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Original post:

So like, a bunch of popular bronies get a plushy of their OC, and after touching it, they slowly turn into their OC over the course of a few days or weeks. Hilarity ensues, and shit happens
Dropbox archiving oldest threads
Stories (by author)
   The Catalog (P) Prose, Orphaned [Pony, Master/Pet, Capitalism]
Discussions with a pet pony trafficker.
  My Dear Brielle Prose, Complete [Implied TF, TG, Short, Mother/Daughter, Feels]
A letter from mother to daughter, a former human male writing to her filly.
  What Money Can Buy Prose, Orphaned [Pony, AiE, Magic, TG, Age regression]
A wealthy, friendless man is given the chance to start life anew.
  Pink Hair >greentext, Short, Complete [Pony, Magic]
A prankster has his world turned upside-down by the victim of his latest prank.
  Mama Blackbox >greentext, Short, Complete [Pony, Hypnosis, Eggy Farts Anon]
Eggy Farts anon be trollin’. Anons are turned into ponies and taken away to new homes.
  Assorted Anonpone Stories Clop, >greentext, Complete [Pony, Anonpone, Multiple Authors, TG]
Partial archive of Anonpone thread. One anonymous human is turned into a pony for the carnal enjoyment of another.
  Anon and Luna Clop, >greentext, Complete [Pony, AiE, TG, Futa]
Luna takes Anon in as her faithful student, and decides to take their relationship further. Shenanigans ensue.
  Amy Clop, Prose, Short, Complete [Pony, FtM TG]
A girl browses the internet, steadily getting more horny as she turns into a stallion.
  Matt Clop, Prose, Short, Complete [Pony, TG, Sequel to Amy by Anonymous]
A man comes home to find that his girlfriend has been turned into a horny stallion.
  Milky Clop, Prose, Short, Complete [Pony, Hypno, TG, Milk mare]
Anon tries hypnosis with messy results.
  Milky Way TF Clop, Prose, Short, Complete [Pony, TG, Milk mare]
A dude is whisked away in his sleep for some selfcest.
  Mrs Cake TF >greentext, Short, Complete [Pony, TG, Mental changes]
Anon dedicates himself to baking.
  Trixies Clop, >greentext, Complete [Pony, AiE, TG, Mental changes]
Trixie uses a lovestruck Anon to indulge her narcissism.
  Cuddly Doom >greentext, Complete [Mental changes, TG]
Anon is surprised by a small mare in his bedroom, thankfully she just wants to make friends and cuddle.
  Make Milk Mares Great Again >greentext, Complete [Pony, Milk Mare, TG, Memes]
Trump has a plan to make America great again, it involves turning anon into a milk mare and using her as a machine gun
  Call of Duty, Cuddle warfare >greentext, Complete [Mental Changes, TG, CoD]
An undercover CIA Op goes horribly wrong when the agent comes in contact with an adorable bio weapon.
  Filly and I Clop, >greentext, Complete [TG, Age regression]
  Anonfilly and Filly >greentext [AiE, TG, Age regression]
  Merry Pinkmas Explicit, >greentext, Complete [TG, Short]
  On the Other Side Prose [FtM TG]
  Ode to PTFG Poetry, Complete [Multiple Authors, Pony, Gryphon, Changeling, Dragon]
  Vinyl Scratch TF/TG >greentext, Complete [TG, AiE]
  Anonfilly and Celestia >greentext, Complete [TG, AiE, Age regression]
  Untitled Mothpony TF Clop, Prose, Complete [Mothpony]
  Alicorn Filly Anon >greentext [TG, AiE, Age regression]
  Anon’s Pet Academy >greentext [Pet]

  The Fertility God Clop, Prose, Orphaned [Pony, AiE, Magic, Excessive Semen]
Twilight finds a test subject with quite the over productive body.

  Anonmare Clop, >greentext, Short, Complete [TG, Interspecies sex]
It turns out being a mare in Equestria is a lot more complicated than Anon thought. Estrus certainly isn’t making things easy.

  Capitulation ( 1, 2, 3) Clop, Prose, Orphaned [Pony, Science, Master/Pet]
Unemployed guy signs his life away to be a sissy little colt.
  Cutting Corners Clop, Prose, Complete [Pony, TG, Magic, Mental changes]
Two friends find a lazy genie, but both still get what they want.
  Denature Clop, Prose, Complete [Pony, AiE, TG, Magic, Mental changes]
A mysterious stallion abducts someone to be a made-to-order bride.
  Juniper ( 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7) Clop, Prose, Orphaned [Pony, AiE, TG, Magic, Romance, Mental changes]
Anon living in Equestria goes native.
  The Dairy Prose, Short, Complete [Cow, AiE, TG, Diary]

  A Milky Pet Prose, Short, Complete [Pony, TG, Milk mare]

  Unnamed >greentext [Kidnapping]

  Pon-E: Purple Black Gray >greentext, Short, Complete [Pony, Drugs (Pon-E), TG, Romance]
Two anons go down the slippery slope that is Pon-E usage.
  Pon-E: Doctor's Oath >greentext [Pony, Drugs (Pon-E)]
A veterinarian gets roped into life with a herd of Pon-E users.
  Discordia or: How I came to Love the Mare Prose [AiE, TG]
  Hero Made: Running Away >greentext [AiE]

Angel Grace
  Pony Story ( 1, 2, 3, G1, 4, 5, G2, 6, 7) Prose, Orphaned [Science, Pets]
  Greentext Christmas >greentext, Complete [Clothing, Short]

  Applenon's FillyAnon/Apple Family Story >greentext [Pony, AiE, TG, Age regression]

  Be the Change You Want to See in the World ( 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, E) Clop, Prose, Complete [Pony, Science, TG, Magic]
  Every Time (1, 2, 3) Clop, Prose, Orphaned [Pony, TG, Masturbation]

  Untitled (1,2) Clop, Prose [AiE, Mind Control, Rape, Master/Slave]

  Anonfilly and the System >greentext [AiE, TG, Age regression]

  Iwtcird >greentext, Complete [Pony, TG, Possession, Dark]
Anon should really choose better wording when asking Discord for wishes.

  A hasty jump at the call >greentext [AiE]

Atomic Glow
   - Moonlight is a NEET’s comfort food >Greentext [AiE, TG]
Audrey Anon
  Tom Becomes Audrey Clop, >greentext [TG, Romance]
  I’m Seeing Everything >greentext, Complete [Changeling]
  Ash Prose [AiE, TG, Age regression]

Autistic Nuclear Horses
  Littlepip TF (1, 2) Explicit, >greentext [Pony, TG, Apocalypse]
World War III is finally upon us, and our main character emerges from it all as a small Fallout-inspired equine.

  The Trial (1, 2, 3) Clop, >greentext, Orphaned [Pony, AiE, TGish, Magic]
Anon is goaded into clicking a strange link, with unforeseen consequences.
  Anon teh Spyro (1, 2) >greentext, Orphaned [Dragon, AiE, Magic]
Anon makes a deal with Princess Celestia, one that leaves him as a magnificent, fire-breathing short-stack and her personal assistant.

