just enjoy life one day at time.”

Shining leans back into his pillow and whistles softly as I get back to blowing him, “Thank Celestia for carpe diem.”

After I finish, I started cuddling with Shining again. I don’t think I have ever been so content in my entire life. Everything about this is just perfect.

*knock knock*

We both raise our heads towards the door, I speak up, “Uh, yes?”

Gum Drop's voice comes through the door, “Terribly sorry to disturb you Princess, but I just received the letter that you were expecting!”

Shining and I exchange looks, and I hop off the bed and open the bedroom door. Gum Drop was holding a single letter in her mouth, which she places at my feet. “It took awhile to get here. It’s very strange really, it was mailed on this long circular route that sent it all the way to Appleloosa before coming back here.”

I glance down at the letter, and back at Gum Drop, “I don't get it, who sent this?”

Gum Drop creases her eyebrows, “You did.”

My heart pounds faster as I pick up the letter with my magic and look at the address.

To: Princess Cadance

Shining looks over my shoulder, “Why did you send a letter to yourself?”

I pull the letter closer to me, “Oh, it was just a reminder I wanted to give myself... for a thing. Don't worry about it honey.”

He looks back at Gum Drop, “Thanks for dropping this off, we'll be down for the rest of breakfast in a minute.”

She raises a hood slowly, “Err, actually, there is one other thing. Princess?”

I look up, “Yes?”

Gum Drop gestures over her shoulder, “Celestia has sent a carriage, she summons you to Canterlot... immediately.

Shining raises his eyebrows, “A royal summon? Honey... what did you do?”

I swallow nervously and clutch the letter to my chest, “I guess I'm going to find out soon enough.” I turn to Gum Drop, “Can I go to breakfast first?”

Gum Drop puts on a confused expression and looks at my husband, who answers for her. “You better not honey, if Celestia sent her carriage and told you to go immediately, you really should leave immediately.”

I sigh, “Well, okay. I guess this is goodbye Shining”.

I give him a quick kiss and he laughs, “Goodbye? Don’t be so grim Cadance, you haven’t done anything wrong.”

I laugh nervously, “Heh, yeah.” I hold the letter close to me and allow Gum Drop to take me to the carriage.

Once we are airborne I stare down at the envelope and think for a minute. ‘Why did the former-Cadance make me wait four days before I would get this letter? I’m assuming this explains everything, couldn’t I have gotten this on the first day? Argh, god damn it woman, what is wrong with you?’ I shake my head slowly and open the letter, both eager and scared to read the message it contains:

To the ape currently parading around as me. You are no doubt hapless and confused. That is to be expected, one can’t expect terribly much from your species now can they? It’s honestly quite pathetic that no one in your race has mastered the art of magic yet, but oh well, you can’t blame a stone for being stupid can you? Anyways, to fill you in, I was getting utterly sick of my incessant husband, so I decided to take a vacation here on Earth. I picked a human male to take my place, knowing that you would be no doubt disgusted by the sexual advances of what you believed to be a common horse, and a male one at that. So I’m sure by now you have cast him off and he has ended his love for you, which is exactly what I have been trying to do. I figure this switch was the best way to do it. You get to do all the dirty work and send him away, while I get to mess around on your quaint little world and have some fun for a few days.

We will be switching back to our original bodies now that the vacation is coming to an end. Since you obviously have no idea how to use something as elegant as magic, I have set things up so you don’t have to. Remember the crystal spheres that changed our bodies? Well, they do more than that. When activated, the two crystal spheres will create a portal that connects the two of them. Sending one of them to Earth was difficult for me, but now that’s it’s there it will be quite elementary to activate the link and reopen the portal. Simply touch your horn to the crystal and the portal will open. I'll be waiting on the other side. Once you see me, place your forelegs on the crystal and we will switch forms like before. It’s really quite simple, even you with your limited intelligence should be able to do this task.

As for the timing, I intended for this Earth trip to last four days. I imagine that is more than enough time for you to leave Shining, and it’s enough time for me to mess around on this planet. If I timed this letter correctly, you should be reading this on the morning of the fourth day. So tonight, when the moon is highest, go to the crystal and touch your horn to it. I will be waiting on the other side, and you can have your life back.

I look up from the letter and I don’t know what to think. I get to go home! Hooray! I don’t have to wait three months and lose even more of my sanity! This is awesome!

...But it doesn’t feel awesome. I lower my head, I was starting to like being Cadance, I was looking forward to these three months. Knowing that my three months ends today is just, well it sucks. Still though, this isn’t my life, and this isn’t my body. I will go through with the switch and I will get my life back. It’s been fun being a mare, but I can’t stay like this. Well, that’s assuming Celestia even gives me the choice.

“Princess Cadance, thank you for arriving so promptly!”

I bow before the white monarch, “Of course. You summoned me?”

I glance up and see Celestia’s face get serious as she gets right down to business. "We tracked down the imposter!"

I raise my eyebrows, "Oh? Who...?"

She points across the room at a cage with a small pony in it. “Behold, it’s Gum Drop’s father's brother's nephew's cousin's cat’s former owner’s friend’s next door neighbor's lab partner’s prom date’s former roommate’s little sister! She goes by the name Sweetie Bell

I feel my heart drop and my eyes go wide. One of the guards wheels the cage over, in it I can see Sweetie Bell, crying inside the cage.

I immediately turn back to Celestia and glare at her. “Let. Her. Go. NOW.

Celestia's eyes grow wide in surprise, and the two guards slowly turn their heads to see who just raised their voice at Celestia.

The sun goddess blinks, “But she’s an outsider, you told me the evidence.”

I point at the cage, “She’s not an outsider. I was blatantly lying when I told you that long string of clues. This filly is innocent and you damn well know it.”