Ben Dover
  The Adventures of the Chaos Colt (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9) >greentext [Pony, AiE, Magic, Adventure, Comedy, Slice of Life, Children of Chaos]
Long before the mane six, Discord finds a small colt with a knack for the chaotic and decides to take him under his wing. The thing is, he never planned to get sealed in stone, and now his adopted son is flying solo.
  Lotus Love Clop, >greentext, Short, Complete [Pony, AiE, Magic, Age regression, Children of Chaos]
Anon of Erf’s Dadonequus Discord gets a massage from the Ponyville Spa with some extra special service.
  Elo’s Nightmare Clop, >greentext, Short, Complete [Pony, AiE, Magic, Age regression, Children of Chaos]
Anon of Elo’s Unforeseen Consequences and his marefriend Cherrywood have some alone time after a mishap with a mechanical hand.

  Welcome to Los Pegasus ( P, 1, 2) >greentext, Prose, Hiatus [Pony, AiE, Pon-E, TG, Magic]
Anon was having a bad day, all up until he accidentally detached himself from causality and spacetime; now it’s a very bad day.

  Unnamed Prose, >greentext [Detective, PiE]

  Bonbanon Clop, Prose, Complete [AiE, TG, Mental changes]
  Holy Belle Prose, Complete [AiE, TG, Age regression, Mental changes]
  Quiet Skies >greentext, Complete [AiE, TG, Mental changes]

  Terribad Trixie Transformation >greentext, Complete [Magic, TG]
  Pon-E - April Fools >Greentext [TG]
  Anon and his Friendo the Brony >greentext []

Bubble Vision
  Bubble Vision ( 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7) Prose, Orphaned [Pony, Magic, TG]
A second-person fic involving you getting turned into Derpy Hooves.

  One Lucky Pet ( 1, 2, 3) >greentext [TG, Pet, Mute]
Anon has become a mute pony. No-one is aware he used to be a person and treats him like a pretty pet.

  A Party for Two Clop, Prose, Complete [Short, Party]
  Of Zebra and Men Prose, Complete [TG, Zebra]

  Adapt and Overcome >greentext [TG, Changeling]

  Be Chaos (P,1) >greentext, Orphaned [Pony, Age Regression, Children of Chaos]

Captain Scrappie
  It was a Thursday ( 1, 2, 3) Prose [Apocalyptic]

  Nun Allowed >greentext [AiE, TG]

  Virtual Anonpony Clop, >greentext, Complete [TG]

  AnonFilly (1, 2) >greentext [AiE, TG, Age Regression]

  Sorbetto Dolce Prose []

  Cannon Fodder Clop, Prose, Complete [PiE, Magic, Science, War, TG]
  Someone Came With Her Prose, Hiatus [AiE, TG]
  Terms of Employment ( 1, 2, 3) Prose [AiE, TG, Magic, Age regression]
  Unrecognizable ( 1, 2, 3) Prose [PiE, Science, Magic, Dark, TG]

  Anonthingfilly ( 1, 2, 3) Prose [AiE, TG, Age regression, Thingpone]

  Anny Fic ( 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,…, 22, 23) >greentext, Complete [AiE, TG, Age regression]
  New Beginnings: Anny Fic ( 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, …) Prose [AiE, TG, Age regression, Sequel]
  A Lucky Charm >greentext [Dark, Crossover (S.T.A.L.K.E.R.)]

  Fargo Clop, >greentext, Complete [AiE, TG, Anonpone]
  Coco Clop, >greentext, Complete [TG, Anonpone]
  Zecora Clop, >greentext, Orphaned [TG, Anonpone]

  No Fury at All >greentext [Dragon, AiE]

  The First Night Clop, Prose [Rape, Mental Changes, AiE, Magic]

  Old Pony TF Story Clop, Prose [Pony, Drugs, TG, Rape]
Anon becomes a pony and loses his Virginity To The Family Dog.

  Anon x Lil League >greentext [AiE,TG, Age regression]

  Adventures of Anontonio ( 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) >greentext, Hiatus [Pony, AiE, Magic, Age regression, Romance, Slice of Life, Children of Chaos]
An italian anon gets taken to the wonderful world of Equestria by none other than the spirit of chaos, given the form of a colt.
  Legacy of Anontonio (1) >greentext, Hiatus [Pony, AiE, Magic, Romance, Slice of Life, Children of Chaos, Sequel (Adventures of Anontonio)]
Anontonio sits at the top of his business empire, having made a name for himself in Equestria, but family troubles complicate his life.

  Misadventures of Ruby >greentext []

Commie Horse
  That's No Pone Prose [TG]

  TentaclesAnon ( 0-10, 11-20, 21-30, 31-39) Clop, >greentext, Hiatus [Pony, AiE, Age Regression, Eldritch Horror, Tentacles, Children of Chaos]
Anon makes a devious deal with a chaotic spirit, leaving his old life to start a new one in the body of a young, tentacled green colt.

  OC Pony Plush Story (1,2) Prose, Orphaned [English-Flavoured]

CROWholic / alCROWholic
  The King And I Clop, Prose, Complete [Pony, TG, AiE, Magic]
  Hunted ( 1, 2, 3, 4) Prose [Griffons, PiE]
  Schooling ( 1, 2, 3, 4) Prose [Science, TG, World Shift]
  Winter Breeze ( 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) Prose [Science, TG, Pets]
  Twilight Turns Anon into a Filly >greentext, Complete [AiE, TG, Age regression, Mental changes, Magic]
  Cultural Exchange Explicit, Prose, Complete [AiE, Griffon TF]
  Adjustment Clop, Prose [AiE, TG]
  Last Horse Prose []

  How I learned to stop worrying and love being the sluttymare Clop, >greentext, Complete [Magic, TG]
  Rarity captures and rapes a human Clop, Prose, Complete [Rape, TG]
  Off brand bleach and a candy overdose Clop, >greentext, Complete [TG, AiE, Rule 63]

  Unyielding Aegis >greentext [TG, AiE]
  A Simple Melody >greentext, Complete [AiE, Short]
  Riding On The Storm >greentext, Complete [Science]
  Dreaming of a Better Life >greentext, Complete []
  Meat’s On The Menu Explicit, >greentext, Complete [AiE, Gryphon]
  Back to Nature >greentext [AiE, Magic]
  Fit For A King Clop, >greentext, Complete [World Shift, Mental Changes, Magic]
  Smash and Grab Prose [Pon-E]
  Crash Course >greentext []

  The Little Mares Club >greentext, Complete [TG, Cute, PTFG in Equestria]
  The Twibright Zone >greentext, Complete [PTFG in Equestria]
  Dog Gone Shame >greentext, Complete [Diamond Dog, PTFG in Equestria]

  The Last Crusade Prose, Complete [TG, Magic, Adventure, Five Score Universe]

Cyclone Blitz
  Turning Into A Pony And All The Benefits Involved >greentext, Orphaned []

  Ponies are Cool yet. ( 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, R1, 7) Prose, Orphaned [Pony, Science, Crossover (SCP Foundation)]

Definitely Not WallMixer
  Gay Shit with Best Carpone Clop, >greentext, Complete [Gay]

  Pony Detective ( 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) Prose [Science, Magic, Noir, World Shift, TG, Dr. Whooves & Asst.]
  Time and Space with Other Traits ( 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7) Prose [Science, Magic, World Shift, TG, Dr. Whooves & Asst., Five Score Universe]
  Don’t Go Camping (P,1,2,3) Prose [Science, Pet, Kidnapping,abandoned,repost]

  Untitled >Greentext [AiE, TG] Donut Pone
  Cloud Charmer, or How I Drank Heavily and Became the Pony ( 1, 2, 3, 4, ) Prose [AiE]
  Anon Joins the CMC ( 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) Explicit, Prose [AiE, Magic, TG, Age regression]

  Welcome to the Source ( 1, 2, 3) Explicit, Prose [PiE, Disease, Science, TG]

  Anonfilly >greentext [TG, AiE, Age regression]

Elephant in the Room
  The Way (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10) >greentext [TG, Pets]

  Unforeseen Consequences >greentext [Pony, AiE, Magic, Age regression, Romance, Comedy, Adventure, Slice of Life, Children of Chaos]
A scientist ends up in Equestria as a colt and is adopted by two very powerful figures.

  Living Under the Moon ( 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16) >GreenProse, Complete [Bat Pony, AiE, Adventure]
The tale of an anon who spaghettis his way through a wild adventure.
  Pon-E Prose, Short, Complete [Pony, Drugs (Pon-E), Petting, Written on a PS3]
The story that started all the hubbub about spaghetti-flavored pills.
  Pon-E Blackouts Explicit, Short, Prose, Complete [Pony, Drugs (Pon-E), Petting, TG]
An exploration into the downsides of Pon-E usage.
  Pon-e: Interview with a Pon-E Peddler Prose, Short, Complete [Pony, Drugs (Pon-E), Petting]
A pony TF story from the perspective of someone not turning into a cuddly horse.
  The Mysterious Case of Mare Do Well Prose, Hiatus [Pony, AiE, TG]
Anon becomes a superhero horse as the result of a bet.
  Pon-E: Like Candy Prose, Complete [Drugs (Pon-E), TG]

  Dadonequus Discord Explicit, >greentext, Long, Complete [Pony, AiE, Magic, Age regression, Romance, Comedy, Adventure, Slice of Life, Children of Chaos]
A manchild goes with Discord to Equestria in the body of a colt as his adoptive son.
  Dadonequus Discord: The After Years ( Ending a Chapter, Family Business, The Doll, Fun with Grandadonequus, Portal Panic, Guardian Angels) >greentext, Hiatus [AiE, Magic, Comedy, Adventure, Slice of Life, Children of Chaos]
After a childhood full of adventure, Anon settles down with his wife, Diamond Tiara. This is the story of their family, notably the adventures of their three children, Anon Jr., Illustrious Rich, and Crown Jewel.

  Decay (1, 2) Prose, Orphaned [Changeling, PiE, Disease, Body Horror, Apocalypse]
In the midst of a rising epidemic, our protagonist finds themselves slowly rotting from the inside-out. Their friend, however, seems to take it all in stride.

  CMC Get Anon Transformed >greentext, Short, Complete [Pony AiE, Magic, TG, Age regression]
The CMC question Anon about his lack of a Cutie Mark, they take him to Twilight because humans can't get Cutie Marks.
  Camping Trouble Clop, Prose, Short, Complete [Pony, Tentacles, TG]
An otherworldly beast captures a guy out camping and turns him into a pony via tentacle rape.
  Captive Clop, Prose, Short, Complete [Pony, AiE, Magic, TG]
An unnamed man is held captive by a purple horse speaking in an unknown language, a spell she casts backfires turning the man into a pony, like her.
  Eris-istible Prose, Short, Complete [Draconequus, TG]
guy is chosen at random by Discord to be his partner in chaos on Earth.
  The Enchantress (1, 2) Clop, Prose, Complete [Pony AiE, Magic, Bondage, Slavery, TG]
A unicorn with a TF fetish captures a number of creatures and keeps them for sexual pleasure. She learns of a strange creature called a "human" that has recently arrived in Equestria and wishes to add him to her collection.
  Pone-ocalypse ( 1, 2, 3) Clop, Prose, Orphaned [Pony, Changeling, Apocalypse, Mind Control, Forced]
Ponies appear and begin transforming anyone they touch into even more ponies. The unnamed protagonist tries to flee to safety as the ponies quickly outnumber humans.
  Day At The Spa Prose, Short, Complete [Pony, AiE, TG]
Twilight Sparkle decides that her human friend could use a deep massage at the spa.

Faux Shores
  Faux, Myself Clop, Prose, Complete [Pony, TG]

  Pon-E Bust ( 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) Prose, Orphaned [Pony, Drugs/Science, Pets, TG]
A Pon-E user struggles with personal demons while skirting the law.
  Whore of Equestria Prose, Short, Complete [Pony, Crossover (Binding of Isaac), Magic, Dark]
Maggie finds herself in a terrible place, but it’s not all bad. Is that a pony?

  Twilight’s Good Colt Clop, >greentext, Complete [AiE, Mind Control, Femdom]

   A Pony's Escape>Prose, Complete [Short, Pet]
  In a kennel cause you deserve it >Greentext, Complete [Pet]
  Some Agents and a Pony Prose, Complete [TG, Short, Mental changes]   Impossibilities & Roses Prose [TG, Gore]

  Cuddly Doom ( 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, E) >greentext, Complete [Pony, TG, Mental Changes, Contagious, Apocalyptic, Long]
Daisy had a fun time making friends with Storm Cloud, now it’s time to make friends with the rest of the neighbors.

  Untitled Prose, Orphaned [Pony, Sad]

  Pizzaportal >greentext [AiE, TG, Age regression]
  The annual Pon-E festival is (not) a hive of degeneracy Prose, Complete [TG]
  The Pon-E Journal Prose [Sequel]
  Dadonequus ( 1, 2, 3, 4, i1a, i1b, i2, 5) >greentext, Hiatus [Pony, AiE, Magic, Age regression, Children of Chaos]
A performer down on his luck is given an offer he can’t refuse by a certain spirit of chaos, so long as he plays along.