Celestia raises a hoof, “If I let her go, will you tell me the real suspect?”

I nod, “Yes.”

She unlocks the cage with her magic and Sweetie Bell is escorted to the door. “Well, then Princess Cadance, who is it? Who is the imposter around here?”

I roll my eyes, “Cut the crap Celestia, we both know I’m not Cadance.”

She stares at me for a few seconds, before a smile slowly creeps across her face. ”Aww, you’re no fun. That is unexpected though, the original Cadance was never the type of pony who put her neck on the line to save a common filly. It’s actually quite ironic that a random human has more humility than one of our Princesses.”

I look around. “So... what are you going to do to me?”

Celestia shrugs, “Nothing, why would I? If Cadance left this world and gave you her body, well as far as Equestrian law is concerned, you are the real Cadance now and you have all the royal privileges and rights that comes with it. I was playing before, we don’t actually have any laws against outsiders.”

I don't know if I should smile or look confused. I point back at the cage, “So why arrest Sweetie Bell?”

Celestia laughs, “I just wanted to test you, I’m always curious about humans. And don’t worry about the filly, she actually volunteered. Something about her acting classes. But now I’m just rambling, so tell me, how’s life as a pony treating you? I see you learned a few things since we last met. For one, you no longer reek of sex. That’s actually quite a pity, you made the day of all the guards working that shift.”

I allow myself to laugh along with Celestia. “Ha, yeah, I learned some basic magic too, levitation, stuff like that. All self taught.”

The monarch nods, hardly impressed. “Oh yes, levitation, cute. So you’re enjoying yourself then? Not causing any trouble?”

I nod, “No trouble here ma’am, I was quite content with just staying at home and being with my husband while I learned how to get back.”

She raises an eyebrow, “Past tense? Has something changed?”

I sigh, “Yeah, I got a letter from former-Cadance, err, excuse me, from the REAL Cadance, and she instructed me that we are to change back tonight.”

Celestia tilts her head, “You sound disappointed.”

I rub the back of my neck, “It’s just very sudden that’s all. What can I say, you run a fantastic kingdom your highness, I really enjoyed my time here.”

She shrugs, “So stay.”

I look around, “What, no, I want my old life back, I think. And besides, I can’t just leave Cadance on Earth.”

Celestia stares off into space, “I like Cadance, but she’s been so incredibly bitter these past years. In all honesty, you could probably be a better Cadance than she ever was.”

I hold a hoof up, “Well thank you for the kind words, but no, I do not want to spend my entire life as a pretty, pink, pony princess.” Though, as I finish that sentence, I can’t actually think of a reason why. I like being a pony, being royalty is nice, being pink is actually quite pleasant, and being pretty means Shining loves to...

Celestia cuts off my thoughts, “Well, then I wish you a farewell. Thanks for being a good sport about this whole thing with Cadance switching places with you. I daresay some humans would probably just kill themselves if they found themselves in this position.”

I bow and start to take my leave, “It was my pleasure, I daresay I actually enjoyed these past few days, once I got the hang of things. Thanks for letting me visit your lands, Celestia.”

“Farewell, human.”

I return to my castle and spend the remainder of the afternoon skimming through the spell books once again. I guess it didn’t really matter what I did because at the end of the day none of this would matter, but I had to fill my time with something.

Dinner came and went fairly uneventfully. After dinner Shining wanted to talk to me about weekend vacation plans, and I didn’t have the heart to tell him I wouldn’t be here to take them with him. I listened to him talk and forced a smile, just counting down the hours when this would all end.

As night fell I retrieve the letter former-Cadance sent me and I take a moment to check the time again. It talks of lunar time though, I’m not sure what it means, so I head off to find Shining. He is in the dining room reading some stuff, so I enter and drop the letter on a chair, “Shining, do you know what time ‘the moon is highest’ in Equestria?”

He laughs, “Uh, 10pm? Come on Cadance, we learn that in grade school.”

I laugh nervously, “Ha, yeah. I was just checking.” I glance at the wallclock, it’s already 9:30pm. Well that’s depressing, I wish I had more time.

Shining reads my face, “Something the matter honey?”

I feel a wave of emotion. Dealing with my own sorrow is one thing, but I can’t bear the thought of how the former-Cadance is going to treat Shining. Over these past few days Shining worked so hard to win me over, and now he really thinks Cadance loves him again. But in half an hour... Sigh. Poor guy.

I feel a hoof on my shoulder, Shining is standing next to me and I realize I’m crying. I look up at him and bury my face in his chest, “Shining, I really do love you. But soon... well... I’m sorry for how I’m going to act in the future.”

Shining hugs me, “I don’t understand, but don’t worry, I’ll always love you honey.”

I pull away from him, “Shining, no, if I start acting like a bitch again, you can’t be afraid to just leave me. You deserve someone better than me when I act like that.”

Shining frowns, “But why would you act like that?”

“It’s not really going to be my choice.” I give him one last hug before I turn tail and walk away. I pause by the exit and look back at him. “Shining, I love you... and I’m sorry for what's going to happen.”

I sit next to the crystal and check the clock on the wall, it’s 9:59. I look into the mirror and check myself over one last time. It’s crazy to think I’ve only had this body for four days, everything about me just fit like a glove. I even started to like the feel of my teats and female bits between my legs. It just feels so natural, so right. I sigh. I actually really like this color of pink too...

The clock gongs signifying 10 pm. I take a deep breath and touch my horn to the crystal. I hear a low hum and I feel all my hairs stand on end. Wind starts to swirl around the room and as I look back up the familiar blue portal materializes in front of the mirror. I step away from the crystal and peer through the portal into my old living room. My jaw drops in horror, the entire room is a mess with bookshelves tipped over and broken glass and empty pizza boxes littering the floor. In the middle of it all is my human body, sitting naked on the couch and scratching his balls. I take a step back in horror and the human just tosses me a wave and walks up to the crystal in front of him. He places his hands on it and looks at me.