  The Obfuscation of Self >greentext [Pony, AiE, TG, Reality Shift]
This isn’t the first time that Anon has become a pony in his adventures in Equestria… it’s just that this time, no one can remember him -- or rather, her -- being anypony different.
  Heiress of Chaos >greentext [Draconequus, TG]
Anon has a penchant for destruction. Having caught the eye of Discord, he is turned into Eris, at the price of freeing Discord from the statue he was imprisoned in. What’s the worst that could happen?
  Deep in the Caves Prose, Complete [Changeling, TG, Body horror, Oviposition]
A young man is in for a traumatic experience when he finds himself in a changeling hive and covered in caustic goo.
  Lexicon >greentext [TG, AiE, Reality Shift]
Anon enters a strange cave and becomes the unicorn Scribbed Lexicon. Nobody remembers Anon but everybody knows about Lexi. Now Anon has to figure out who he can convince to help him without coming off as insane.
  Welcome to the Tabernacle: Henry and the Middle Man >greentext, Complete []
A strange underground casino with a strange set of rules leads people to fall into massive debt while playing there. Those who wish to absolve their debts can play at high stakes tables where losing leads to unique forms of payment.
  Fleur >greentext [TG, Dragon, AiE]
An anon with no job or social skills finds himself in Equestria as a dragon. To make matters worse they are initially confused for a dragon ambassador, but it’s not like being forced to work with the actual ambassador was much better.
  Sweetie From the Gym Prose, Complete [TG, Short, Age regression]
  The Pony’s Plague Prose, Complete [Short, TG, Apocalyptic]

  Smile >greentext, Complete [Pony, Apocalypse]
  Untitled Trixie Story (1, 2) >greentext [Pony, AiE, Magic]
  Dragula >greentext [Dragon, AiE, Magic]

  Anon is Legend >greentext [Apocalyptic]

  Dadonequus Discord >greentext, Orphaned [Pony, AiE, Magic, Children of Chaos]
Anon is a colt out of his element, rotting in an orphanage in Equestria, but that all changes thanks to the spirit of Chaos.

  Hope >greentext [Dragon, AiE]
An antisocial anon ends up in Equestria as a dragon, only for Twilight and her friends to show up, apparently sent by the cutie map.

  Redacted in Equestria (1, 2) >greentext [AiE, TG, Possession]
  Holy Anon in Equestria >greentext [TG, Mental changes, Short]

  A Drug and Pony Show Prose, Orphaned [Pony, Science, Pet]
A genre-savvy anon narrowly avoids getting turned into a pony, only to get involved in the business of turning anons into ponies for fun and profit.

  New Beginnings ( 1, 2, 3) Prose [AiE, TG, Age Regression]

  Spike’s Tale ( 1, 2, 3) Prose, Orphaned [Dragon, Pony, PiE, Age Regression, Romance, Magic, TG]
A university student meets a peculiar girl who seems to know him. He then starts growing purple and green scales.
  Birds of a Feather ( 1, 2) Clop, Prose [Griffon, AiE, TG]
Anon hates birds. This becomes complicated once he turns into a cat bird.
  Anon Investigates ( 1, 2, 3, 4) Clop, >GreenProse, Complete [Pony, AiE, TG, Age regression]
Anon turns into a filly and falls for Spike after saving him from an exotic animals trafficker.
  Winter Flowers ( 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) Prose [Pony, TG, Age regression, Horror elements, Romance]
A group of friends find a strange stone idol which turns them into ponies and pits them against an eldritch menace.
  What’s in a Name? Prose [Pony, TG, Romance, Pregnancy]
A guy has an Equestrian naming dream about the name of his future foal.

  Anon the Dragon >greentext [Dragon, AiE]
A young man is surprised to find himself as an icy beast in the frozen north surrounding the Crystal Kingdom.

  Filia ex Twilight >greentext [AiE, TG, Age regression]

  Anon Turns into a Horrible Mutant Lust Chimera ( 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) Clop, GreenProse [Chimera, PiE, TG, What has Science Done?!]
Exactly what the title says.
  Please Don't Hurt Me Explicit, Prose, Complete [Pony, Magic, TG, Utterly Soul Crushing Yet Well-Written]
An unrepentant and magnificent jerk finally scores a chance with the hottest chick in school. Too bad for him she'll leave him a twisted, confused and considerably more furred mess by the night's end.
  A Gift from the Sun Explicit, Prose, Complete [Pony, Magic, TG, Lactation]
A man lost and dying in the desert finds an unlikely savior in the form of Princess Celestia. She can save him, but the cost will be great, and it's guaranteed he will never be the same.
  The Lion and the Lamb Explicit, Prose, Complete [Griffons, Light BDSM undertones]
You finally decide to come out of your shell and of all the people you run into, it was her.
  Anon Gets Chased 'Cus Ponies have an Inanimate TF Fetish Clop, GreenProse [Pony, Inanimate, Why]
Exactly what the title says.
  Intensive Study Prose, Complete [Pony, Age regression, AiE, Spanking]
A young woman and a certain teacher get a face full of a Poison Joke. The tricks it plays have a little more sting than usual, toying cruelly with minds and body shapes.
  Aren’t We Lovely Clop, Prose, Complete [Pony, Magic, TG, Romance]
A human visiting Rarity has an odd reaction about her.
  My Name is Eri- ( 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9) Explicit, Prose, Complete [Draconequus, Magic, Romance]
A young man searching for meaning in life only finds his turned upside-down when he meets a mysterious woman on the bus.
  Call it Greed Prose, Complete [Diamond Dog]
A woman steals a string of diamonds in a moment of impulse. Fear drives her to bury it, greed makes her dig deep, and dogged obsession won't let anything stop her.

  Daddy-o Discord( P, 1, , 2, 3) >greentext [Pony, AiE, Age Regression]
Anon makes a deal with Discord. He gets to live in a land of technicolor ponies but he has to play along with Discord’s chaotic plans.

  Anonfilly Summons a Tentacle Beast Clop, >greentext, Complete [TG, Age Regression]

Kolaghan / Allegheny
  The Gold Standard >greentext, Complete [Dragon, AiE, TG, Dark]
A newly minted golden dragon must find her place in her new world and grapple with old wounds.
  The Universal Solvent >greentext [Dragon, AiE, TG, Crossover (The Gold Standard, Dazed, Tonic the Dragon)]
A scientist gets in over her head when she travels to a land populated by former humans.
  Faster than the Eye >greentext [Dragon, AiE]
A sleight of hand artist finds out that he's an even better magician in a world of spells and dragons.
  Untitled Eris Green >greentext, Hiatus [Draconequus, AiE, TG, Age Regression, Children of Chaos]
A young man’s life of shitposting and causing trouble is cut short in favor of causing a bit more potent forms of chaos.
  Spiced >greentext [Dragon, AiE, Crossover (The Gold Standard, Faster than the Eye)]
Jazz decides he needs some more exotic ingredients for his cooking hobby, and Tonic seems a decent enough accomplice to their procurement.

  Make Hay whilst the Sun Shines Prose [Equestria Girls]

  Strange Changes ( 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, B, 6) Prose [Magic, AiE]
  On the Observation of Patient Zero Prose, Complete [Contagious]
  OUIJA FUN >greentext [TG, Mythology]

  Dadcord (1) >greentext, Orphaned [Pony, AiE, Age Regression, Adventure, Children of Chaos]
Anon is taken from her peaceful apartment by the trickiest of chaos spirits.