I facehoof, before I change back I need to talk to her. I recite the spell I learned from Twilight’s books. It allows any two subjects to be able to mentally communicate with each other for a few minutes. I need to talk to this... person. I finish the spell and there is a bright flash, then I hear echo across my head.  

What the hell was that?

>>Oh hey Cadance, I cast a spell that let’s us talk!

What are you doing casting spells with my body. That horn is not a toy.

>>Uh, it’s been my body for four days, I can do with it as I want. Though speaking of bodies, what the hell did you do to mine?!

Why do you care? I had some fun, spent your money, whatever, it doesn’t concern you.  

>>Pretty sure it does, it’s my life.

Yeah but you don’t matter, I’m a royal alicorn, you’re a lowly human.

>>Well hang on “Princess” I’m in your body right now, you’re the one that’s the 'lowly human'.

Good point, put your hooves back on the crystal and let’s remedy that. I tire of this body.

>>Hold your horses, I want to talk about Shining, why do you hate him?

Shining is still around? You were supposed to divorce him you idiot. Wow you’re useless.

>>Yes he’s still around, and I’m not giving up this body until we talk about him.

Not giving up my royal body? That’s not up to you to decide human.

>>Uh, pretty sure it is. I’m not putting my hooves on that crystal until--

Tell me how this feels.

I glance up to see my human body pointing a red Taser at me through the portal. Before I can even blink he fires it and the two leads sail through the air and pierce my hide. I immediately collapse and get the breath knocked out of me as my body convulses.

You humans make fascinating weapons of war. This one is designed to take down bears and other large wildlife. I’m sure you can appreciate the science your humans put into it.

>>You bitch.

Sticks and stones my dear human.

I glance up and see her step through the portal, then reach down and place my limp hooves onto the crystal. Satisfied she steps back through the portal and heads towards the crystal on her side. I wince and pull my sore forelegs back, sliding my hooves off my crystal just seconds before she places her hands on her’s. She looks back through the portal and I smile like an idiot.

>>Whoops, did you want my hooves on this thing?

You want to make this difficult? Fine by me.

She clicks the Taser again and pain racks my body for several seconds. I look up and see her grab a baseball bat from behind the sofa and she walks towards the portal again.

Here’s the plan. Put your dirty hooves on that crystal, or I come over there and break your forelegs. We’re not switching bodies directly, so I can break every bone in your body and it won’t affect me in the slightest. Now put your hooves on the fucking crystal.

>>Buck you.

Haha, wrong answer.

She steps through the portal again and looks down at my limp body as she twirls the baseball bat in her hands. She smiles as she takes aim at my forelegs and raises her arms.

Get away from my wife.” The skin on the back of my neck stands up at the aggressive tone of Shining’s voice. I glance up and see him standing in the doorway, his teeth bared. Across the room, the human laughs.

Aww that’s cute, Mr. Prince Charming came back for you. What a joke

Shining looks at the human and at the portal, “Cadance! Are you alright!?”

I shake my head and weakly cry out, “Shining, get out of here.” The human reaches into his holster.

I’ve waited so, so long to do something like this to him.

I glance up to see the human aiming the taser at Shining. Before I can say anything he fires and a second later Shining cries out in pain and collapses.

The human looks at both of us and laughs, then pulls out his baseball bat and softly taps me on the head with it.

Look what you did, if you would have just divorced him none of this would have happened and you could have been back on Earth living your pathetic life by now.

I said... get away... from my wife.” The human and I both turn back to Shining to see him slowly get to his feet and struggle as he starts walking towards us. My mouth drops open, I couldn’t even move an eyelash right after getting shocked, but Shining is somehow standing, and still trying to defend me? I’ve never had anyone care that much about me before.

Hmmpf, typical human technology, never reliable on the first attempt. Well, let’s see how you like a second dose of it.

I grit my teeth, oh no, she’s not doing that to my man. I can’t really move that well, but I’m pretty sure I can still do magic. All I really am good at is telekinesis, but I happen to know a weak spot on that body.

My horn glows, and a second later the heavy crystal ball sails up and slams straight into the human’s balls, knocking him over as he screams out in unholy pain.

Shining winces, “Jeez Cadance, I understand attacking him, but that was kind of low. Do you have any idea what that feels like?”

“You don’t wanna know the answer to that one honey.” I take a few deep breaths and try to stand up. After struggling for a few seconds I see Shining smile and extend a hoof, which I use it to pull myself up.

He looks me over. “You okay?”

I nod, and then look around to survey the damage, most notably the notion that Shining just got attacked by his real wife, and the fact that he knows there is a portal device in his wife’s dressing room.  I clear my throat, “So, Shining, this is kind of a long story.”

“Save it, that thing is still alive!” He points at his original wife, writhing on the ground in pain.

I nod “Yeah, it’s a human. Hmm, I think this should suffice.” I spot the red Taser on the ground. I disconnect the two leads that were fired into us and then I bring it over to her chest, zapping her with it for few seconds until she goes limp. I sigh and drop the Taser. I need to get Shining out of here so I can change back. I never meant to battle this woman and resist so hard. I just wanted to talk and figure some things out before I changed back. Oh well, looks like I won’t be getting any answers. I still really need to change back though, god knows I don’t want hooves and a pussy for the rest of my life. Ha, wouldn't that be something, I mean...

I pause as I think about that. A lifetime as a girl pony? I don't think I would mind, it’s just that, you know, I’m not supposed to be one. So I should really should change back, I guess.

Shining steps closer to the human. “It’s still alive, you wanna zap it again?”