  Anon-Aloe Clop, Prose, Complete [Anonpone, TG]

  Moon’s Second Rise (1, 2) >greentext [TG]

Mr. Blue
  High Flyer ( 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) Prose, Orphaned [Pony, World Shift, TG]
Overnight everything changed. So many humans lost their forms for strange new equine ones, and now the world has to figure out how to move forward. This is Stephanie’s story.

Mr. Jared
  Truce: The Grey Conspiracy Prose, Orphaned [Pony, Adventure, Mystery?]

My Little Pedagogue
  Summer Break, with Much at Stake ( P, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9) Prose, Orphaned [Pony, TG, Magic, Five Score Universe]

  Unnamed Prose [Anon, Earth]

  A Night to Remember (P,1) Prose [Drugs]

  Genetic Instigation (1,2) >greentext, Hiatus [AiE]

  RoyalFillyAnon >greentext [TG, Age regression, AiE]
  DemonSuccubusHorse-AnonPony >greentext [TG, AiE, Succubus pony]
  Kyanite >greentext [TG, Dragon]

  Be Careful What You Wish For Prose, Complete [Magic, TG, Short]
  Pony World Prose, Complete [Crossover (Kingdom Hearts), Short]
  Airborne Prose, Complete [Short]
  TV Machine Prose, Complete [Science, Crossover (Dexter’s Lab), Short]
  Roundabout Solution Prose, Complete [Science, Short]
  City Pone Prose, Complete [Magic, Short]
  Trip Prose, Complete [Drugs, Short]
  Bad Timing Prose, Complete [Science, Short]
  Bad Food Prose, Complete [Science, Short]
  Sweetiebot Prose, Complete [Science, Short]
  Best Cosplay Prose, Complete []
  Animorphs! Prose, Complete []
  Seapony Prose, Complete []
  Lyra Gets Her Wish Prose, Complete []

  Anonpone Dickings Clop, >greentext [Anonpone, TG]
  Unnamed NMM TF >greentext [Short]

  Sweet Escape (1, 2) >GreenProse [AiE]

  Epitaph >greentext [Pony, Pon-E, TG]

  Pony Artificer >greentext [Magic, TG, Eberron]

  Unexpected Red ( 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14) Clop, >GreenProse [Pony, Slow TF]
  It Reminds me Prose [Changeling, Age regression, AiE]
A human wakes up as a newborn changeling queen and learns first hoof the cruelty of life in the hive.

Phase 2
  With Moderation in Mind >greentext [AiE, TG, Mental Changes]

  PianoMareStory ( 1, 2, 3, 4) >greentext [TG]

  Anon’s a filly and Twi’s not a cunt (1, 2) >greentext [AiE, TG, Age regression, /pol/]

PlushLyranon / MacStableman
  Plushie Lyra Adventure (Alt.) Clop, Prose [Pony, Comic Mischief, TG, Fuckin’ Adorable]

  Changeling Christmas >greentext, Short, Complete [Changeling, TG, Short, Adorable]
  Changelings! >greentext, Short, Orphaned [Changeling, TF as Punishment]
  Anonpone x Girl Clop, >greentext, Short, Complete [Pony, Femdom]
  Stuck in the Elevator >greentext [TG, Age regression, Bat pony, Drugs (Pon-E), Petting]
  December 21st, 2034 >greentext [Apocalypse]
  Pinata Pony Explicit, >greentext, Complete [Weird]
  Candy Pone Clop, >greentext, Complete [TG, Food pony]
  Navy Horse Prose, Complete [TG]
  Business Ponies >greentext [Drugs, ‘60s]
  Drunken Apocalypse >greentext [Apocalypse]
  Not So Cheery Lee >greentext [AiE, TG]
  How I Learned to Love Being The Mare In Heat Clop, >greentext, Complete [Bat pony, TG, Femdom]

  Don’t Do Drugs Clop, >greentext [TG, AiE]

  PonyMindswapGreentext Clop, >Greentext, Complete [TG, AiE, Body swap]
Twilight swaps her mind with Anon, and now he has to find a way to switch back.

  Humiliating Anonfilly Clop, >greentext [TG, AiE, Age regression]

Pony Samsa
  Ponymorphosis >greentext, Complete [Pony, PiE, TG, Timberwolf]
  Anonymous Bosch, A Sixpence for your Thoughts? >greentext, Complete [TG, Pet, On a farm]
  Pony Dead End Drive >greentext [TG, Human to Pony to Equestria Girl]
  E-422-G >greentext, Complete [TG, Goo Pony, Mind Wipe]
  kSomberCE Clop, >greentext, Complete [TG, Crystal Pony, Brainwashing]

  Anonymous Letter >greentext [Age regression, AiE]

PrismAnon / Primusings
  Bad Trip >greentext, Short, Complete [Pony, TG, Drugs (Pon-E), Dark]
Which is worse? Thinking that your face is melting off due to acid or trying to resist giving into pets while a pony?
  Quarantine >greentext, Hiatus [Pony, TG, PiE, Disease]
Join anon as he tries to escape from a secret facility. Also he’s a horse.
  Muse’s Memory Mystery >greentext, Hiatus [Dragon, TG, AiE, Slice of Life]
Poor Muse wakes up in the company of ponies with only the barest sense of who she used to be.
  Unplugged >greentext [Dragon, Mechanical TF, AiE, Slice of Life]
You were sitting at your computer one evening when suddenly you had the unpleasant experience of becoming a work-in-progress automaton.

Purple Blep
  Scylla Prose [Dragon, AiE]
A woman wakes up in a strange new land and in a strange body after even stranger dreams.
  Scylla: The Forbidden Apple Explicit, Prose, Short, Complete [Dragon, AiE, Sequel to Scylla]
Big Mac finds Scylla amidst the throes of pleasure.
  Scylla: That Sweet Candy Apple Clop, Prose, Short, Complete [Dragon, AiE, Sequel to Scylla]
A needy Scylla gets a bit of help from a reluctant Big Macintosh.
  Witchy Clop, >greentext []

  Dazed >greentext [Dragon, TG, AiE, Alcohol, British]
A punky brit gets transported to Equestria with a hot new body.
  Hangin’ >greentext, Short, Complete [Dragon, TG, AiE, Alcohol, British, Sequel to Dazed]
Poor Spike has to deal with Daze’s bullshit.
  Discord vs. Daze >greentext, Short, Complete [Dragon, TG, AiE, Alcohol, British, Sequel to Dazed]
Shenanigans of the highest order ensue when Discord taunts Daze.
  Things are Gucci >greentext, Short, Complete [Dragon, AiE, TG, Romance, Crossover (The Gold Standard, Dazed)]
Daze takes Khoa on a shopping trip to Manehattan.