I wince, “Uh, no Shining, you really don’t want to kill that... she’s your wife.” Shining says nothing and continues to stare at the human, so after a few seconds I clarify, “Really Shining, see, she switched bodies with me and--”

“I know.” He cuts me off, then turns to face me. “You left her letter on the dining room table, I read the whole thing right before I came up here.”

“Oh...” I take a deep breath, “So you understand, ever since you carried me to bed four nights ago. Ever since that event, the pony at your side was not your wife.”

Shining shakes his head, “Yeah, well, I should have known. Cadance, being nice to the castle staff? Cadance, entertaining my little sister? Cadance, kissing me good morning? ...Cadance, saying she loves me? Cadance would never have done any of those things.”

I look down and chuckle, “So I guess I made a pretty terrible Cadance then huh?”

Shining glances sideways at me, “Quite the opposite, I loved having you as you my wife, you were better than the old Cadance ever was.”

I laugh, “Well, what can I say. The secret’s out, it's all over now, .”

“...what's over now?” Shining looks right at me and nods, “Cadance.”

I toss a hoof in the air, “I’m not Cadance, I’m not your wife Shining!”

He slowly smiles, “Says who?”

I sigh with exasperation, “You don’t get it, I’m not her, I’m that thing.” I point a hoof at the unconscious human. “Shining, I’m not supposed to be a pony, I’m not supposed to be a girl, and I’m definetly not supposed to be your wife.”

Still smiling, he tilts his head, “Nah, I understand, I know you've only been a mare for just a few days.”

I look at the floor “Yes, just four days”

I feel a hoof on my chin and I look up, “You were a better Cadance than my old wife ever was. The pony at my side these past few days, that’s the pony I want to be with! Don’t you get it, you are the pony I see myself falling in love with now. I don’t care who you were or how you got here. I want you!”

I blush beet red and I stammer to find words, “But I have to go back. I can’t stay here, I’m not Cadance...”

Shining stares deep into my eyes and he shrugs, “You can be. You can stay here with me! Accept this new life, just permanently take over as Cadance. No one else will ever know.”

I realized he is serious. I’m at a loss for words, “Shining, I can’t keep this body. You're asking me to spend my entire life as a girl pony?” My heart beat faster with excitement just thinking about it.

“Why not? You like it don’t you? You said you loved me."

I start to breathe faster and I lick my lips. This is beyond crazy, why am I even talking about this to him?. “Well, I do, and yes I do Shining. But...”

Shining smiles, “But what?”

I can’t help but laugh, there’s no way I’m actually considering this... but I am! I actually want to stay like this! I have never wanted anything more in my entire life.  Could I do it? Could I really spend the rest of my life as a pony? Could I permanently become this stallion’s wife? I find myself filling with arousal just thinking about it.

"But I have some friends back on Earth, I have a girlfriend there." Granted all of them probably hate me now that they met Cadance in my body...

Shining hugs me, "Honey, you have friends here. And you have a loving husband, here."

I hug him back. I feel desire for this with every hair on my pony body. I glance down at the human, “...what about Cadance?”

Shining tilts his head, “Honey, you ARE Cadance, and you always will be. Do you mean what do we do with this random human who is on the floor?”

I laugh, “Yeah, what would we do with her? Or sorry, him.

He gestures at the portal. “Leave him where he belongs, back on Earth. And take the crystal back so he’s stuck there forever with zero chance of getting off that rock.”

I look through the portal and spot the crystal on that side, then start to levitate it towards me and pull it through the portal, removing the only magical artifact from Earth. The portal starts to quiver, seemingly getting unstable. I look down at the human, “He’s going to be so incredibly pissed when he wakes up and realizes what sort of life and body he is trapped in now.”

Shining picks him up with his magic and sends him through the portal. “Good. She was a fucking bitch when she was a pony.”

The human lands on the other side and I spit through the portal, “Enjoy your life, human.” I laugh again, I can't believe this is actually happening and I actually want this.

Shining turns towards me. “Cadance, I gotta ask, are you absolutely sure about this? You understand there’s no going back. Once we finish this, well, you are going to be really stuck with who you are.”

I glance down at my pink pony body. “Shining... I like this body, I like everything about it. I like the feel of my hooves and the flick of my tail. I like my magic and and I like my new gender. And you know what I love even more?”

Shining steps forward and kisses my forehead. “What would that be?”

I use my magic to pick up the two crystal spheres that started all of this.

“I love being your wife.”

I accelerate both spheres into the wall, shattering both of them into a million pieces. With the crystals destroyed the portal behind us immediately dissolves, and I feel a wave of pure happiness as I realize I’m now permanently stuck as this mare.

Shining lunges towards me and we lock lips. Tears of happiness fall down my eyes as we kiss and I realize how much I'm going to enjoy being with this stallion every single day. We break the kiss and Shining wipes away my tears with his foreleg “Well, Cadance, how shall we start your new life?”

I gaze into his eyes and smile, “Well since I guess I just officially entered into marriage with you...” I pause to kiss him with my tongue once more, “I’m thinking we need to consummate our union.”