  Anon Is a Mare in Heat (1, 2) Clop, >greentext [Pony, AiE, TG, Estrus]
After ending up on the wrong end of a prank by Discord, Anon has to find a way to fight his new urges and become human again.
  Broodmare Clop, >greentext, Short, Complete [Pony, TG, Mind Wipe]
An unlucky Anon ends up involuntarily participating in a college student’s science experiment.
  Our Town Clop, >greentext, Complete [Pony, AiE, TG, Forced]
A snarky anon ends up in Starlight Glimmer’s town before her reformation and has to learn how to adapt to his new life to avoid further changes.
  Flu Season Clop, >greentext, Complete [Contagious, TG, FtM TG, Gay, Changeling, Seapony, Gryphon]
A group of college students rooming together fall ill with an unusual strain of the flu, and their friend has to take care of them while resisting the illness himself.
  Fond Memories Clop, >greentext [Pon-E, FtM TG, Gay, Romance]
The son of a prominent auto executive experiments with species-altering drugs in an /o/tistic coming-of-age story.   Palomino Activity >greentext [Pony, TG]
A group of friends explores an old mansion possessed by unseen forces.
  The Plushie Store Clop, >greentext, Complete [Inanimate, Mental Changes, TG]
A lonely Anon looks for the perfect pony plushie online.
  Shining Armor Shitposting Clop, >greentext, Complete [Gay]
  The Chevalin Experience >greentext [TG, FtM TG]

Red Bomber
  A Morphic Halloween Explicit, Prose, Complete [Magic]
  Dark Alternatives, My Little Slave Explicit, Prose [Science, Forced Slavery, Kidnapping]
  Why Would Anyone Like This Griffon So Much? Clop, Prose [Potion Shenanigans, Interspecies]

  Lady of the Mountain >greentext [Dragon, AiE, TG, Kobolds]
Anon and friends babysit a whole clan of Kobolds that worship the very ground she walks on.

  Drugs tho >greentext [TG]
  I don't have a title yet whoops >greentext [TG, Mute]
  Ponality >greentext [TG, Virtual Reality]

Risus & Hiduys
  Sudden Boops Clop, Prose, Complete [TG, Short, Mental Changes]

  Living the Pink Life (P, 1)Prose [TG]

/rs/ Anon
  New Faces ( 1, 2, 3) Clop, Prose [Magic, College]

Sabre Dance
  Sales Transformation (0, 1) >Greetext [Pony]

  Immense Power >greentext, Complete [TG]

  Reborn Explicit, Prose, Complete [AiE. Magic, TG, Age regression, Watersports]
  A Full Tummy ( 1, 2, 3, 4) Clop, Prose, Complete [AiE, Magic, TG, Rape, Forced Feeding]
  Stay near the Campfire Clop, Prose [Slenderman, Rape, TG, Tentacles]

Scrubbing Bubbles
  Anon Will Be a Totally Gay Dragon Clop, >GreenProse [Dragon, AiE, Romance]

  Love >greentext [TG, AiE]

  Shedding Scales ( 1, 2, 3) Prose [Dragon, AiE, Magic]
  The Hidden Life (P, 1) Clop, Prose [TG, Magic]

Seven Paper Plates
  How to Deal with Unexpected Events (1, 2) Explicit, Prose [TG, Shitting and Vomiting at the same time, Personality TF]

  The Magical Shampoo >greentext, Complete [TG, AiE, Mental Changes]
  A Mysterious Dress >greentext, Complete [Mental Changes]
  Medieval Curse >greentext [Magic, Historical]

  Anon Filly the Battlemage Prose [TG, AiE, Age regression]

  The Get ( 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12) Explicit, Prose [TG, AiE]
  Death >greentext, Complete [Short]
  Bread Pone >greentext [Food TF]
  The Adventures of Bob and Gerald 1, 2) >greentext [TG]

  CC, Iris, and Zee ( 1, , 2, 3, , 4) Clop, >greentext [Magic, TG]
  I Dream of Bonnie Prose, Complete [Mine’s got rocks in it]
  Missing Your Master Prose [Science, Pets]

  Caged (1) >greentext [TG]

Some guy
  Anon>AB >greentext, Complete [TG, Age regression]

Something Something Poni
  Rarity’s Makeover Prose, Complete [AiE, TG]
An unlucky man is stuck in Equestria. He needs some new clothes, and what better place to go than Rarity's boutique? She wants a favor in return, though...

  A Buggy Holiday Clop, >greentext, Complete [Changeling, PiE, TG]
A man has a strange reaction to a bug bite.
  A Strange New Year (1, 2) >greentext, Complete [Changeling, PiE, Sequel (A Buggy Holiday)]
A buggy invasion makes the whole world burn.
  Plushi Clop, >greentext, Short, Complete [Pony, TG, Plush]
Two best friends receive plushies of their OC’s, also hooves.
  Bugged up (1, 2) Clop, >greentext, Complete [Changeling, Satyr, Goo Pony, AiE, TG, Tentacle Rape]
An anon-turned Changeling ends up in Equestria only to find it a bit different than expected.
  2-[(1R,6R)-6-isopropenyl-3-methylcyklohex-2-en-1-yl]-5-pentylbenzen-1,3-diol >greentext, Complete [Changeling, Zebra, Gryphon, Buffalo, Satyr, TG, Sci-fi, Sequel (Bugged Up)]
A group of friends get high and end up in Equestria as quite the menagerie.
  Breaking Horse Prose, Complete [Pony, Drugs (Pon-E), TG, Organized Crime]
A pharmacist stumbles upon a strange concoction with the ability to turn people into tiny pastel horses. Also, drugs, the mob, and cuddles.
  Detective Hoarse Prose abandoned [TG, Pony, Detective]
>Be detective, get shot, die, solve crime in Equestria
  Coming of Age Prose [Changeling, TG, Sequel (A Buggy Holiday, A Strange New Year, Breaking Horse)]
A normal guy finds he's not of normal descent- suggesting you read my entire portfolio to understand.

Speed Weed
  Beach Bum Anon ( 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) >greentext, Hiatus [Pony, AiE, Magic, Age regression, Slice of Life, Children of Chaos]
A crazed homeless man is transported to Equestria in the body of a colt.

  Let Her In Prose, Complete [2nd Person, World Shift]
Celestia has invaded our world, and infectious cartoon ponies are quickly overwhelming humanity. But why is the Princess of the Sun so interested in you? And could this entire invasion be your fault?
  Blue Hair Prose, Complete [1st Person, Punishment, Magic, Short]
  Trick Mirror Prose, Complete [2nd Person, TG, Magic]
Trixie pulls you into Equestria and plays around with your body, turning you into various kinds of ponies.
  Catalyst Prose, Complete [2nd Person, Changeling, Light gore]
  Nightmare Tryst Clop, Prose [TG, Mental Changes]
Nightmare Moon pops up in poor Riley's dreams, and begins slowly, sexually transforming him into Luna.