Shining grins back, “I think that can be arranged.”

~~~~Finale NSFW tie in, clop~~~~~~

>>>>>>>THE END <<<<<<<


Six Months Later
--Somewhere on Earth

I blow my hair out of my eyes. At least my bangs are getting longer, I never understood why all the humans here cut their hair so short. I pat the horse in front of me, “They just don’t know the luxury of a nice mane, ain’t that right Kincsem?”

Kincsem, the thoroughbred Quarter Horse, just neighs and eats his oats. I sigh and go back to brushing his coat. After a few minutes of work I move onto the next horse in the stall. My job isn’t that bad, I’m a lowly caretaker for some race horses at this track. I mean, sure, part of me is still bitter that I went from being royalty to being some poor sod who works with animals for a living. It could be worse though, at least I have a job now. After I awoke to discover my short ‘vacation’ here was now a permanent stay, well, things didn’t go well for me. I had already spent all of this dude’s money, not to mention ruined his car and most of his belongings. He didn’t have too many friends when this all started, and my destructive ‘vacation’ drove those few away. Then his girl left me, the bank took the house, the damaged car was repossessed. Yeah, I pretty much lost everything he spent his life building.

I would normally find all of this pitifully sad, but then I remember that this is my life now, and I’m the one who lost everything. Since I had nothing, I ended up becoming a vagrant for a couple days. That’s right, the gorgeous alicorn Princess and ruler of an entire empire... reduced to a bum living off the charity of some soup kitchens.

Sigh, so looking at how things were a few months ago, this job really isn’t too bad. It pays for my apartment, it keeps me off the streets, and it’s actually kind of rewarding in its own quaint way. There’s just something inherently satisfying about working your hands, and being around these horses is enjoyable too.

You know, at first I took joy in the fact that the horses on Earth are essentially slaves to the humans here. Seeing them all locked in pens, I’ll admit it, I felt a little smug. I would pretend that these horses were Shining Armor and the ‘new’ Mrs. Cadance. Seeing the equines locked in pens and forced to perform for humans, yeah, it made me feel a little better about being stuck as a human. Over time though, my hate and anger towards them began to cool, and my attitude towards the Earth horses began to change as well. I had more in common with them than any other human on Earth. Unlike the other humans, I knew what it was like to stand on hooves all day, and I (sort of) knew what it was like to be among them. Sure the horses here aren't really like the sapient ponies of Equestria, but a lot things actually carry over...

“Ah, there you are!”

I raise my eyebrows, that’s the voice of Mr. Walt, owner of the entire race track and one of the richest men in the state. I put down my grooming tools and brush the horse hair off my arms before I turn around, “Hello sir.” I avert my eyes and bow slightly to him, I lived around Celestia enough to know how to properly respect those above you.

The owner smiles, always happy to see someone acknowledge his status. “I wanted to say thanks for that betting tip today, I made the best profit in weeks using your advice.”

I nod, “Of course sir, always happy to help the owner.”

He looks me over, “What’s you name son?”

“Cadenza.” I didn’t like this human’s original name, and I can’t go by Cadance in this body since that’s clearly feminine.

The man chuckles, “Like Costanza? Can’t stand ya?”

That’s the third time someone made that reference in front of me. I still have no idea what they’re talking about. I bite my tongue and smile, “That’s right sir.”

He chuckles again, then look at the horses around us and his demeanor gets serious. He walks over to a black stallion and pats it softly, “So... will Eclipse here win again tomorrow do you think?”

“No.” I say matter of factly. The owner raises an eyebrow so I continue, pointing at the horse as I do so, “Look how his left ear drops every so softly on each exhale. The ears are the gateway to an equine’s emotions, he is clearly feeling some pain on each breath.”

Mr. Walt frowns, “Should I call the veterinarian? This champion is worth more than an average house...”

I smile and shake my head, “It’s nothing serious, he probably just stretched one of the muscles in his flank during that last turn. I saw him stumble for a second there as he passed Thunder in the outer lane. Passing during a sharp turn, that’s how you pull a flank muscle like that. I remember I did the same thing to myself in a schoolyard race back in--” I immediately cut myself off and swear softly for letting that much slip.

The owner stares at me for a second, “They allowed horseback races in your school... and you were a jockey? Most impressive.”

I rub my neck, “Yeah, that. Anyway the horse will be fine, he’s just going to be sore tomorrow. So, bottom line, I wouldn’t bet on him to win.”

Mr. Walt smiles, “That’s all I need to know. Okay, how about Peppers Pride? She seems fit.”

I shake my head, “She’s about to go into heat, she won’t be 100% focused on the race.”

Walt scratches his head, “She’s not expected to enter that season until two weeks from now.”

I shrug my shoulders, “Well, trust me, she’s hitting it early this year.”

He laughs, “A modern day horse whisperer huh? How’s that work, did she just tell you what she was feeling?”

I hold my hands in the air, “Naw, I just spent my entire life around equines.” I walk up to another stallion and give him an affectionate pat, “Trust me, I know a thing or two about these creatures. And on that note, Black Caviar is your champion. He will win tomorrow, he’s ready for it.”

The owner smiles. “I like you Cadenza. If you need anything you let me know. If your foremen or anyone else here gets under your skin, you let me know.”

“Thanks sir.”

Mr. Walt pats me on the shoulder, “I want you around here for a long time Cadenza. If you stick around and if your advice continues to pay off... I’ll give you 20% of the profits I net from your betting advice. How’s that sound?”

I look up at him, bewildered, “That’s, wow. I just want to work here sir. I like being with the horses.”

He smiles, “And you will, you can work here as long as you want. This thing on the side will just make life a little easier for you. I don’t want you stressed out Cadenza, I want you to enjoy yourself when you're here, and to really get to know these fine animals.”

I nod slowly, “I appreciate it, good luck in the races tomorrow Mr. Walt.”

He just smiles and turns around, “Thanks, but I don’t think I’ll be needing luck anymore.”

The man turns the corner and I find myself alone with the horses again. I walk over to Eclipse and pat him gently, then rest my face against the side of his, “You ran great today Eclipse. Sorry about your flank, I know how much that hurts. I’ll talk to the vet tomorrow if you’re still sore from it, okay?”

The horse knickers softly and I spend another hour or so taking care of some of other horses. My shift ended about two hours ago, but I didn't care. I'm here primarily for the horses, not for the salary. Finally, I gather my things and head back to the main office to get ready to head home for the night. I whistle softly as I walk through the darkness, thinking about what I could to do with the earnings bonus from Mr. Walt. Jeez, what would I even do with that? I have nothing to buy, I don’t want anything. I already lived a life of high class, opulence, and luxury. I don’t really desire that here, I’m just happy taking care of the horses and getting by with only what I need.

I enter the office to grab my things and I notice I’m not alone in here. That’s strange, everyone should have clocked out hours ago, but across the room I can see the new girl sitting by the wall. I think her name is Rebecca? She started working here a few weeks ago, and I can tell she still doesn’t have the hang of it yet. That seems especially true today, her hair is a mess and she seems to be on the verge of tears.

I look at her and realize I actually feel some real emotion towards her. I feel sorry for her, I feel some desire to help her... and I think I feel something else towards her too. I can admit it, I find her sexually attractive. I know I’m going to have to find myself a human girlfriend sooner rather than later. I’m well aware of the fact that I’m eternally stuck in this male body, so I might as well get with the program here. Besides, six months of being alone is a long time. It’s a good thing humans have hands, because man do I find the need to relieve myself often. Being with a female could take care of that for me, damn, that would be nice.

I clear my throat and walk towards her. She looks up, “Oh, I’m sorry, I thought I was the last one here.”

I smile, “So did I. And don’t apologize, I’m not here to yell at you or anything.”

She wipes her eyes with her sleeve, “I’m such a mess.”

I walk over to her and hold out a hand, “Hey, we all have bad days. You’re Rebecca right? My name’s Cadenza.”

She looks up at me and smiles, “Cadenza? Isn’t that a girl’s name?”

I shrug, “It’s what my mother named me.“

She giggles, and with her low cut shirt I can’t help but notice it makes her tits jiggle. I find it strange how attracted to them I am. I mean, teets on ponies were a non issue and hardly something worthy of sexual desire. But after just a few days as a human, yikes, talk about different story.