  Stars and Comets >greentext [TG]

Starlight Spark
  Routine 684 Clop, Prose [Science, Pets]

Stray Shot
  Tale of an Aimless Pony ( 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) >greentext [Mass Ponification]

  Allergic Reaction Prose, Abandoned [Adventure]
  Magic Duel Clop, >greentext [Magic, TG]
  Cutie Swap >greentext [TG]
  The Mare in the Mirror Clop, Prose, Complete [TG]

  God Dammit Billy! >greentext [TG]

  Reborn as Rarity >greentext [TG, Age regression]
  TwiSwap >greentext [TG, AiE, Body Swap]

  Ray of Sunshine >greentext [TG, Pet]

Super Gay Fag
  Anonfilly >greentext [TG, Age regression, AiE]
  Belle (1, 2) >greentext [TG, Pets]

  Of Olden Times Long Past Clop, Prose [Magic, TG, Mind Control, Rape]

Taken Fanfix
  Spritelight ( 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10) Prose [AiE, PiE, Magic]
  Taken ( 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9) Clop, Prose [Pets, PiE, Science]
  Windcatcher ( 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) Prose [Absorption/Merging, Multiple Personalities, Magic]

Technicolor Shortie
  Celestia and Luna pick on humans for fun ( 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13) >greentext, Orphaned [Pony, AiE]

  Lab Grade Lily Prose, Orphaned [Pony, Science, TG, Light grimdark]

  Suited up Clop, Prose, Complete [Short, Pony, Clothing, PiE, TG, Mind Wipe]
  Trading Faces Explicit, Prose, Complete [Short, Pony, PiE, AiE, TG, Body Swap]
  Vinyl Scratch TF/TG Explicit, Prose, Complete [Short, TG, Anthro, Mute]
  Man to Mare Clop, Complete [Short, TG, Anthro]

  TF thread prompts/oneshots >greentext [Multiple stories, Prompts]
  Reflected Rendezvous Clop, >greentext, Complete [TG]
  Anon drinks from Twilight's glass (Audio) >greentext, Complete [AiE, Gore, TG]
  Anonfilly sells her body for the Filly Scouts >greentext, Complete [AiE, TG, Age regression, Short]
  Anon’s a pussy Clop, >greentext, Complete [AiE, Body part TF, TG]
  Lyra and Bonbon go for a jog Clop, >greentext, Complete [AiE, Inanimate]

  Adorable Malevolence Prose, Complete [TG, Age regression]

  Greek Ponies ( 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7) Clop, Prose, Complete [Pony, College, Viral, TG]
Sunny has a lot on her plate with classes and sorority life. Then everything gets flipped sideways by her weird lab partner.
  My Little Stallion Clop, Prose, Complete [Pony, Magic, PiE, Contagious]
You met the most wonderful woman last night and had a helluva time back at her place. Turns out, though, she’s not from Earth.
  Exhibitionism ( 1, 2, 3) Prose [Magic, TG]

  Move Prose, Complete [PiE, Uplifting, Short]
  Showmanship (1,2) Prose [TG, Mind Altering]
  The Scratch Prose, Complete [TG, Mind Wipe, Merging]
A classical musician needs money, and finds a mysterious dubstep tutorial to help with composing, and gets more than he bargained for with one hell of a transformation.
  There is Life Prose, Complete [Feels, Uplifting, Short]

  The Contract Clop, Prose, Complete [Anonpone, TG, Age regression]
It's a once in a lifetime chance. An opportunity to go to Equestria. But what does Twilight require in return?
Treasure Mage
  Tonic the Dragon Clop, >greentext [Dragon, TG, AiE, Romance]
A newly transformed dragoness explores a whole new world of possibilities with their second chance at life.
  Equestria Five-O >greentext [Dragon, AiE, TG, Crossover (The Gold Standard, Dazed)]
A buddy cop fic starring Punki’s Daze and Kolaghan’s Khoa.
  The Wanderer >greentext [Dragon, AiE]
  Tonic rebooted: now with thiccer thighs >greentext [Dragon, TG, AiE]

  Petite Maid Equine's Adventures Clop, >greentext [Anonpone, TG, Pet/Maid]
  Suri Clop, >greentext, Complete [Anonpone, TG, Threesome, Rape]
  Octavia Clop, >greentext [Anonpone, TG]
  DomLyra Clop, >greentext, Complete [Anonpone, TG, Rape]
  Fire and Lightning Clop, >greentext, Complete [Anonpone, TG, Threesome]
  Cake Clop, >greentext, Complete [Anonpone, TG, Food]
  Harshwhinny Clop, >greentext, Complete [Anonpone, TG]
  Vinyl and Matt Clop, >greentext, Complete [Anonpone, TG]

  Convention Story ( 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) Prose, Orphaned [Pony, Occult]
You woulda thought human sacrifice had gone out of fashion by this day and age, but you’d be wrong.
  Drugs Are Like That Prose, Orphaned [Pony, Drugs]

Twisted Spectrum
  Five Score, Divided by Four Clop, Prose, Long, Complete [Pony, Magic, TG, FtM TG, Popular on FiMFic]
Two friends unexpectedly start to turn into Rainbow Dash and Applejack. Follow them on their journey as they react to their changes and find out so much more about themselves than they ever bargained for.
  Royal Duties ( 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,E)TEST Clop, Prose, Complete [Pony, TG, AiE, Body Swap]
Princess Cadance pulls an unwitting man into her form so that she can enjoy a vacation from her life.
  A Penny For Your Thoughts (Dark version) Clop, Prose, Complete [Pony, Feral Horse, TG, Magic, Nightmare Fuel]
A young man takes a potion to make him his crush’s ideal mate and is surprised by the results.
  Lyra’s Splash Zone Clop, Prose, Complete [Pony, TG, Magic, Squirting, Force Feeding, Nightmare Fuel]
Lyra Heartstrings has a few quirks, ones that come out to play during an encounter with her human date.

Untitled 7
  Embodying the Sun >greentext [TG]

  VITAMINS >greentext, Hiatus []

  Leroy’s Story ( 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) >greentext [Pony, Pet, Gay, Hypnosis]
Anon is overcome with big changes, physically and mentally, after finding a strange program on the internet.
  Loving Grace (1, 2) >greentext [Pony, TG, Age regression]
In a dystopian future, humans are kept in a breeding program and repurposed for life as pastel mares.
  A Pony for Christmas >greentext, Short, Complete [Pony]
This short story is so short if we said anything here it would spoil the whole thing.
  WikiHow to Help a Recently Transformed Pony >greentext, Short, Complete [Pony]
Helpful instructions for calming the victims of transformation.
  Greg read WikiHow >greentext, Short, Complete [Pony, TG]
A young man’s life is turned upside down, but luckily Greg is there and knows what to do.
  A Long hard night Clop, >greentext, Short, Complete [Pony, TG]
Whose dick do you have to suck to become a pony? This guy’s.
  Behind the Wire >greentext [Pony, Dark, Captivity, Mute, Gay, Science, TG]
In a stroke of cruel luck Anon goes from being a typical college student to a lab grade Pegasus. He must now endure the abuse of his handler and repeated experiments, with his only social contact being the pony in the cage next to him.
  Sick Day >greentext [Pony, TG, Contagious]
A strange illness overtakes a college campus, turning students and faculty into pastel equines.
  Lavender Sky Clop, Prose [Pony, TG, Mute, Pet]
A person is voluntarily repurposed into the little pet mare.
  The Pony in the Mirror >greentext [Pony, AiE, TG, Body Swap]
A pony with aspirations of hopping dimensions swaps places with a young man.
  Prize Pony (Inanimate Version) >greentext, Short, Complete [Pony, Plush TF, (Inanimate)]
Anon wins a plush pony from a claw machine, but the prize turns out to be so much more.
  Forlorn Purity >greentext [Prequel, Pony, Dark, Science, Captivity, Mute, TG]
  When The Horse is Sleeping Clop, >greentext [Pony, Magic, Gay, AiE]
After giving his Stallion friend a not-so-rude awakening Anon gets to experience first hand what it is like to be the sleeping pony.
  A Debtor's Cage >greentext [Pet, Gay]
  Coming to Know My Place >greentext [Pet, Gay, Pon-E]
Anon’s Master decides it’s time to make his pet a full-time pony, but has something a bit more kinky than a standard Pon-E overdose planned for him.
  Pony Domestication Society >greentext [Pet, Gay]