After several seconds of staring, I also suddenly remember it’s not polite to stare at such things on humans, so I quickly look back up at her eyes. To my dismay I see that her eyes were looking right at me. Crap, she totally knows I was staring. I feel myself blush and she laughs softly, “I caught your hand in the cookie jar, Cadenza.”

I smile back, “Can you blame me? They’re the best cookies I’ve ever seen.” As soon as I say those words the hair on the back of my neck stands up. Yikes, that was bold of me to say. Probably a little too bold, this girl doesn't even really know who I am.

Rebecca just bites her lip, “Do you use that line on all the girls?”

I smile, “Only co-workers that need help fitting in.”

She stands up and brushes some of my hair out of my eyes, “Are you good at fitting things in tight spaces?”

My heart races from her touch, “I suppose I could use some practice.”

She looks around the room and smiles at my coyly, “God knows I use could something like that tonight...”

My manhood screams at me to seal the deal. “Wanna take a walk Rebecca?”

She winks, “Will it end somewhere fun?”

Instead of answering I grab her hand and we make our way to the stables. I chuckle as we get outside, “I’ll have you know I’m not usually like this.”

She teases me back, “Oh? That’s a pity, I think I would enjoy work much more if I could look forward to this each night.”

I bite my tongue as we enter the stable doors. As I take a moment to lock the doors behind us I call out to Rebecca, “See if you can find some hay bales that we can--”

I turn around and my throat closes as I come face to face with a topless Rebecca. She giggles and starts taking off her pants, “Think these horses are going to enjoy the show?”

Oh god, I need this so bad. I unbuckle my pants as fast as my fingers allow, my brain hardly able to comprehend how turned on I am by this girl. “Rebecca, if they even find you 1/1000th as attractive as I do, they are certainly going to like what they see.”

She drops her panties and wiggles her ass. I can’t even think straight anymore, the sex drive on this body is utterly insane. I walk towards the amazing girl and take her tits in my hands as we kiss. In the bliss my mind wonders what caused my sex drive to be so high. Was it the switch spell? They say all magic has some side effects, the more powerful the magic, the stronger the side effects. Maybe something about getting a new body ups your libido? Huh, makes me wonder how the new Cadance is doing. Well, she certainly isn’t enjoying herself as much as I will be tonight, that’s for sure.

Meanwhile in the Crystal Empire

“Like what you see honey?” I do a slow twirl in front of my husband to show off my body in black lace stockings and crotchless panties. Even I knew I looked stunning. I mean, I stopped being attracted to females months ago, but looking at myself in the mirror tonight was almost enough to make me reconsider. The most exotic part about my look is my new belly, the bulging curve there telling the world I am a happily married mare who has a foal on the way.

Shining looks up at me from the bed and his eyes widen as he sees me. I told him to wait for me while I changed into something special, but I don’t think he expected me to be wearing something this exotic. “Oh... wow...” He struggles to find words to compliment me, but his manhood speaks for itself.

It is just one more reason why I never even once questioned my decision to remain a mare. The stallions in this world are naked nearly 100% of the time, it’s far superior to how those humans did things, covering up all their fun bits with clothes for some silly social reason. I focus back on my husband’s cock, it’s fully erect and throbbing to his pulse. Just looking at it makes me begin to drool from both sets of my lips. I so desperately want to jump it right then and there, but no, I need to make tonight last. I move ever so slowly, exaggerating my hips and swishing my tail with each step. Shining finally finds his voice, “Happy six month anniversary honey.”

I approach him and gently push his back down into the bed, then crawl over him, smooshing our bodies together. “Happy anniversary my love.” I say with a grin as my face meets his.

“I love you so--” I cut Shining off by locking lips with him and invading his mouth with my own.  As our oral passion continues, Shining starts thrusting his hips, rubbing his manhood against my underside. I squeal with delight right into his mouth and Shining grunts back into mine. I reach a hoof down and find his rock hard member. My veins flood with ecstasy in anticipation for what's in store.
Shining rubs his body against mine some more, and I finally get the fortitude to break off our deep, passionate kiss. Shining leans forwards and pecks my lips softly a few more times, making me laugh. “Excuse me honey, but my mouth is needed elsewhere at the moment.”

Shining licks my cheek, “Well, if you insist.”

I scoot down his body until the object of my desire is fully in view. Wasting no time I began licking it from all sides, savoring every bit of the familiar taste the cock leaves on my tongue. I enjoy it for a few more moments, then move on to blowing him properly. I keep the head in my mouth and tenderly suckle on it, eliciting high pitched groans of approval from Shining. I laugh to myself, I wonder if he thinks I’m doing this just to please him? Pfft, if only he knew how much better things were from the female perspective. Oh god, I could do this all day.

Shinings bucks his hips slightly, signaling he wants to go deeper. Works for me! I back my legs up and change my pose, then dive down and slide the full length of my husband’s cock down my throat. Any vestige of the gag reflex I once had is long gone these days, and my snout effortlessly slides down the entire cock until my nose bumps up against the underside of his belly. Shining starts thrusting slowly, quite literally fucking my mouth. I moan softly and extend my tongue, licking his balls delicately as over a foot of his stallionhood slides through my mouth..

“I can’t believe it’s already been six months.” He grunts, presumably trying to distract his mind so he holds out a bit longer under the intense pleasure.

“Mmmhm,” I mumble through my muzzle full of cock. The time really did fly by. After the events of the switch ended we held a ‘second’ wedding here at the castle (everyone was told we were just renewing our vows), then we took a honeymoon in Salt Lick City. I do wonder what that city is actually like, we stayed there for seven days, but we never once made it out of our hotel room. After we got back, in the time between our frantic fuck schedule, things actually improved quite a bit around here. I instituted some basic economic reform (mostly using things I remember from my macroeconomics class back on Earth) and with a few nudges in the right direction the Crystal Empire was soon booming. In what little free time I had left, I started meeting with Twilight for study sessions. At first she was utterly horrified when Shining told her the truth about me, but her curiosity for this ‘other world’ led her to start asking me questions about it. In exchange for stories of Earth (and explanations of some technology) she gave me real magic lessons tailored to my level of ability. We’re not quite BFFs yet, but things are getting better by the day.

Shining’s balls start to twitch and I’m brought back to the present. I slowly pull the cock out of my throat, not wanting Shining’s cum to be ‘wasted’ going straight into my stomach. What’s the point of blowing a stallion if you can’t taste the reward?

My husband cries out as he pumps over a pint of his seed into my mouth and I squeal with delight. As he cums he slowly pulls out his member, and I eagerly welcome the last spurts as they land on my face. The taste of him drives me crazy and I lower a front hoof to my sex, allowing it to bring me pleasure as my tongue swims in pure bliss. You would think the novelty of blowing my husband would have worn off by now, but that really wasn’t the case. For the past six months, Shining has ‘fed me breakfast’ like this literally every single morning. Afterwards we both go eat actual food in the kitchen, but we both really prefer that ‘first’ breakfast.

And even after six months of doing that, I still love every drop. I rub my hoof deeper into my cunt at the thought, only to feel Shining’s hooves on me. “Let me take care of that itch for you honey.” Shining pulls me onto the bed and spreads my legs wide. I lean back and he dives down, his tongue immediately lapping up the wetness I had down there. I slowly finish swallowing the thick fluid that I was holding in my mouth and I feel his tongue start to move deeper in my cunt. I moan loudly as his muzzle brushes against my clit, then lick some more of the salty fluid off my lips. It’s moments like this that make life worth living.

Shining continues to eat me out as his member recharges. Thankfully my stallion cums twice per night, with the cunnilingus often being the halftime show. I spread my legs wider and look down at my belly, tenderly rubbing a hoof over the pregnancy bulge. “How long did you say pregnancies last in ponies Shining?”

Shining comes up for air, “Eleven months usually.”

I run a hoof through his mane again, “Well, we better fuck twice as often then, to make up for the downtime that comes when I deliver.”

Shining smirks and licks me a few more times, “Oh? Who said anything about downtime?”

I chuckle, then Shining moves up to my teets. They are starting to plump up due to the pregnancy, and Shining takes full advantage of this fact. I rest my forelegs on the top of my pregnant belly while Shining starts to suckle on me down below.