Wand of Inferno
  Inheritor of Chaos ( P, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12) >greentext, Hiatus [Pony, AiE, Age Regression, Comedy, Adventure, Slice of Life, Children of Chaos]
A young man goes to Equestria to become a prince of chaos and learn the ropes of villainy.

  This is a story all about how i became Vinyl Scratch >greentext, Orphaned [Pony, TG, Party Van]

  The Perfect Pet >greentext [Pet]

  Trixing Switch ( 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11) Prose, Orphaned [Pony, Magic, TG, Swapping, AiE]
When Trixie visits you in a dream and tells you that she wants to change places for half a year, you accept thinking it’s all a silly dream. Little did you know just what you agreed to.
  Heartstrings, Sweetie Drops, and You Clop, Prose, Orphaned [Pony, Magic, TG, Swapping, Kinky Sex, AiE]
When you meet the perfect girl online, you think you found your future girlfriend when she agrees to go on a date with you. Only to find out that said girl is in fact the minty green unicorn Lyra Heartstrings.
  Liar-Ah The Bodystealer Clop, Prose, Complete [Pony, Magic, TG, Swapping, AiE]
You are Anon, or are you? When Lyra steals your body, you suddenly find yourself the pray of a certain cream colored mare. Will you be able to fight her off, or will you be forced to play along?

  Carrier >greentext, Complete [Pony, Weird, PiE, Gore]
Anon transcends his human form in the messiest way possible.
  CRUNCHTIME >greentext, Complete [Pony, TG, Drugs (Pon-E)]
A college student in a hurry to finish some work takes what he believes to a painkiller. He ends up as the little mare, and to make things worse, he’s in estrous. Thus begins the Keyboard Masher saga.
  PEER PRESSURE >greentext, Complete [Pony, FtM TG, Drugs (Pon-E), Sequel (Crunchtime)]
Keyboard Masher continues her college-bound adventures in a second installment.
  TEMPTING TENSION >greentext [Pony, TG, Romance, Sequel (Peer Pressure)]
Keyboard Masher continues her college-bound adventures in a third installment.
  Hunt >greentext [Griffon, Crossover (Crunchtime)]
Keyboard Masher’s father goes out for a bit of hunting.
  Apocrita: The Worst Lovebug >greentext [Changeling, Drugs (Pon-E)]
When a Counter-Strike pro’s tainted medication leaves him as a changeling, he must learn how to headsh ot with hooves before the upcoming tournament.
  Swapped >greentext [Pony, AiE, TG, Body Swap]
Anon and Princess Celestia inadvertently swap bodies.
  Reflection Explicit, >greentext [Dragon, TG, AiE, Blood, Gore]
A young man wakes up in Canterlot castle in a much different shape.

  Deferment ( 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11) Prose, Orphaned [Pony, Shares Themes With TCB Fics But Isn’t One (Really), Journal]
A human recounts the events following the meeting of human and Equestrian societies.

  Untitled Prose, Hiatus [TG, Pets]

  Untitled (1,2) Prose [College, Meta, TG]

  Wake up horse >greentext [Pony, TG, Mental changes]
  Eeeeeeeeeech Clop, >greentext [Bat Pony, TG, Age Regression]
  Agent Nomino ( 1, 2, 3, 4) Explicit, >greentext [Pony, AiE, Magic, Age regression, Children of Chaos]
Pepe Anónimo finds himself employed as a secret agent, but one thing is amiss. He is now a little colt, living with Lyra Heartstrings and Bon Bon.
  Old Friends, New Tails >greentext [TG]

Zenith Star
  Zēnith Prose [Adventure, Magic, Heavy Sci - Light Fi] Mirrors{Fimfiction|Pastebin}

Zephyr Writefag
  Bronycon'ed Prose, Complete [Pony, TG, Science, Small plastic Figurine]
  Zephyr’s Tale ( 1, 224, E) Clop, Makes you want to be the Pet, GreenProse, Complete [Pony, Science, Pet, TG]
  Opal & Eli ( 1, 2, 3, 4) Prose [Pony, Science, Pet, TG]

Zero & Infinity
  Radiance ( 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10) Prose [Pony, TG, Virtual Reality]
Anon is at the end of his rope. Just as he tries to an hero, a mysterious party intervenes. Anon soon finds himself in the confusing life of an amnesiac pony with a doting sister.

  Sunset Shimmer TF/TG Clop, Prose [TG]

  Commie pet horse >greentext [Pony, TG]

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Additional Links and Material

  Wake Up, Am Horse
Those interested in turning into horses and dealing with its ramifications in a crisis scenario might be interested in playing our homebrew d10 RPG, Wake Up, Am Horse. Hang around long enough in the IRC and you ought to be able to find a game to watch or join—or you could start your own!

  FimFiction Transformations
External link to the Transformations group on FimFiction, a large repository of MLP-related stories. Includes navigation to similar groups.

  Pet Pony General (irc.rizon.net #PetPonies)
If you’ve ever wanted a pet pony to curl up in your lap, melt at the touch of your hand, and tell you what a wonderful master you are; or if you want to be the pet, you should probably drop in and see if you can find a match. (It’s also fun to just hop in sometimes and just watch pet ponies do cute pony things.)

  Anonpone Archives
A popular transformation scenario in which Twilight approaches two anons and pairs them, one of them given a pony body of the other /mlp/er’s choosing. The anons are tasked with mating with one another, for science and due diligence. Writings from one or both perspectives of the scenario are explored.
  Dragons in Equestria

With one blink you wake up as a dragon in Equestria! What do you look like? How did you get here? The circumstances could be just about anything, but one thing is certain:
Things are going to be pretty different.
>Current 4chan thread: >>30366396
>Discord: https://discord.gg/xvTdvKm
>Image Dump (NSFW): http://derpy.me/firelizards
Tags: Dragon

  Dadonequus / Children of Chaos
Anon makes a deal with Discord and gets transported to Equestria. Catch is, he's now a minor and is also adopted by Discord/Princesses/other cartoony creatures.
>Current 4chan thread: >>30380971
Tags: Children of Chaos