~~~~NSFW tie in, clop pic~~~~~~

"Mmm, I am liking how your body is changing honey." Shining mumbles as he licks my nipple, then slowly withdraws himself and moves back down to my pussy. I burn with desire as Shining goes back to eating me out in earnest, and I start to gyrate my cunt into his muzzle. Shining is all too happy to oblige and he pushes his face right into me. My moans turn to screams of pleasure as I feel my pussy get stretched open as Shining forces his muzzle into me. The bed starts to creak as Shining pushes himself even deeper inside my glorious cunt, and I let out a feral scream of bliss as he opens his mouth a few inches and sends his tongue deep inside me.

After a minute of bliss, Shining pulls back and comes up for air, his muzzle positively dripping in my juices. Jealous of him, I shift my position and bring my face to his. I alternate kissing him on the lips and licking his face to enjoy my taste.

He grins as I lick his entire muzzle clean. “Ready for round two my love?”

I give him one last lick before I push Shining back onto the bed and I move on top of him. Ponies in Equestria had never heard of the cowgirl position, well, that was before I introduced it to Shining (and then Blueblood). I rather enjoyed the control it gave me, and it also lets me see my husband face as we fuck, which is always a plus.

I ride him nice and slow, smiling as I see Shining’s eye roll back in pleasure. He matches my rhythm and speaks up, “Finishing slow today?”

I nod, breathing deeply and enjoying every inch of the cock I am riding, “Mmhmm, gotta make this last, it’s our anniversary.”

Shining’s eyes focus back on me, “Did you want to talk about that by the way?”

“What’s there to talk about?” I manage to say in between the waves of pleasure.

He grunts, “Still happy with your decision then? No regrets?”

I close my eyes and focus on the feeling of getting fucked by horsecock. I grin wide, “I only regret this didn’t happen to me sooner.”

Shinings laughs, “Man, are you sure you were a guy in that other life? You took to being a wife faster than a fish takes to water.”

I learn forward and kiss him on the lips, “Well, when I have a husband as attractive as yourself, can you blame me?”

Shining pulls himself upwards, which lowers me onto the bed, effectively switching our positions and putting him in charge. “I think you just like being a mare.”

He pulls out of me and drags my body to the edge of the bed, once there I spread my legs wide. A second later he comes down on top of me and I moan as his cock expertly finds it’s mark. We start fucking again, his face just inches from mine. I lean forward and give him a kiss, “Well, I certainly can’t deny that I enjoy it. At the start I didn’t, but now...”

Shining grunts and fucks me a little harder, “But now you just can’t get enough stallion cum, can you? ”

I feel my pussy tighten with his words.  “Mmmm, Shining, we never really did this dirty talk thing before... it’s nice.” I change my voice to make it sounds even more feminine, “That’s right, I need more. Give it to me, make me your mare.”

He grunts as he changes his voice to a harsher one to use on me, “Make you my mare? There’s nothing left to make. You’re as big a mare slut as they come, isn’t that right?”

I squeal in delight, “Yes, more!”

Shining shift his position, “You’re fucking and guzzling down more cum than any mare I had ever heard of before. You suck me dry several times a day, and you still need Blueblood to come by twice a week and give you even more!”

I bite my lip and nod, part of me was actually a little concerned at this revelation, I’m actually taking things a bit far aren’t I? My thoughts are interrupted by a particularly deep thrust and I moan once more. I smile as I dismiss that earlier thought, this is who I am now, and I’m going to embrace it 110% of the way. I glance up and Shining and smile, “More.”

He snorts, “Of course you want me to talk dirty! Look at you!”

I open my legs wider and take in the view of Shining ramming himself into me. Then I look at my pregnant bulge and rub it with my forehooves, “Yes, look at me. Look at what I've become.”

“You’re such a slut, you didn’t last a week before you got yourself knocked up.” Shining thrusts into me more rapidly.

I lick my lips as go back to watching his cock continue to ram into my cunt, I could hardly believe how turned on this talk was making me. “Yeah, sorry about about that honey. I tried to get pregnant even sooner, but it took me a days or two...”

Shining scoffs, “And now, even with a foal on the way and a bulge that tells the whole world you let yourself get fucked, you still want more. Even normal sluts have the decency to stop fucking when they have a baby on the way.”

I push my hips into his as I match his rhythm, “And I still want more of you. I need more of you.”

Shining laughs, “Oh, you’ll get more. You don’t understand what you’ve signed up for my dear, slutty Cadance.”

“Oh, and what’s that?” I feel myself squirt down below, but I just gyrate into Shining even harder.

Shining bends down and kisses me in between thrusts, “You’re an alicorn and I’m your royal husband. I mean, do you have any idea how immensely long ponies like us live?”

I actually pause my hips, I’d never thought of that before. “Shining... how long do alicorns live?”

He just smiles and kisses me again, “Let’s just say this is going to be a long, long contest of seeing which one of us will be the first one to get tired of all this fucking.”

I push my hips back into him, “Ha, good luck with that. I’ll outlast you and Blueblood.”

Shining grunts, I could tell he is getting close, “Honey, I don’t think you understand, I’m a stallion, we’re bred for this sort of thing. Sex is literally all us guys think about. You don’t stand a chance of outlasting a stallion’s sex drive. No mare does!”

I kiss him back, “I’m no normal mare.”

He smirks again, “Well, if you think you can keep up with me, I hope you like how you look with that.” He nods his head towards my stomach bulge.

I reach down to rub my pregnant belly once more, and I realize I’m getting close to orgasm myself, “Oh? And why... why is that?”

Shining's breaths get shallow, “Because, I’m not going to give you much downtime. After you have that baby, as soon as you’re ready for it I’m going to start working on giving you a second baby. Then a third. Then a fourth. Then a fifth...” Shining licks his lips, “And on and on I’ll go. You better get used to how you look with a baby bulge Cadance, you'll be looking that like for the rest of your life. You’ll going to have more foals than there are rooms in this entire castle...”

I bite my lip so hard it bleeds, the thought of being perpetually pregnant with foal after foal with no end in sight drives me over the edge and my mind erupts in carnal pleasure. “Yes!! Shining!!!”

My pussy clamps down on his cock like a vice, and Shining let’s out a guttural yell as he pushes into me once more to finish inside. I let out a scream of pleasure loud enough to be heard in Canterlot, then Shining puts his lips over mine, silencing me with a passionate kiss.

I can’t even focus on his tongue as my entire lower body screams in pleasure. The seconds tick by in slow motion and I bask in the bliss of feeling my husband’s hot cum pump deep into me. I close my eyes and realize that this may have been the the best orgasm I have ever had, and I smile at the thought of now having a new goal to try and surpass next time.

The moments tick by and neither of us want to remove ourselves from our intertwined state of bliss. Our kiss grows longer and more passionate until finally Shining breaks it off. I take a deep breath and feel a state of pure elation as I stare into the eyes of my loving stallion. “Oh Shining...”

He pecks me on the lips and smiles. “Happy anniversary Cadance.”